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"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

Hey everyone
Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hey everyone,I'm so sorry I left Taiwan without arranging a fan meeting.
I intended to do so, but with the holiday schedule and my travel schedule - I was unsuccessful.
I wish I could answer everyone's questions posted on this blog, but please know that I try to visit this site often and appreciate all of your specific comments.
Please try to purchase legal dvds rather than bootleg copies and I will be sure to keep you up to date with more information.
Please take care,continue to express yourself and always make decisions based on happiness rather than expectations.


photo by Mimi Haddon

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Posted by Michelle @ 12/27/2005 10:56:00 AM


At 27/12/05 12:19, Blogger sirbettylot said...

just what i needed to hear. now i know i'm not making a wrong decision. if anything goes down. i'm telling my parents "michelle krusiec said so..." just joking. have a wonderful holiday, keep up the good work.

At 27/12/05 14:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Safe travels to wherever you are off to next, Michelle. I'm assuming that you are headed back to the States, but you could be jet-setting off somewhere else for New Years! I definitely second the motion to purchase legal DVDs....besides, do the bootlegged ones have all the extras etc? I don't have one, so I don't really know.

Happy New Year and I hope that 2006 brings lots of new small screen and big screen opportunities to enjoy your work.


At 27/12/05 15:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,
It is so nice to read your message again. Don't worry. I will buy a legal DVD. After all, you have done so great a job!. Take care.


At 27/12/05 15:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

No worries, fans here are pretty
well "entertained" these few days by "water-bombs"(harmless comments) throwing at one another.

Talking about DVD. I am having headache now on how many copies I am going to buy and bring them back to Singapore as gifts for my friends in Jan. I don't think the DVD is available on stores in Singapore yet, even if they have I suspect the bed scene might be censored just like what they show in cinema(heard from sg friends). Ya, the bed scene is censored in cinema. So important and cute part and they take if off. *faint*

Try my best lah(Singlish), to buy as many as I can, hopefully Wil Smith get back his investment and he has more confidence to support Alice to make another good movie next time :) Make sure you are in it if it happens! *Just joking*

Just wonder how is the box office result world-wide, do you have the idea?

curious pk

At 27/12/05 16:00, Anonymous diane said...

Hi Michelle,
Nope, no expectations from you or anyone else. This is an open platform. Anyone can say anything unless it's offensive and I suppose most are mature beings.
Well, there's always Chinese New Year (CNY). I heard Taiwan has a very nice festive mood for this occasion. No point coming to Singapore for CNY as there's no food to be found (all stalls will be closed)!
Cheers! ;)

At 27/12/05 17:53, Anonymous Katy said...

Well said Michelle! I hope you can arrange a fan meeting some time in the future ^___^
You sound very busy and I am sure your fans will understand why it was cancelled.
Anyways happy new year and take good care of yourself!

At 27/12/05 18:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

來來來, 說中文的朋友們, 這次我就不等妳們開口就來毛遂自薦作翻譯了. 只是這次的留言對我來說還真有點高難度, 尤其是最後一句. 如果我字字照翻, 聽起來會怪怪的 (老實說有些字句我還不知道中文要怎麼說). 所以我就盡量照原意翻. 希望大家還能接受. 那些中英文也都講的通的朋友們, 如果我翻的不好, 可以有再改進的地方, 也請盡量說. 我一點都不會介意的.


From MK:

大家好. 我真的很抱歉在離開台灣前沒能跟大家聚會. 我之前是計畫著要跟大家碰面的, 只是假期跟旅行行程有點不允許- 最後只好作罷.

我其實是很希望我能夠回答大家在這個部落格裡所留的每個問題的, 不過也請知道我會盡量抽空來這裡看也很感激大家所有的留言.

請買正版的DVD, 不要買盜版的. 有新的消息我會隨時跟大家報告的.

請大家好好保重, 繼續的表達自己, 在面臨作決定之時, 選擇會讓自己快樂的, 不要讓期望所左右 (註:這句真的是難翻, 反正意思大概就是跟隨自己的心作會讓自己快樂的決定, 而不是因為其它所謂的期望而活).


又註: xoxo = hugs & kisses 擁抱與親吻

At 27/12/05 18:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me try the last statement:


(勇敢 - 是我自己加的,雖然沒有那個英文字不過我覺得句子里是有那個情感的成分)


At 27/12/05 20:06, Blogger Tina Lin said...



At 27/12/05 20:30, Blogger zoe said...

michelle是要人家勇敢come out嗎?!

btw,謝謝L.A FAN跟PK替大家翻譯

At 27/12/05 20:39, Anonymous ken said...

Dear Michelle,
I'm so happy can see your message when I'm depressed. Thank you for your encourage. Unexpected words can make more power.Expect your new information!

At 27/12/05 20:43, Anonymous TKD said...


At 27/12/05 21:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

翻得不好,請指教.- pk

I am so delighted to see your new message. I will definitely purchase the legal copy of Saving Face after knowing the great effort and hard work you had put in. I will also continue to get the legal copies of your future works. I think this is the best way to support you.

I will support you forever.

Wish you well and all the best in your career^^

(Thanks to L.A.Fan and pk for the translation of your message)

~Tina Lin

At 27/12/05 22:11, Anonymous Misty said...

I cannot seem to find a private email address for you. I watched Saving Face the other night. My husband and I both felt that we knew you. At the same time we said your (name). I think you might have been our roommate in Virginia Beach. It has been so long ago. I guess about ten years ago or so.

At 27/12/05 23:27, Anonymous pk said...


My copy of DVD is "definitely definitely" legal. *LOL*


(純粹好玩,希望不會構成他人的壓力 No pressure, just for fun ;p )

At 27/12/05 23:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just watched Saving Face.
So awesome! It's freezing in New York right now.



At 28/12/05 00:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Translation from tkd's post:
A little exicted cum happy when I read your news on the paper because
I really like you alot. For collection sake, I will also purchase the legal copy of the DVD. There is no need to feel disappointed, I believe there will be a chance for you to meet the fans and we will support you forever.

I read from papers that your chinese is improving, really happy for you but my english doesn't seems to go anywhere, really...


At 28/12/05 00:40, Anonymous surrealnice said...

Yeah, actually it's easy to buy dvd on Amazon though it's area-1 dvd. However, I think it's okay that everyone can read English subtitles. Buying legal dvd is the best way to support movies or music you like!!

Michelle, you are the best!!
Wish everything go smoothly.
If there's anything new, please don't forget to share with us, ok?! ^____^



At 28/12/05 01:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good day Michelle
That is all right if you are busy.But please remember come here to show us when you back next time. To contact with you must be delightul and dreaming for us.I was wonder to see your new show anyway.It not good to望穿秋水...

good hope


At 28/12/05 01:59, Blogger adultblues said...

Yes, support creativity and original production.

It's easy to just buy an original DVD from www.amazon.com

Michelle, if you are reading this, please know that there are many fans who would like to buy the soundtrack too.

Michelle, please convey this message who may be able to work on a soundtrack release...

for those who are viewing SF from online, it is most likely because they do not have access to get the original DVD

and music clips = that's because we like SAVING FACE so much but no soundtrack is available

At 28/12/05 03:21, Blogger Tina Lin said...



At 28/12/05 03:37, Anonymous fan-Z&J said...

Dear Michelle:


my friends and me want see you!!


PS:we want with you photograph
ha ~

At 28/12/05 06:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
The DVD is not available in Singapore. I managed to borrow it from a friend from Malaysia. You have certainly expressed yourself well in Saving Face. More importantly, you have expressed the way I feel as an Asian, being afraid to look the world in the eye and let it watch me fall in love with another person of the same gender. It's a warfare between society and emotions, spiritual warfare between relationship with God and with your partner. Like what you said, it's more impt to be happy and hope this encouragement isn't ephemeral.Keep up the good work, ya?


At 28/12/05 07:41, Anonymous Bey said...

Hi Michelle

At 28/12/05 08:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey for people who wants the sound track to be released, please go to www.commotionrecords.com and ask them to release it. I have sent them a n email and i supposed if we make enough noise, they may decide to do it after all.

Yah, as for the world wide box office, it would be nice to know if the film has made back the investment. At least it will be a definite green light for more of such good movies to be around instead of the usual mega hollywood stuff.

Cheers michelle and happy new year!

Maybe u could put in some pressure for the sound track too? Dying to have it but would never go downloading it from anywhere illegal.

At 28/12/05 18:02, Anonymous pk said...

Ok, I have sent an email to ask for the soundtrack to be release.
To make things easy for viewers here, the details are as below:

To: info@commotionrecords.com
Subject: There is an unavailable soundtrack I want released

I am interested in getting "Saving Face" soundtrack. Pls kindly let me know how I can make the purchase.


"your name"

Website: www.commotionrecords.com

don't be lazy, just copy and paste if you want to show your support ;p

One of my favorite songs: "Inresistable" (you can hear this when the credits is out, you have to finish watching the credits!)



不要懶,支持就以行動證明吧 ;p

其中一首我喜歡的歌曲"Inresistable" (再看完整部片後出現工作人員名單時就會聽到了)

At 28/12/05 18:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello! Michelle:
很喜歡妳的表演,不單因為Saving face,感覺妳很熱愛妳的工作,不管是配角或主角,對於wil的這個角色的用心,包括回台灣學中文,或是跟自己有著極大反差的角色(指Wil),相當程度的壓抑與極佳的眼神傳達,這都是很多fans所認同的喔!希望妳能在自己的工作上有更好的發展與突破,為華人爭光,我也會以妳為榜樣學習,有機會希望能去妳的影友會,快來台灣辦聚會吧! happy new year

~~ April Pan from taiwan

At 28/12/05 18:48, Anonymous pk said...

Translation from Tina Lin's post
An idea triggers me today, that is... I feel that you have got a sweet and pleasant voice. Would you consider going into singing? Maybe sing for the soundtrack in your future works? I would love to hear you sing, it will be nice, haha^o^...

(Thanks to pk for the translation)

From Tina Lin

Tina, 以後謝謝翻譯那句就省了吧.

At 28/12/05 19:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Translate from April Pan's post
hello! Michelle:
I love your performance, not just in "Saving Face". Be it the roles you played is major or not, I can feel the passion in you when doing those roles.

We certainly can feel and recognise your great effort in playing the character "Wil". Be it your commitment in returning to Taiwan , picking up Chinese from scratch, doing a character that is so different from your own self, successfully protraying the suppressed feelings of Wil and captivating expressions through the eyes.

I hope you will have great prospects and breakthrough in
your career and do the Chinese proud. You will also be my role model. I hope I can attend your fans gathering, come to Taiwan soon!

happy new year

~~ April Pan from taiwan

At 29/12/05 00:57, Blogger Ruztee said...

Hey michelle,
Its great to have you responding and respecting your fans by dropping us a note whenever you're free. Almost like everyone else, I started checkin you out the moment I saw your movie. You were awesome! Well, I dont mind havin a partner like yourself to tell you the truth... muhahahaha!
All the best, show the world that you've got what it takes, and I'll be waiting for your next masterpiece!

-Ruztee from Malaysia-

At 29/12/05 02:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

支持正版是一定要的啦!Saving Face的正版DVD更是要像貢品一樣貢奉的,只是亞馬遜賣的應該是不會有中文字幕,所以只能等“國際中文版"的上市,用行動支持就是上戲院看,我也有做到!!還有音樂我也很想支持正版,所以希望原聲帶也可趕快上市嘍!!


At 29/12/05 02:47, Blogger Ellen said...


At 29/12/05 05:13, Blogger jing said...

Dear Michelle:


At 29/12/05 06:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got DVD from AMAZON last month.

At 29/12/05 06:45, Blogger Christy said...

when is the DVD coming out?
I can't wait!!!

Happy new year to everyone and I hope next time we can have a party when Michelle in Taiwan :D

At 29/12/05 07:45, Anonymous shuan275 said...

我也對Michelle最後那一句話特別有感覺..."always make decisions based on happiness rather than expectations",她真的說中我的心坎裡了!這大概她拍了面子之後的體悟吧...她應該知道我們大多是拉,這可能是她很想對我們說的話吧?!而這句話真的說的很好!我們該讓自己有越來越多的勇氣去追求自己真正渴望的幸福,而不是為了別人的期望而活,畢竟人生苦短...而且只有一次....

At 29/12/05 15:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Translate from jing's post
Dear Michelle:
After watching Saving Face, I realise you yourself is so different from the character you are playing in the movie! I think you really did an awesome job, every scene is so deeply rooted in my heart. I hope to see more of your work, looking forward to....

(I better write in Chinese as my English ability is not good. Someone nice, please translate for me! thanks!)


At 29/12/05 18:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Michelle.

i loved the way you spoke mandarin...i grew up in chicago and i am a chinese lesbian. i usually don't watch asian films but my friend bought me this Saving Face dvd and i have been watching it every single day, few times daily....you were wonderful in the movie and i admire your talent of learning to speak mandarin and i love that your english is so articulate and educated. not to mention you are hottttttt...

At 29/12/05 18:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just want to say that you are my FIRST asian american i admire and that your acting was incredibly natural in Saving Face.

will there be a Saving Face part 2 in the future? are you and lynn chen still keep in touch? cause i think she really do have a crush on you? are you dating anyone?

At 29/12/05 19:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint, but lynn chen is married to one of her band members and michelle has an american boyfriend.

It's mentioned in the article that MK's boyfriend came to Taiwan to visit her..

At 29/12/05 21:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usually just rent dvd's or catch movies when they're in theater but I bought Saving Face and I've seen it a million times. Your performance was awesome. I think you're an amazing actress. Thanks for the movie.

At 29/12/05 22:50, Anonymous JAN said...


At 29/12/05 23:47, Anonymous betty said...

DVD出來我也一定會去買的~~我超喜歡這陪片子的~~ Michelle演的真的粉棒~~

At 29/12/05 23:47, Anonymous betty said...

DVD出來我也一定會去買的~~我超喜歡這陪片子的~~ Michelle演的真的粉棒~~

At 30/12/05 03:57, Anonymous Adrienne said...

Heya Michelle!

wow, I never realised so many ppl has replied to this already. I hope I'm not too late :x This is my first visit to this blog, thanks to fridae's forums :p I couldn't believe my eyes when I learnt that Michelle actually wrote this. I have to say I adore your acting skills and you're hot, no doubt about that :p I'm happy to see that you've so many fans around the globe now :) I'm also glad that the blog's in English (except some articles) cos my Chinese reading skills sucks:p Btw, Saving Face rocks! I think it's the best les movie so far:p Do drop by Malaysia when you've the time. Oops, I'm leaving to Australia in a month :x Anywayz, Happy New Year! :) Take care!


At 30/12/05 04:00, Anonymous Adrienne said...

Oh and about the original DVD, I'll definitely get that when I'm in Aus for studies. I heard it's available there already. :)

At 30/12/05 07:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo michelle !
So when are you gettin married? ;)

At 30/12/05 08:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle

this is sam from singapore .. i was really glad to be able to find a blog by you so that peeps who enjoy your performances are able to connect with you through this web world ..

your performance in saving face was definitely commendable .. i guess enough have been said in all and furthermore .. we should await for more of your new productions ..

i have read up your previous articles and learned one important theory from you .. that's the 3 L's .. 'live intensely laugh immersely love fiercely' .. it is an inspiring theory that i hope other bloggers will learn from it too ..

i hope you can drop more lines in here despite your busy schedule .. and leave more clips for us to watch as we in singapore have so little of your news ..

hereby wish you a happy new year!

take care

sam .. always

At 30/12/05 23:31, Anonymous Jeff said...

Hi Michelle,

I just watched Saving Face with a group of my friends. It was excellent! It's nice to see such a refreshing film (which makes you feel all warm and fuzzy too!). Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

At 31/12/05 01:30, Blogger Tina Lin said...

Happy New Year to michelle and everyone~

P.S Michelle.I really hope to see more of your news~

At 31/12/05 05:43, Blogger darlene said...

Hi Michelle,

Saw the "SAVING FACE" many times, We actually purchased a legal DVD copy to keep as one of our collections. The movie was so exciting and touched our hearts. You did a great job on your role. keep it up. Most of the filipinos watched this movie and they admire you as much as I do. We wish you good luck on your career. God bless. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Darlene/SFO CA

At 31/12/05 11:27, Blogger Misty said...

Michelle ???
I am trying to get in touch with you through email. Ed and I belive you were our friend and roommate in Virginia Beach. I know this seems weird but we had wondered what happened to you. If this is you T, please let me know. I would love to say hello.

At 31/12/05 18:00, Blogger miss said...

where are you showing saving face!!! my gf and i would love to watch it

At 1/1/06 20:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle

You acted the Wil very goodl in Saving face, and you are
the successful actress. You, Lynn and joan are let me knew
well what Asian-American family is.
Of course, Alice is a good and successful director. If no
your cooperation, no so good feature. Hope could see your
feature ASAP.
By the way, I liked your '"African dance". it strengthened
my impressions for you.

Have a nice day!


At 2/1/06 01:21, Blogger chels/sj/ca said...

Hello Michelle!
You are a great young actress around the world. We admire you so much here in the bay area. Keep up the good work and good luck. We are looking forward to see you more in the big screen. Filamericans love you so!!!

At 3/1/06 01:51, Anonymous scorpioneyes said...

i'm sure i can be more articulate in saying this, but i think you are HOT! seen you years ago on ER but didn't know it was you. i was just disappointingly informed that you are spoken for (by a man, of all things). but if things don't work out between you and your man, consider jumping sides, preferably to me (30 yr old Chinese-American female). so if you're ever in the San Francisco area and need a tour guide (or something more), you can find me at scorpion_eyes@hotmail.com.

At 3/1/06 09:34, Anonymous Adrienne said...

lol, scorpioneyes is askin Michelle to try girls? :p it's funny lol! btw, san francisco is wonderful hehe

At 4/1/06 02:17, Anonymous scorpioneyes said...

Adrienne: yes, San Francisco is a pretty nice place. would be nicer with Michelle in it. and as for Michelle trying girls, it seems she already knows what to do (yum!). anyway, all i'm saying is if she's ever bored of men, or just wanna get to know a down-to-earth, honest person (who happens to be female), to hollar at me. she did say in an interview that she's not against being in a same-sex relationship. it just hasn't happened yet (or has it?) so Michelle, if you're reading this.... ; )

At 4/1/06 04:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,
I just read some of your previous interviews. There is one in which you said you believed in the "Michelle Confucism", which is "to live intensely, laugh immensely and love fiercely". I really feel inspired by these words of yours. I've always been lukeworm, very shy, and afraid of what people would think of me. Your attitude towards life really gives me another perspective and help me to rethink about mine.
Also I love the way you carry yourself during the interviews here in Taiwan. Though you don't speak perfect Chinese, you weren't shy or embarrassed; instead you're very brave and confident. I have been struggling with the confidence problem during the time I lived in the states (which is half of my life). I was constantly anxious about whether people would understand me or would think I sound funny. Seeing you, I suddenly have so much more courage to try and just to be myself.
Thanks for being such an inspiration. Please keep on pursuing your dreams, and I'll always support you.


At 4/1/06 05:13, Blogger crisgee said...

Greetings from the Philippines! You visited here several years ago for an episode of Travellers. It's still being aired here on cable. Nice to see you're doing well. You were my favorite among all the Travellers.

I hope that Saving Face will be shown in theaters here. I'm excited to see what everybody has been raving about as an excellent performance.


At 4/1/06 07:34, Anonymous fansie said...

although here is for michelle, i'd still like to reply to Jen. i felt the same way as you after seeing SF and reading lots of interview about the actors and the director.
this movie cheers me up and makes me feel bright about life. i was in a bad mood for weeks before i watched SF. but after watching it, suddenly it seemed energy full of my body and i felt so relaxed and cheerful.
all the positive change owe to SF. hope to see new work of MK or LC or AW very soon!
btw, i am a huge fan of LC. it's pity that LC didn't have that much work than MK did, thus it's hard to find clips of her:(

At 4/1/06 22:17, Anonymous 我笑 said...

you are soooooooooooooo into her,but just GIVE UP lah.....
michelle wont accept

At 5/1/06 01:22, Blogger DarknessFish said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 5/1/06 01:25, Blogger DarknessFish said...

hey any fans of Lynn Chen, just to remind you: please vote for her as the "OUTSTANDING NEWCOMER AWARD" in the AZN Television 2006 Asian Excellence Awards.

go here to vote for her,

please keep voting for her~thx.

At 6/1/06 09:14, Anonymous Adrienne said...

yes i've voted for lynn. btw, i actually like lynn better in SF as i prefer feminine girls. michelle was cute in her role too hehe :) it's sad that lynn's not doing as well as michelle (or is she?) i think both of them deserve the best. and i think we shouldn't scare michelle away by keep on hoping that she'll try girls lol

At 7/1/06 00:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am just wondering if you do have time to go through all these messages!


At 7/1/06 00:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am in L.A. Maybe somettime you can meet your fans here. I read some interviews of you, and I don't quite think it is a right direction for you to focus your career in China. I never hear you speaking manderine (in the movies doesn't count). Hope there is a chance to hear your manderine.


At 8/1/06 16:00, Blogger Thuy said...

Hi Michelle,
Just want to thank you for drawning such a strengh of an Asian in America. You have fan in United State too, so please don't forget, hehehe. Wish you always have good and safe travel.

Happy Lunar New Year. It will bring a lot of opportunities, fun and happy to you.


At 13/1/06 02:08, Anonymous nora80 said...

Hi Michelle,
I'm writing from Singapore, where you have quite a following. The movie was screened here, but with a bit of censorship (we're lucky it even got to our shores!) Anyway, I've got the DVD from a friend in Australia, and it was a much appreciated X'mas prez!
Go see if you can make Alice write a sequel for the movie. I think many people would like to see a development of the relationship between Wil and Viv. Good luck!

At 19/1/06 06:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, just want to say you did a great job in Saving Face. Take care.

At 22/1/06 21:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honey!your messages really makes me laugh..hahaha..indeed you sounds really desperate from my prespective. Mind you all that MK is an actress and yet many thinks that she is 'L'. Relax girls.
PS:San Francisco is a beautiful place indeed.

At 22/4/06 22:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, yesterday I caught the last 20 minutes of your 'Saving Face' movie on TV, and I just loved it. It's all because of you! I have never heard of your name before, nor seen any of your movie, but I just fell in love with you, or your character in the movie. So I did some researching about you. Believe me, you'll be a big star! I can't wait to see your future work. Good luck and take care!

At 23/4/06 21:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle, I wish I hadn't watched the last 20 minutes of your 'Saving Face' movie because I have not been able to stop thinking about you since then...YC.

At 3/10/06 06:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dear Michelle,
My name is Sky and I love "Saving Face". I wrote a story about lesbian recently, and I think maybe you can see it if you're free which I'm afraid you don't have free time. Anyway, my story is called "The Brown Wings", and it's a very beautiful story about 2 girls from different countries, but they fell in love.

I hope you'll enjoy it!!!!

p.s I'm also from Taiwan

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