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"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

Dear Fans
Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dear Fans,

A big shout out to Malaysia, Singapore, China and Canada! Thanks everyone for checking this site out and givin' me all your good energy and vibes. I gotta tell you, it all helps so please don't think it goes unappreciated. I love to log on and hear what you guys have to say so I hope you continue to express your thoughts.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS wherever you are in the world and I hope you find yourself in the merriest of spirits and knee deep in sweets and goodies!



Posted by Michelle @ 12/22/2005 05:27:00 PM


At 22/12/05 18:02, Anonymous Gloria said...

Happy holidays, Michelle.

Question: What is this "Made in Taiwan" show that you wrote?

At 22/12/05 18:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, hey, Michelle. Good to see your post! Hope you are doing well and staying warm in Taiwan. LA has definitely been on the warm side lately.

I think you and Lynn both did an awesome job portraying "Wil" and "Vivian". You are a great actress. And after seeing your appearances on some of the shows in Taiwan, I believe you are also a great person, very personable and down to earth. Hope to see more of your work soon, and wish you all the best!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

-L.A. Fan

At 22/12/05 18:23, Anonymous jssantw said...

Merry X'mas,Michelle.

At 22/12/05 19:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays Michelle!

I'm a huge fan of urs after watching Saving Face. And when i saw what u have done before this, i was so totally amazed. U are so talented and ur performance in Saving Face was so unbelievable! The complete change in the way u carry yourself in the film and in real life was so great. I was shell shocked when i first saw ur interview and realised how stunning u were and how much u have been dressed down in the film. Nevertheless, i still think ur entire performance was fantastic.

However, if u pardon my little gritty detail combing here( i watched the film 14 times), i felt that the scene when u came out from the airport and hug Ma wasn't done well enough. It would have been "That Final" moment when all hells broke loose and clinging onto Ma shd bring forth even more sadness and pent-up emotions that has been built up for a long time. I understand that Alice's focus would be on how Ma is a mother to the daughter and how she would always be comforting which may be why u had not been given too much coverage in that shot. Anyway, hope u dun mind my comments as a fan. Hopefully, u could kick some a** during ur next show and walk away with the well deserved and long overdue award!! Too many pple are clogging the entertainment scene with no real substance these days and finding someone like u is indeed a rare and treasured gem!

Great job! and Many wishes

At 22/12/05 19:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi michelle,

Merry X'mas =)

Don't ask me how many times I have been watching, basically its running every night on my tv, hahaha...I just let the mood, fell and music fill up my apt.

I think alot of us love the soundtrack and understand it is not release commercially so kinda of pity. People have been hunting for "Love is Strange" and hot dog has become an icon, you know? ;)

Pls tell Lynn that I love the way she portrays Vivien. The way Vivien grins, smiles and her way she wraps Wil when kissing in the ballroom simply melts~~ I think she is really good in delievering the dialogue too. The tone with the right touch of expression.

For you, you have been receiving so much attention, hahahaha...In fact, I like you as yourself. Expressive and really love to hear you speak mandarin, so cute :P

Can't wait to see your next work!

Lynn, where are you?????

From Melbourne

At 22/12/05 20:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

I've been watching you since your days in Travellers, thats way back in 1996 (when I was only 13). Been a fan of yours since then. Great to know you're soaring way up high. Love your brilliant performance in Saving Face. Can't wait to see more of your movies.

Happy Holidays, Mich.


At 22/12/05 20:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I watched "Saving face" and knew you after "Golden Horse award". ><

It's a pity that I did't went to "星光大道" to see you that day. (I live in Keelung in Taiwan.><)

Are you still learning Chinese now?



WenGReeN. Keelung

At 22/12/05 22:09, Anonymous Katy said...

Hey Michelle, I'm saying hello from Vancouver, Canada ^^
I really hope to meet you one day! I always come on this blog to check if there's any news and I get very excited to see an update!
I have been recommending "Saving Face" to everybody around me since I got the DVD and all of them appreciated the film! Which makes me very happy because that's your first leading role and you did an amazing job!
You are a very talented actress and also from all the interviews, and clips that you were in, you sound like a very funny&interesting person to be with! You have many fans around the world, keep up the good work!
Take care and best luck in your career! Happy holidays! =D

At 22/12/05 22:38, Blogger AMOS said...

great to hear from you..

greeting from Canada

At 22/12/05 23:02, Anonymous diane said...

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to Michelle and her fans! :)

Cheers, Diane

At 23/12/05 00:10, Anonymous Nancy said...

Hi Michelle,

自從看了"Saving Face"後,我忍不住將妳之前的作品也看了,真的,我覺得妳真棒!


At 23/12/05 02:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Eehoon,
You wrote: "in the relationship between Wil and Vivian she was very quite a hopeless case really...hahaha."

Discussed with some of my L friends, we agreed that most of the people love Wil cos they see themselves in Wil's character. It's just most of us....THERE! We think Vivien is someone most L will fall in love with since majority are Wil-type in our perspective, in our circle.(If you know where to find Vivien-type, tell me then *LOL*)

Hopeless or not...actually it's really never easy to be gay in Chinese community, the kind of struggle and pressure you have to face. I can confess that it is one of the major reasons why i leave my own country to end up in Melbourne.

This movie really portrays so well in terms of the feelings.

Hi Alice, you are really wonderful and great to film this movie. We will never forget, at least me and my L friends =)

Dear Michelle and Lynn, nothing much to say but really love this movie. Thanks for making this film so wonderful.

From Melbourne

At 23/12/05 04:32, Anonymous Ellen said...

Merry X\'mas,Michelle~

At 23/12/05 04:38, Anonymous Ellen said...

We are your fans from mainland China^-^

At 23/12/05 04:42, Anonymous Ellen said...

We are your fans from mainland China^-^

At 23/12/05 04:59, Anonymous WilWang said...

Me too!From mainland China.

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays !

We love you very much!
We are your fans forever!!!

At 23/12/05 05:31, Anonymous medhhy said...

Hi Michelle,
I am saying hello to you on behalf of several friends who are also big fans of you. We saw the movie \\\"Saving Face\\\" and really loved your performance. You did a really great job. We also saw your appearance on saveral TV shows in Taiwan, and we all feel that you are talented, funny and confident, and beautiful of course. After seeing this movie, my friends and I managed to find other movies and TV shows that you\\\'ve attended, and we were so surprised that your characters were all so different and you are really fantastic. This movie really gave us a lot of hope and confidence in life. Love you and support you always. Best luck in you career.

Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year.

PS: My friends and I love you so much that we built a club to discuss this movie and exchange news about you guys. Maybe it is a little too hard for you to understand because we use Chinese there, but I hope the fans here who understands Chinese can come and communicate with us.

Ellen, Barbara, Cool儿, medhhy, ect.
Fans from Mainland China.

At 23/12/05 05:36, Anonymous COOL 儿 said...



自从看了你的SAVING FACE 以后就要命的迷上你和LYNN了~~




At 23/12/05 05:59, Anonymous hey said...

We are your huge fans from Taiwan, we will always here for you

At 23/12/05 06:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

I'm a very huge fan of yours from outta space.

Merry X'mas to u!!!

At 23/12/05 06:03, Blogger adultblues said...

Best wishes from sunny island - Singapore!

I love your work and truly appreciate your talents and efforts.

At 23/12/05 06:38, Anonymous anny said...

merry christmas and happy new year !
I think you are a great actress after watching the movie"saving face" ,and I love the movie ,also you and Lynn are so talented.
I support you two !

great job

Taiwan fan

At 23/12/05 07:19, Anonymous Bey said...

Hi Michelle

打中文不知道妳看不看的懂,但只是很想讓妳知道,自從看了saving face後,我發現你真的是一個很棒的藝人,也去找了妳以前的作品來看,而我也不知不覺的成了妳的fans,妳要加油喔!我會一直支持妳的,也期待妳的下一部作品。


At 23/12/05 08:01, Anonymous T.K.D said...

christmas is come in, merry christmas and happy new year to you.
Do you know I write mean?


At 23/12/05 08:22, Anonymous shuan275 said...

Hi~ Michelle,
It's me, Shuan from Taiwan! Do you enjoy the music?

I'm so glad that you finally have your blog so that we can hear from you more often! I can tell from your words you’re very gratful to all the responds and supports from your fans around the world. That means a lot to us, and that's also the reason we love you more and more each day!

That night in Keelung, I couldn't believed how lucky we were to see your movie with you in person, to ask you questions, hear your lovely responds that made us laugh from time to time, have your signature, take a picture with you, and shake your hand....It's like a dream to me, a fanstic dream I shall never forget in my lifetime! I wanna thank you for giving me such a wonderful experience!

I love you and I wanna send you my very best wishes. I hope you are doing well and have a merry merry Christmas~


At 23/12/05 08:34, Anonymous Poppy said...

聖誕快樂,期待與你相見於台灣... ^O^

At 23/12/05 09:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Michelle,

Just want to say Merry Christmas and Hapy New Year

Love you in Saving Face

Great bless

your fan, Azure

At 23/12/05 10:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry X'mas MK!

how come no shout outs for American Fans???? ::sob::


At 23/12/05 14:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas ^-^y

我不會英文,所以我看不懂Blog裡的留言,所以用中文留言,看到你的留言我和喜歡你的影迷們都非常高興!希望你往後的演藝事業能一帆風順,所演的角色能夠當擔像Saving face的Wil角色一樣重要!!

Happy Holidays.

At 23/12/05 15:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to Michelle
Merry chrismas .
and love you so.

Germanny Fan.

At 23/12/05 16:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, Michelle.

I hope 2006 brings many onscreen performances for us to enjoy! Looking forward to seeing more of you on the small screen and the big screen. Kudos to you for brushing up on your Mandarin.

I wish you much personal and professional happiness and success for 2006.

~~MKfan, from the U.S.A
p.s. we don't have a blogsite for you run by an american fan, but we're here and appreciative for this site!

At 23/12/05 18:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

"Made in Taiwan" is possible in Singapore since language is not a barrier. I got to fly back then if this really work out :/ Don't think you will come to Melbourne.

Hi Eehoon,

It is interesting to hear your opinion on Wil's fell down to the floor is to avoid the direct confrontation of her sexuality. It didn't cross my mind and think it is a logical action. My analysis is because Wil is an introvert(from dress code, body language) , she has been long term suppressing herself being a gay(with such a busy schedule and she don't hunt for potential partner, she agrees to go for every Friday setup). When someone she likes takes the initiative and really come close to her, it's like....you totally lost control, don't know what to do kind of feeling, heart-beat is probably 2x faster *LOL* When she fell down, it is because of over-whelmed feelings that caused her to totally lose control of her body and just ....collasped. If Vivien is not someone Wil likes, I think Wil probably just turn her head and distant herself away.

Wil is not hopeless, she is out finally, isn't she? ;) I believe true love gives one's courage(from own experience :P).

The movie is great cos it delivers more internal feelings compare to just pure lust. In fact it is the tiny things in the film that touches us rather than the nudity like touching the lips, looking lovingly at each other, Vivien asking to see Wil's place, meet her mom, Vivien trying to get physically close to Wil when bending down at the vending machine and Will "scans" her etc

After my first time of watching, my focus is more on Wil & Mom that is so realistically portray. In fact, I told my friends that Joan is my Best Actress in the movie, not MK or Lynn (MK, I know you won't get upset ;). Notice Mom's mouth, chin and her heavy breathing after Wil said "Maybe I am not your daughter", superd! Of course, MK is fantastic in that part too, I must totally agree.

This movie is totally awesome. The 3 wonderful actresses + 1 great director + all the crews. All must be praise, hahaha

Since this is MK's blog, I shall just share the Saving Face part in respect to her and her fans. We are here cos we love the movie, not cos we are gay.

You can reach me: annie_506 at yahoo dot com if you are interested to hear my views on L community in Singapore. I'm a Singaporean.


At 23/12/05 18:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Michelle.

"Saving Face" is the only movie so far, that I can watch night after night, and end up remembering almost every word in it, every song or music that accompanies the scene. It brings back memories that hurt, yet gives hope and brings a smile.

I like what you say in an interview, that it doesn't matter that Vivian is a girl, cos when you love someone, it's all the same. If everybody can understand this simple thought, we can all have that perfect ending like the ending in "Saving Face".

Thank you, and all who are involved in the film, especially Alice Wu, for bringing us such a wonderful story.


At 23/12/05 18:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you contact MK's agent on "Made in Taiwan" instead. This is on her own website. I guess the agent might be too busy working on new projects, works send to Michelle after Saving Face.

Manager: Meegan Kelso
Morra Brezner Steinberg Tannenbaum
345 N. Maple Dr. #200
Beverly Hills, California 90210

BTW, just to add on the part you said "have sex with Vivian than what more is there to hide". In bed, it's a world of only herself and Vivien, she can totally let go and be herself. She starts covering up herself with sheets once she has the notion of under the public eyes i.e. when Vivien's mom called. I can certified that this is totally true *LOL*. Alice, you are really brilliant.


At 23/12/05 18:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,

Merry Christmas!! \(^0^)/

Are you still in Taiwan? :D
Weather is really good today.
Xinyi District would be very beautiful tonight; 12/31 will be great, too (esp. Taipei101).
If you would stay here till 12/31, you might take look at that.

Best wishes,


At 23/12/05 19:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said, PK...about how all of us are here because we admire Michelle and enjoy her work...not because we're gay.

The awesome thing is that we can come together and support Michelle, whether or not we are straight, gay, bi, trans, confused, not confused...but seriously, this is a community formed in admiration of Michelle Krusiec and the great artistic talents that she has.

I don't think too many people are assuming that Michelle is lesbian. Although I think it's safe to say that Michelle is someone who is open-minded and not someone who discriminates against sexual orientation...based on her interview comments.

Anyway, I digress.

PK, I'm a former Singaporean too, now in living in the U.S. What a small world!

Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating!


At 23/12/05 20:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...


--Hi,妳好. 我來自告奮勇幫妳翻譯好了. 只是我的翻譯能力非專業, 語言能力也只是ok, 沒辦法word for word 翻過來, 但是我盡力把大概的意思翻給妳看.

-L.A. Fan

Translating Michelle's message into Chinese:


馬來西亞, 新加坡, 中國, 跟加拿大的影迷大家好! 謝謝大家在這裡給我的所有鼓勵, 給了我很大的幫助, 所以請不要認為妳們所作的一切都是徒然的. 我很喜歡來這裡看妳們的留言, 所以希望大家能繼續來這裡分享妳們的想法.

不管妳們身在世界的何處, 佳節愉快! 祝大家都能快快樂樂的, 好好享受佳餚美食.

Love, Michelle

再來幫妳翻譯妳的留言給Michelle 看 (Translating your message into English so that Michelle can understand):

Hi! Michelle:
Merry Christmas

I don't know English, so I cannot understand the message you posted in this blog and I could only leave you a message in Chinese. A lot of your fans including me are so happy to see your message! Hope your acting career will be smooth and successful, and that you will play more leading roles as important as the one "Wil" was in "Saving Face"!

Happy Holidays

At 23/12/05 20:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas everyone,

Let me share my experience when i first watched "Saving Face" in the cinema.

I didn't know the story plot as there was not much publicity (in Singapore) then, I just walked in, watched the movie and was totally mesmerised by all 3 main characters.

At that time, i was in depression due to stress and some setback in life. And I didn't expect that the thing to pull me out of my depression is the movie which gave me a sense of hope and encouragement.

Michelle, I hope you'll continue working on good movies with great storyline to inspire, encourage and make a difference in someone's life. Your own lifestory is also a great encouragement to all who has a dream and works hard to fulfil it. You're not just a great actress, you're an inspiration to me. Thank you.

Credit should go to Alice Wu too for writing and directing this movie too. Without her perseverance and persistent in making the movie, we wouldn't have the opportunity to watch it. 5 years is a long time for anyone to give up on their aspirations but not Alice. I salute to you too! Thank you! (that is if Alice is able to see this)

At 23/12/05 21:52, Blogger DarknessFish said...

Happy holiday and Merry X'mas michelle!

I love your show very much. and lynn. haha

I m fishy dream from Malaysia. really glad, you say hi to malaysia fans. make my chrismas more meaningful. ;p

hope to see you have more show and support you forever!!!!

At 24/12/05 00:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi MKfan,

Lynn and Michelle are not gay, Alice is. This is a fact and had been mentioned in many interviews. I think some people love the characters too much till they still pin a hope for it =)

Michelle did mentioned that being a gay is a big taboo in Chinese community. I hope Michelle is straight in fact, easier and happier path. But of course, depends who is her next partner then. LOL

There are some dialogue that really hit me when I first encounter:

1. Wil: "One billion of Chinese people, two degree of separation". So true...

2. Lynn: "Sometimes your body knows what you really want" okay....*roll eyes*

3. Lynn: "We never do anything. We never see anyone" *sign*

4. Joan: "I am not a bad mother" *heartache*

I like Wil's co-worker's performance too. Though not many scenes but I like it when she said "Book him Danno", "Meet her friends? Prepared to be grill".

Initially, I thot Mom's bf is the man that mom paid him 20 bucks to dance with Wil in the dancefloor on the Friday setup. Then Xiao Yu keeps appearing then starts wondering what is his position. Hahaha....No no, never think its Lao Yu. I didn't fall for the trap.

I wonder if anyone is interested to discuss on the mother-daughter part which I think it is really really well-written. Wil-Vi part is the secondary line but of course, got most of us "crazy" *LOL*

You said you are former Singaporean so I assume you gave up Singapore citizenship? I am still one. Which part of US? Waiting to watch L word Season 3 huh? ;p


At 24/12/05 01:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Eehoon,
Being a closet L, I will say there are some situations, some feelings you are bounce to have to meet and handle; and I can find them in Saving Face. The storyline might not be the same but the feelings are there. I can "feel" for the scenes e.g. why wil collapse. I think I will collapse too, haha.

At 24/12/05 01:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear fans,

If you have any comments besides Michelle, it would be grateful to leave your messages onto Michelle Krusiec Forum. Thanks!!

At 24/12/05 01:57, Anonymous donmediau said...

燕云,谢谢你的热心,也钦佩你的长篇大论,但这儿是不是给fans留言给Michelle比较妥当?!如果你有任何想对其它fans说的话,或许你可以到shout box留会好一点,纯建议,希望没冒犯到你

At 24/12/05 03:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry X'mas, Michelle !!!



At 24/12/05 04:37, Anonymous fanny said...

Hi!Michelle,Merry Christmas !
Best wishs from mainland china!
Hope you can come here in the new year,and we will support you forever!

At 24/12/05 07:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

EeHoon and pk, I enjoy conversing with both of you, but it looks like this may not be the forum in which to do it in. I checked out the Michelle Krusiec Forum and it's all in Chinese. Unfortunately I no longer speak or read Chinese...would need major relearning. Thank goodness for BabelFish Translator! Perhaps we need to find another medium in which to discuss.

No offense and affront to MK's other fans from around the world!

If I knew how to set up a forum for the english speaking fans, I would!

You can email me at: mocha.s_mommie@yahoo.com


At 24/12/05 07:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Chrismas.Michelle.

Jo.in Germanny.

At 24/12/05 09:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

妳的fans在台灣及中國都有不斷在討論妳及Saving Face的地方喔!






At 24/12/05 12:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Michelle:

Merry X'mas&Happy holidays.


很希您會來Hong Kong 發展,容許我寫中文

因為我的英文不好,I miss you!

Love chamay

Made in hong kong

At 24/12/05 16:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear dear michelle,

weird to address you like this like a little fan when our age is so near ;p

As you can see, "spark" starts coming up due to fans from diff. culture, diff background, diff countries....Saving Face 2?!

Just wanna drop you a note that since you are revamping your own official website, you probably got to remind your website designer on the multilanguage and international issue. Since China is the biggest chinese market right now, putting chinese stuff up is unavoidable. Then you have your usual English content.

As I do not know what content you will be putting, I will only feedback the followings:

1. 2 forums, 1 for English, another for Chinese

2. Guestbook - some pple will just drop you a note to save hassel of creating an account or whatever reason.

3. Blog - like this one, actually i don't think you have the time to do so once you becomes a mega superstar, hahahaha.

4. Real time Chatroom???? - I think some fans might stay up waiting for you to go online...better not, better not.

The rest probably are the usual stuff i.e. BIO, Gallery..etc

If I stay near you and able to get materials, I am willing to do it for you free but too bad :P The biggest problem is I have no material to create one for you compare to other fans. Will leave this to the experts then :)


At 24/12/05 16:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

**apologize for the off-topic**

Hi pk, you made some good suggestions for Michelle. I think the "problem" is that this is a great blog that Zoe created and is one of the few that people can access and have meaningful discussions. There is an imdb forum, but it is not frequented as much as this one.

Anyhow, also in answer to donmediau, I did not know that Zoe had revamped the forum. When I looked at it before, it was all in chinese.

I would gladly converse with people wherever I'm directed. Personally, it's just nice to be able to talk to people.

Michelle is fast becoming an international superstar! And the difficulty is that we are dealing with different languages.

So, before I impose on anyone else again, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all who celebrate.

對我的中國讀書朋友: 聖誕快樂如果您慶祝, 否則, 有一個了不起的週末。

And eeHoon, come one back...we can go play in the new forum. You too, pk.


At 24/12/05 19:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Michelle & everyone,
I just want to know if Michelle is going to hold any greet & meet sessions in Taiwan this Christmas, 'cause I will definitely be there!
I've been looking at this for a long time, but DJ Joseph Lin didn't put out any other words after the first inqurery.
Please let me know. Thanks!

Jen the Michelle Fan

At 24/12/05 21:26, Blogger Tina Lin said...

Merry Christmas!
I will support you forever!
Hi!Michelle.我是看了你主演的"Saving Face"後才認識你的.我被你的acting以及為了拍這部Saving Face所付出的hard而感動.之後我就開始search and collect許多關於你的資料和photo.還有你之前拍的電視電影等作品.
現在.I see the Saving Face everyday.就像看連續劇一樣.而且在網路上.只要看到你的message或是你的相關影片都會令我相當驚喜.
I really hope你的舞台劇"Made in Taiwan"可以在Taiwan演出.為了你.我會努力學好英文的.

At 24/12/05 21:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey michelle,

Juz wanna say merry christmas to u and hope to see u involving in Asian productions in the near future!!

At 24/12/05 22:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

*nod nod* to the eehoon's reply. I think I will convert to be a reader too. I am not young liao to keep shouting "I LOVE YOU" *LOL*

At 24/12/05 23:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...



At 25/12/05 01:36, Blogger Gwen Blue said...

Hi, Michelle,I´m writing from Spain.
Saving Face has just been released here and I thought it was a really nice film.I was impressed with your work,I found it moving and inspiring as well.I also like Joan and Lynn´s work.I found the scene where you three eat and talk for the fist time fantastic!Congratulations and happy new year!

At 25/12/05 02:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi michelle:
Please keep going!You are excellent at your job.I'm really glad that you have seen the message what we stayed.Miss you,hope to see you soon.Merry Christmas!!!

At 25/12/05 05:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

非常感謝"L.A. Fan"將我的文章翻譯給Michelle看,也感謝您將Michelle的留言翻譯給我和不懂英文的影迷看,謝謝^^

At 25/12/05 12:34, Anonymous Katy said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! I hope you are enjoying your day and hopefully taking a break so you can relax! ^_____^

At 25/12/05 14:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tina, 我來幫妳翻.
Anonymous, 不客氣.
語言只是種溝通的方式, 英文好不好沒差啦. 我想MK 更是會因為妳們支持她的心而感動的.

--LA Fan

From Tina Lin:

Hi Michelle, I got to know you from "Saving Face". I was very touched by the wonderful job and hard work you did in the film. Since then I began to search and collect your info, photos, and all your previous work in films/TV appearances. Now, I watch Saving Face everyday, so religiously like watching a soap opera. And I'm always pleasantly surprised to see any of your messages and or video clips online. I really hope your one-person show “Made in Taiwan” will one day be performed in Taiwan. For you, I will work hard to improve my English.

At 25/12/05 22:48, Anonymous ken said...

Dear Michelle,
I watched "Saving Face" yesterday
and I can't help finding your information in the internet.
I like this movie and I like your natural acting more! Wish you have more good works in the new year!

Taipei, Taiwan
p.s. forgive for my poor English>"<

At 26/12/05 03:10, Anonymous Alan said...

Your work is an example to us all that we can break the mold, look forward to your next project.

Restless in Vancouver

At 26/12/05 05:40, Blogger virgule said...


I am so glad to find this place to write something for the actresses in the film. This movie is so great!!! I have seen it for more than hundred times I guess. I just couldn't help seeing it again and again. The music, the actresses, and the scenes are so wonderful. I do appreciate Alice a lot and would like to applaud her for what she has done.

Michelle, I love the way you portrayed Wil! Think she is totally different from who you are, but you did so great a job!!! After seeing the movie, I couldn't accept the real you initially. But after all the interviews about you, I got to like you. I can tell how hard you have tried to do your job well, and what an interesting person you are. I like your African dancing. You are full of energy. Good luck and keep on going! You know we fans will support you behind. Can you tell me if there are ways to buy DVD or VCD of your "Made in Taiwan"?

Lynn is so great in the film. I remember the first time I saw the movie, my mind was full of Vivian's smiles and the way she approached Wil after the movie. I love the sex scene. Think it was beautifully pictured.

Thanks all of you for making such a great movie!!!

Taipei, Taiwan

At 26/12/05 07:22, Anonymous JAN said...

~><~感動ing~... JAN

At 26/12/05 10:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, i cant believe how big you've exploded onto the scene since travelers. I had tapes of travelers back in 97-98 and it was awesome. You still keep in touch with the cast? Out of the cast, you were definately the one that had the potential to make it big.

anyways, im glad your doing well with all this. I doubt u have time for personal contacts, and the thought of me posting my email will be ridiculed, so here it is chowda @gmail.com :)

Wayback fan from montreal since 1997

At 27/12/05 10:24, Blogger Michelle said...

Hey everyone,
I'm so sorry I left Taiwan without arranging a fan meeting. I intended to do so, but with the holiday schedule and my travel schedule - I was unsuccessful. I wish I could answer everyone's questions posted on this blog, but please know that I try to visit this site often and appreciate all of your specific comments. Please try to purchase legal dvds rather than bootleg copies and I will be sure to keep you up to date with more information. Please take care, continue to express yourself and always make decisions based on happiness rather than expectations. xoxo, Michelle

At 28/12/05 23:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle

Love your work in Saving Face.I have to admit ever since ive watched the movie, like everyone else, i have checked you out in cyberspace. You are indeed charming and carried your role out very well, plus, love the way your speak mandarin..muahhaha.Well i wudnt mind havin a partner like yourself though... haha!
Take care michelle, lookin forward to your next work.
- rusty -

At 8/3/06 09:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im so love u!!!!!!!

At 10/3/06 18:48, Anonymous skyfly said...

i have watched `saving face` over five times on my computer.i can`t stop doing this .... Tell the truth,it`s the first time i hear you by the movie(because i live in Taiwan)
i can`t say why it`so charming ,i really like the acting of you and Vivin very much.the movie`s music and the sunshine on your smile ....are so impressive and

Thanks all of you for making such a great movie!it have feasted my heart!hope to see more performances of you!!

Taichung, Taiwan

At 23/4/06 15:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle, the more I learn about you the more I like you. You are the best! When will you visit Canada? My dream is to meet you in person. Hope to meet you soon..YC

At 3/10/06 06:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dear Michelle,
My name is Sky and I love "Saving Face". I wrote a story about lesbian recently, and I think maybe you can see it if you're free which I'm afraid you don't have free time. Anyway, my story is called "The Brown Wings", and it's a very beautiful story about 2 girls from different countries, but they fell in love.

I hope you'll enjoy it!!!!

p.s I'm also from Taiwan


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