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"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

african dance@aziotv
Saturday, December 17, 2005


Posted by zoe @ 12/17/2005 11:06:00 PM


At 18/12/05 01:07, Blogger lyh0626 said...

love it! love it! :)

At 18/12/05 03:13, Anonymous Katy said...

That African dance is so cool! I wish I could see more of the dance.

At 18/12/05 05:00, Anonymous JAN said...


you 真的看的到我的留言嗎??




???????????who's know?

At 18/12/05 07:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!! I would love to see more of Michelle's dancing. That was so cool! Hey, I don't care if this is a Taiwanese site for Taiwanese fans, I think it's great that we get to see so much of Michelle and I thank Zoe for all the great clips and audio and I'm just grateful that I can access this website from America. And hey, most of us are here to admire Michelle and support her. Don't let others upset you. I know Michelle appreciates all her fans from all over the world. Peace.

At 18/12/05 07:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear jan,

我想michelle會把這個link在她的官網, 表示michelle承認它. 也許她很忙, 或許是電腦白痴, 所以請人管理吧...

At 18/12/05 08:04, Blogger lyh0626 said...

big hands to zoe!

At 18/12/05 09:08, Blogger Ee Hoon . 燕云 said...

hahaha... after seeing Michelle in Saving Face, its strange to see her being so HIP HOP and sexy in her moves... very entertaining. We all do HIP HOP but we have always thought of its as a Street Dance originated from some backstreet in New York or something, its really funny to see all her moves and learnt that it originated from Africa. Anyway, I have wanted to get to know more about the stage play that Michelle Krusiec is working on. Any chance to see it in Asia?

At 18/12/05 09:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MK is so cute~ i love it when she laughts to herself.


At 18/12/05 21:19, Blogger AMOS said...

you are wonderful
be yourself

At 18/12/05 22:19, Anonymous Katy said...

Thank you Zoe ^^

At 18/12/05 23:45, Blogger lyh0626 said...

The ancestors of those "AFRICAN"-Americans in New York were ORIGINALLY from Africa. That's why MK said, "African Dance/Moves is/are the mother; Hip-Hop is the child".

At 19/12/05 02:12, Anonymous diane said...

Michelle is a real sport and very entertaining.

Bet the little Chicken at the bottom right corner could do hip-hop too.

Well, he could break dance in the movie, "Chicken Little" that's for sure! :)

Cheers, Diane

At 19/12/05 16:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Michelle Krusiec (面子 女主角 楊雅惠) wants to do a Meet and Greet
I'm glad you guys are out here supporting Michelle! I personally think she's a great person and a superb talent! and can only hope to see her excel more in the industry and personally!

Anyhow, I've kept in contact with Michelle over the past few weeks, and she's expressed her interest to host a "Meet and Greet" session with all her fans here in Taiwan, sign autographs and take pictures to say the least!

I need to know if you guys are interested, and if there are any ideas you guys might have to help formulate this event along with ICRT!

Let me know...

Joseph Lin (Jockey Joe)"


At 19/12/05 16:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taiwanese fans are so lucky...=( MK if you ever have any meetings in New York please let us know. i would "definately definately" be there.


At 19/12/05 17:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha..poor Hotudon
plz dont cry

At 20/12/05 00:37, Blogger lyh0626 said...

maybe she can also invite the director (alice wu), lynn chen, and chen chong.
we'd love to meet them all. :)

At 20/12/05 02:15, Blogger akeen said...

To Joseph Lin (Jockey Joe)

We are interesting in a Meet and Greet with Michelle.
But how can we do?

At 20/12/05 08:31, Anonymous je said...

well there's no date, so I don't know when all these comments posted. Could be some time ago. Anyway if there's any update, pls let us know. Tks. Why they didn't come over to sg to promote *sob*.

At 20/12/05 08:42, Blogger zoe said...

to je:
you may check it from the bloglendar

At 20/12/05 19:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...


wow, wow, wow~ :D


At 21/12/05 10:29, Blogger AMOS said...


At 26/12/05 16:01, Blogger Kris Lai said...

those two lady hosts crack me up. where can i log on to see the entire interview? is the show on here in the US?

At 1/1/06 08:24, Anonymous jean said...


妳在saving face裡對於女同志的揣摩

At 7/1/06 09:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...


good girl very well on your dance and I heard your manderine, very impressive. be sure read the comments from your fans, and feedback to them (as a group not individually, you don't have time) i think you can be a big shot hope can support you in anyway.


At 14/1/06 23:35, Anonymous lovingmichelle said...

Waall, it is very excellect. I like it. So, Michelle is very cool.

At 10/2/06 17:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was so stunned to see the "real you", extremely attractive and full of vitality. I am just so proud of you. Thank you for being you! Lots of loves!

At 21/2/06 21:13, Blogger Thuy Phan said...

i wish i had known about you earlier. now...i shall be your fan for life! you're absolutely an amazing actress!!! don't let anyone tell you otherwise. keep up the great work.

At 5/5/06 10:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle,
you are more attractive than I thought. I purchased an legal DVD after I saw SAVING FACE from TV. thank you for your good performance. big love to ya.

At 2/7/06 21:00, Blogger pet said...


What a cool african dance! A dance to express yourself.
Hmn...U might 'd a lot of african music at home ??? A time 4 being crazy.FUN ! Juz do it.

P/s : ur mandarin is improving.

Be Happy Alwiz...

At 6/2/09 00:19, Anonymous Jess said...

where can search for this interview (陶色蛋白质)?


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