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Shuffle Background Talent Details
Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hey guys, SHUFFLE, the film I'm working on is looking for BACKGROUND TALENT. Ever wanted to work on a film set? Here's your chance! Good people involved.

From Theatre Junkies team:

We are very excited that principal photography for Kurt Kuenne's 'Shuffle' is just around the corner.

We are seeking people who would love to take part, dress up, and make our scenes come to life!

Please take a look at the following breakdowns, and email andrea@theatrejunkies.com if you'd like to take part!



*Linda Vista - Thursday, June 4th

5 Wedding Guests

Linda Vista - Friday, June 5th

12 Wedding Guests
Bride #4 ~ (to change into wedding guest) - Possibly already cast
3 kids ~ 8-10 years old

Linda Vista - Saturday, June 6th

10 Party Guests - In 1984 clothing! --> C'mon, all you 80's fans!

*Linda Vista - Saturday, June 12th

3 Patients - Bring robes
2 Hospital Staff - Bring scrubs if you have 'em

* Linda Vista - Sunday, June 14th

8 High School Students (1988 and 2021 clothing)

*Elks Lodge, Van Nuys - Tuesday, June 16th

3 High School Students
6 Parents
6 Friends and Family
+ all of the above to become Cafe Patrons
+ all of the above to become Upscale Diner Patrons
+ all of the above to become Posh Restaurant Patrons
+ 1 Person will be a teacher

Studio City - Thursday, June 18th

6-8 Funeral guests

*North Hollywood - Tuesday, June 23rd
5 Parents, Friends, and Family

*North Hollywood - Friday, June 26th
5 Guests at a Wake
3 Teenagers


Thanks, and see you on set!

- The Theatre Junkies



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Thursday, May 28, 2009

If you live in Los Angeles or are interested in participating, please

Laura Ling and Euna Lee were detained in March by North Korea while
doing a story about North Korean immigrants in China. They will go on
trial next week. Laura is the sister of my friend Lisa Ling. With
tensions escalating due to the recent news of nuclear tests, the
situation is getting more precarious.

Candlelight vigils have taken place and more are planned in cities
around the country. The one in LA will be held in Santa Monica next
Wednesday, June 3 from 7 - 9 PM. The meeting place will be Wokcano,
1413 5th Street, Santa Monica, CA. Good friends Welly Yang and Dina
Morishita are organizing the event.

I plan to be there.

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Theater Junkies and Shuffle
Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm thrilled to be a part of "Shuffle." Check out Theater Junkies and see what they are up to for an inspiring look at actors who are really putting their talents together. Made in Taiwan director Chris Stone is also acting and producing!

'Shuffle'' is the story of a man named Lovell Milo who, through no choice of his own, begins experiencing his life out of order . Through this detective odyssey he is catapulted back and forth across the spectrum of his life, where he discovers that the person he cares about most in the world - his childhood sweetheart and eventual wife - may be in grave danger. It's a ''Twilight Zone''-style premise told with a Frank Capra heart, a fast-paced blend of ''Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'', ''Ordinary People'' and ''It's a Wonderful Life''. It's a love story. It's a mystery. It's the story of a life...told out of order.
“Shuffle” will star TJ Thyne (Fox’s hit show “Bones”) as Lovell Milo, and is being written, directed and scored by Kurt Kuenne (filmmaker of 2008’s highly acclaimed documentary “Dear Zachary: a letter to a son about his father”, released by MSNBC Films and Oscilloscope Laboratories). This marks the second time the two have worked together; the first was the popular short film “Validation” (2007), a multi-award-winning success at film festivals worldwide which has become an internet cult hit, and is currently one of the highest-rated films of all time on YouTube.


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Congrats United Front!
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Congratulations to UNITED FRONT!!! They produced the PSA called "DREAM BATH" and it just won a BRONZE TELLY AWARD! Special thanks to Dan @ to cool spot formerly known as Fanista, Jack @ HRAC and Jeremy @ US Campaign for Burma. Michael Abbott of United Front, keep rockin baby. I had a great time shooting it although my lungs still hurt
from screaming.

A little fun trivia note about the project - the bathtub sequence was shot in my outdoor bath at my house!


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Visiting Taiwan
Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Here's some info the mandarin school I have studied at in the past.
In fact, this is where I prepared my mandarin for Saving Face. It's
quite a good school. It's called TLI www.tli.com.tw

I've been pretty happy with my learning experience there and thought
I'd plug their school because I just found out that the TAIPEI LANGUAGE INSTITUTE has become the 74th official testing center of HSK, the Chinese Proficiency Test. So, now I can actually come to Taiwan and do my mandarin studies and also take this proficiency test. I'm working on my fluency so hopefully in my interviews in Asia, you will be able to understand me more clearly. Everyone in the states, especially us ABC (American Born Chinese) types, are always asking me where I studied my mandarin, so check them out. A lot of my friends are coming back to Asia for work so you might see all of us here!

Visit Taiwan, eat amazing Taiwanese delicacies for like two bucks and learn mandarin!!!! Of course, I can't forget all the other amazing places in Asia, but since I'm in Taipei at the moment, I'm loving my time here.

Yesterday's menu. Breakfast: "dan bing" egg pancake! "Mi ling"
Sweet Soy bean milk
Box lunch: Roasted chicken "Ji tui"
Dinner: Ru Ro Fan, Chin Cai Tang, Pork with Rice and Soup with fresh vegetables!!!!!

$250 NT or
$8 USD


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