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Holiday Updates
Friday, December 04, 2009

Made in Taiwan had a successful run at Virginia Tech and I'm happy to report that we had sold out houses and I did a record 9 runs in 5 days! While it's tough to keep performing a show about your adolescence, I have to confess that each time I perform the piece, I'm constantly surprised and moved at how powerful the experience can be for me. I'm working on a long run here in Los Angeles and then another in New York City, maybe not in that order. However, the show is officially ready for production and can now exit workshop land.
Congrats to uh...me. If you're interested in producing the show....just give me a shout out!

On the features front, HOMEWRECKER got into Sundance and I'm proud and pleased to scream out WOOOOFREAKINHOO! Check out the NEXT category and find Homewrecker by producing/directing brothers Brad and Todd Barnes. I think I will have to go and play in Park City!

On the television front, episodic appearances should air in January on Secret Life of the American Teen and a fun stint on CSI Miami.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season....!

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Posted by Michelle @ 12/04/2009 05:27:00 PM