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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hey Everyone,

Lots of Activity happening all around.

We've got the AXAs coming and I'm excited to be presenting this year as well as being recognized for Best Supporting Actress in a TV series for Dirty Sexy Money.
Check out the info at www.asianexcellenceawards.com
Watch Now: AXA 2008 Video Interview

Where is Dirty Sexy Money you ask? Well, the production was halted due to the strike but should be rebroadcasting again soon enough.

As for the big feature film news, "What Happens in Vegas" is opening nationwide on May 8th and I'm happy to announce that you won't have to look too far for this one. This is a fun one so enjoy.

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is being workshopped in Japan as I write and we've got new photos posted from the New York City production. Thanks, Duong for finding those. How do you like that haircut?

Images can be found here or at the official site.
Direct link to another version of the trailer.

Be good. Be great.



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Far North Screenings
Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hey ya little whippersnappers!

Far North has been screening around the world. This weekend if you are on the East coast in the Philadelphia area, you'll have an opportunity to see life in the arctic north. If you happen to be in and around Berlin, Far North, along with my director, Asif Kapadia, will be on hand to present the film. It's a strong film that invites a range of reactions so I welcome you to experience it for yourself. The big screen is a must for this feature.

More Info:
Philly Fests

Berlin Screening


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