Michelle Krusiec

"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

Happy New Year !! Greeting from Michelle
Sunday, January 29, 2006

especially thanks to Katy & Maggie & Angela

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Posted by zoe @ 1/29/2006 06:39:00 PM


At 29/1/06 22:50, Blogger kyo said...

hi michelle:
Happy chinese new year!!! Congratulation for the MIT was so
successful.Hope to see it on asia oneday.

At 29/1/06 23:04, Anonymous Katy said...

I really enjoyed Made In Taiwan. Michelle had such great energy in it and it was so powerful! I am sure everyone who has seen it loves it just as much as I did!

At 30/1/06 00:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh so jealous of you guys who saw MIT. =\ oohh bring it to NYC, Michelle! =]

At 30/1/06 07:24, Blogger Grace said...

Looking forward to see "Made In Taiwan" in Taiwan oneday. Really really jealous of you guys who saw it.

At 30/1/06 09:15, Anonymous Adrienne said...

Hey Michelle,

Happy Chinese New Year to you :) May this year bring you the best blessings in the world. Don't forget you've other fans around the world, not just Taiwan alone ;) hehe It's a pity that I couldn't watch Made In Taiwan. I hope the show's doing great! Happy 'Woof Woof' Year! :)

At 30/1/06 17:32, Anonymous diane said...

Happy Lunar New Year too, to Michelle and everyone! Gong Xi that your show is a wang wang success!

Many thanks to Katy, Maggie and Angela for the recording! Was it taken after the show?


At 30/1/06 20:42, Blogger Tina said...

Hi michelle,
I regret not being able to see your performances,
but I heard they went very well.
I'm so happy to hear that.
Congratulates! ^^

P.S Thanks to Katy, Maggie and Angela for the recording~

At 30/1/06 22:28, Anonymous Angela said...

Hello Michelle,

We really enjoyed the show, and wish to see it again and again. Wish you luck to make it a TV pilot, or issue a DVD!
Yes, the recording was taken after the show at the Electric Lodge Saturday night!

At 22/2/06 14:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am an indian american filmmaker, want to send a script to Michelle Krusiec
how do i connect with her? - manan katohora

[with lords grace, yours truly, # 39]

At 23/2/06 20:47, Anonymous Sunny said...


At 24/2/06 22:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

manan katohora!?

Please contact her agent.

Manager: Meegan Kelso
Morra Brezner Steinberg Tannenbaum
345 N. Maple Dr. #200
Beverly Hills, California 90210

At 25/2/06 06:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello people,
i google made in taiwan.. i thought its a film..
so people, is it a play? sorry guys, hope you could help me..

and also..
HI to the owner of this blog!


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