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Greetings from the East Coast!
Monday, March 10, 2008

Hi guys n gals,

Duong has requested earnestly that I blog. I'm sorry for the long gaps of silence. I'm currently in Pennsylvania rehearsing and presenting my show, Made in Taiwan. I'm in a little town called Huntingdon and the best way to describe the feeling I get here is anecdotally. I was sitting outside a grocery store with my director's dog. We were on a lunch break and getting salad at the local market. Since dogs aren't allowed in, I stayed outside with Carly, my director's lovable and large Golden Doodle. Carly was hanging out with us for rehearsal. She too likes theater. While sitting on the bench with Carly, a man walked by in front of us and said in a friendly voice, "Hi there!" I looked up, smiled and said, "Hi!" Then the man noticed me and said, "Oh...hi." I laughed when I realized he was saying hi to Carly and wasn't that interested in me. Ha ha. So, I feel a bit far from home in this town. The college has a beautiful state of the art theater so I hope to give them a real treat this week. Hence my excuse for not blogging so much!

I'm deep into rehearsals and keep asking myself why I torture myself with this show. If you've ever seen this show, it's a challenging bit of theater and when it pops, it really flies. It soars. It just takes so much work to get there. I know most of you wonder what it is that actors really do. Well, there's lots of books out there on it -- read up. Centuries of people discoursing the purpose of Art and storytelling and acting. I do believe in the message of my show and I believe in the heart of it, so I continue to do it and audiences really respond. I read a few excerpts recently at the ITASA conference at UPENN. Maybe I just want to be a Penn girl or something, I've been spending so much time here. The students really responded to the material. I enjoy telling stories of my family. Not because I need to have that kind of recognition, but I think the topic of family connects and relates us all.

Maybe I'll see that guy in front of the store at my show this week. There is a dog in my show --- and he'll be happy to know that I also play the dog.



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