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"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

new message from Michelle
Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for continuing to stay interested in my work. It is really cold in Taiwan right now and I am trying to stay warm. I'm so surprised that it is this cold!! I'm here for only a few days to shoot a magazine interview for Bazaar. Keep an eye out for it next month.

You guys are the best and thanks for your continued support with Saving Face. Also, I'm going to revamp my website because of all of the interest recently so keep checkin in with that.

Big Smile and lots of Love,


Posted by zoe @ 12/14/2005 03:31:00 PM


At 15/12/05 13:10, Anonymous Katy said...

So excited!!!!!!!!!!
You finally got a blogspot! That makes me so happy haha .. Before it was really hard to know what you have been up to, I guess this way it will make a lot of your fans' lives easier! I checked your website everyday but nothing was updated =(
Keep up the good work and I hope to see you on the big screens soon!

At 15/12/05 20:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is so cool~~another blog for me to get addicted to. MK you are totally awsome.

I love the way you think and how you express your thoughts.

remember when you talked about eating octopus? i LOVE IT!!

back to study....

Jane S.

At 16/12/05 07:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WoW..itz great that you got a blog where you can post pix and leave msgz!!
You are a fantastic actress!!
Hope everything works out fine~
Take care <3


At 16/12/05 08:25, Blogger akeen said...

Hi! Michelle,


It's a great blog.Let me know your latest news.

I will support you.

Big hug

At 16/12/05 09:00, Blogger Grace said...

Dear Michelle,

It's a great place to update your news.

Hope everything goes well.

At 16/12/05 11:17, Blogger AMOS said...


At 16/12/05 14:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again.Whether you are in Taiwan or USA, you will have a warm day in winter.The holiday is coming and hopefully you will have a great day to enjoy as well!

Huge fan in Taiwan,

At 16/12/05 16:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I discovered Saving Face on dvd here in the States and I love it and now have it in my dvd collection. I look forward to seeing more of you on other shows...I missed you on Grey's Anatomy but I think they're in re-runs starting next week. Hopefully they will show your episode again. I did catch you on an ER re-run two nights ago. I remembered seeing that episode the first time it was on.

I love your work and of course am a great fan of Wil on Saving Face. I especially love how you shine on screen and your natural beauty is truly captured in Saving Face....I think Wil is cute, beautiful and vulnerable and you look great even with the purposeful "less make-up" look.


A huge fan from the United States.

At 16/12/05 20:11, Anonymous Diane said...

Is it the "in" thing to blog or what? :P Just kidding. Thank you Michelle for keeping in touch with us fans around the world.

Cheers, Diane

At 16/12/05 22:40, Anonymous Mytho said...

It's so gooood to know that u're in Taiwan now, although we TW fans can't see you face to face, but we'll buy magazine BAZAAR next month definitely! Your performing is so excellent, you're already the BEST actress in my mind! And also we'll definitely keep promoting such a good movie-Saving Face!

Just can't help myself shouting that I LOVE YOU MICHELLE!

Huge fan from Taiwan

At 17/12/05 03:38, Anonymous JAN said...


這裡真的是your blog ?



At 17/12/05 04:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

我想請問一下呀... 就是這真的是mk的blog嗎?? 為啥mk都沒自己來寫文章啊?? 可以解答我的疑問嗎?? 謝謝!

At 17/12/05 05:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 17/12/05 06:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi michelle ~
I watch a TV program that called "Peach Protein"(Just chinese become english).
It have a port about you of Africa dance that your dance full of power.
Then I try to find some of your works.And I watched "Saving face" at movie theater.
The movie let me fell courage to do something.
Thank you for concerned about taiwan fans.
Have nice day~bye~

At 17/12/05 09:28, Anonymous Nancy said...

Hi Michelle,

You're already the BEST actress!
I will support you.

Huge fan from Taiwan,

At 17/12/05 09:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 17/12/05 09:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle

it is so excitng to be able to find your blog.
i was at your cousin's blog watching your photos a minutes ago. it seem that you had a great time. hope that you stay happy always.

from Apple

At 18/12/05 01:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've watched Saving Face once in the threater and 7 times on DVD and i'm still so in love with it. Hope to see your new movie soon.

P.S. When would you come and visit Singapore? You do have a mini fan club here too..

At 18/12/05 06:02, Anonymous T.K.D said...

I'm a Taiwan fans.
Nice to meet you!
It's very cold in Taiwan,hope you don't sick. I'm very love you,too. But my English is not good. Plece,never mind.
from 台灣關心你的fans

At 18/12/05 15:12, Blogger jiGGa said...

I love your movie Saving Face so much and I was just so touched by the message in the movie =) I went to go watch it the very first day it came out and I was stunned... especially after reading so much about it in AsianWeek and the SFChronicle.... and of course, I got the movie on DVD =) You are such a inspiration to all... You really should have stopped by San Francisco on your way for the Saving Face openings... considering San Fran is like the gay capitol of the USA haha... but yeah, would love to get a chance to meet you in person =) take care michelle and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!


December 18, 2005 3:12pm

At 18/12/05 16:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

since i rented and watched the DVD saving face i really love it. i made myself an important decision after i saw this movie.
i want to say thank you
and i think i'll keep watch your films in the future

Jean, from LA

At 19/12/05 00:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A "hi" from Melbourne. Got "Saving Face" DVD and it is a great movie. Love the part Wil confessed to Mom, so touching and didn't expect "Mom, I love you" to come out. I guess I know how to tell my mom.

Look forward to your future works!


At 19/12/05 09:15, Anonymous Faith said...

Wow, it's really nice to know that you have close relationship with Taiwan. As a Taiwanese fan, I'm so pround of you. Looking forward to your new production. You have our best wishes!! Go for it!!

At 19/12/05 16:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Michelle Krusiec (面子 女主角 楊雅惠) wants to do a Meet and Greet
I'm glad you guys are out here supporting Michelle! I personally think she's a great person and a superb talent! and can only hope to see her excel more in the industry and personally!

Anyhow, I've kept in contact with Michelle over the past few weeks, and she's expressed her interest to host a "Meet and Greet" session with all her fans here in Taiwan, sign autographs and take pictures to say the least!

I need to know if you guys are interested, and if there are any ideas you guys might have to help formulate this event along with ICRT!

Let me know...

Joseph Lin (Jockey Joe)"


At 20/12/05 20:16, Anonymous chao said...

hi michelle
Taiwan fans

At 25/12/05 00:31, Anonymous Claudio Henrique said...

Hi Michelle, this is Claudio (Afro-Brazilian class @ LA Crunch with Ayanna Contreras - does it ring a bell???). Anyway, so this week I had some time off and i went to Blockbuster to rent some foreign movies. I picked up "Saving Face" not knowing anything about the movie or didn't even looking at the box. It was not until your pretty clean face showed up at my computer screen that I realized "Wow , I know this talented girl. We have kicked some ass together on the dance floor". I just wanna say congrats for the movie, for the nominations and for your performance. You deserve girl!! I've been very busy here in LA between 2 jobs, graduating from University and trying to have a personal life. I don't dance as much but whenever I can...it's my drug. Ayanna and I miss you. We'll be spending New Year's Eve together this year. I hope you will have a blessed one. Take care and hope to see you soon in class. If you want to drop a line, my e-mail is cohenrique@csupomona.edu, Much Love Claudio.

At 3/1/06 08:54, Blogger singaporefan said...

hey there, michelle, FABULOUS job in Saving Face!! Question: any chance there might be an encore performance (whether in LA or NY) of Made in Taiwan sometime? if not, is there some recording of your performance i might be able to get a hold of? a dvd perhaps?

At 5/1/06 06:37, Anonymous bedonetaiwan said...

I'd like to introduce a blogger above,because there have very complete information about you. I think you'll very shock if you've been there, and finally know that how many taiwanese like you.
I like you very much too,hope you could come to taiwan again,and could have much more good performers in the future and we could see you very soon.

At 5/1/06 21:04, Anonymous Nora said...

Good job Michelle. Hello from Singapore. They shd have given you the award in Taiwan. Saw the movie several times, and finally got the DVD, from a friend in Australia. Can't get the DVD in Singapore eventhough they screened the movie here! Best wishes.

At 1/2/06 23:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
You are the best actress ever. I am so into your acting. "Saving Face" is the first movie that I got a chance to see your acting. I got this DVD in Nanjing while I was studying abroad there last year. When I picked it up, I just thought that it would be something interesting, but never expected that it would be like that. I watched it so many times although I am back in the US. I love this movie because it shows me another aspect of life and a way to break oriental culture. I feel it is such a revolutionary film of the 21st century. As the director Wu said that if Asian parents could understand their gay children, this film would complete its mission. I cannot imagine what I would do to my children if they happen to be gay although I do not have a child now. Of course, I am a student. This film does save my future child. Thank you so much for your passion for life and everything.

At 30/5/06 20:06, Blogger pet said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 30/5/06 20:22, Blogger pet said...

Hey 你好 Michelle,
The 1 & only word came out deeply frm my heart after seeing u acting in " Saving Face".1st time I saw u & looking forward in future.BTW, did u understand chinese???希望你能与Lynn再次合作。coz U guys looks cute in "Saving Face"
Take good care & bye now!


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