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"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

Year of the -- tired but eager -- DOG
Sunday, February 05, 2006

It's a gorgeous sunny day in LA and I'm a tired wreck! I just finished a weekend run of Made in Taiwan and I thank all of the folks who came out to give me good love for the show. I went and got a massage for this knot of a hump I call my shoulder and the masseuse said about my shoulder, "there's something going on inside there." For the last several weeks I have been rehearsing almost 8 hours a day so that I can give several hundred people an hour and ten minutes worth of entertainment. We had to turn away folks on the last night but I'm just grateful I didn't do a ton of publicity and you guys showed up, yea! We will do a longer run later this year when I am up for more scars and carnage.

Hope everyone's new year is off with a bark. Can you tell I'm tired? That last line was really desperate. Anyhow, I was thinking of what I could contribute to the Blogspot that would be interesting to you guys. Any thoughts? Don't say pictures of me in my everyday life because I never take pictures of myself in every day life, I think that's why we call it every day life. I could take pictures of like the food I eat? That would be a little odd. What about fun stories of being an actress in LA? Anyone up for a good dose of regulated torture? I think it could be really funny, but names would have to be withheld to protect my own innocence. What do you guys think? By the way, did you guys hear what Adam Corolla said about the Asian Excellence Awards? It was pretty offensive and if you have the time to write CBS and protest that would be great. He can say things like that about Asians but I don't think he'd have the balls to say things like that about Blacks. And I don't think Blacks would let him get away with saying stuff like that either. So, don't let him get away with it.
You guys rock. Kiss woof hug. Or hug kiss woof.

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Posted by Michelle @ 2/05/2006 08:13:00 PM


At 5/2/06 21:07, Blogger escenkay said...

Hey Michelle,
Happy New Year~ (I know it's a little late) I just recently became a fan after watching Saving Face (excellent job!). Hopefully your shoulder isn't too messed up. That'd make all your fans sad.

As for the ideas to put on your blog deal, how about "Life in Michelle's shoes" or something along those lines. I like the idea of adding pictures of food (I love food) that you eat during the day. Maybe some cool spots to hang out in L.A (besides K-Town please)? Maybe some random stuff you found that was funny (like a sign or a joke you heard or something). Pictures are always welcome, ooh maybe some baby pictures haha that'd be funny. Anyways just thought I'd drop a comment for you. Take care and have a good week.

At 5/2/06 21:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle K
1. post your responses to fans' work their comments about your show and painting of you portray
2. let us know when you are away from LA. fans will send stuff to you. if you can't get it soon, ice cream might melt, flowers might wither
3. more info about adam corolla what did he say
4. please take good care of yourself you are too thin.
i know thinner looks better on the screen, but---


At 5/2/06 22:59, Anonymous Katy said...

Anything about you would be interesting to your fans -- I think! Well at least that applies to me =D

I will go protest about what Adam Corolla said now.

At 5/2/06 23:07, Anonymous retrospunk said...

Hi Michelle,

I hope nothing is too serious with the knot of hump on your shoulder. I get that too because of my work....facing the computer for more than 10hours a day. That sucks....

You do sound really tired, but hang in there.Opportunities to keep yourself busy and for your work to be recognised don't come by often. You can always leave messages or join the chatroom whenever you feel you need to let it all out. All your fans are always here to give you all the support you need.

At 5/2/06 23:31, Anonymous fansie said...

hi michelle,
it's good to see message from you! i think everyone here is interested in every piece of message you drop, so just leave anything that you'd like to share with us here whenever you have free time!
besides, be sure to take care of yourself! healthy body is a must for your successful artist life!

At 6/2/06 03:30, Anonymous Eline_1 said...

Thanks Michelle for sharing with us your thoughts on your daily life and schedule. The thing I like about you, you show the real side of you - be it your feelings, your style of doing things and your philosophies in life. You do not hide or have to act as if you are a celebrity thus having to maintain a public image that walls fans/people off. And I truly enjoy that of you. Hopefully, we can see you penning more thoughts of yours and to be able to know you better.

At 6/2/06 04:41, Anonymous pk said...

Hi Michelle,
Since you mentioned you love food, I wonder if you have any special receipe that you can share?

At 6/2/06 08:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,
Just share whatever you want to share.
Fans, at least me, would be very happy to see everything you post.
Just be yourself, it's your blog~ ^____^
Take good care of yourself. :)

At 6/2/06 23:57, Anonymous Angela said...

Hello Michelle,
1. I will vote for escenkay's ideas and the idea of "receipe" :) very interesting.
2. I'd love to hear the comments and sharings on the particular events in your life, e.g. the feedback of your sis' wedding in Taiwan...then we get to know you more as a friend.
3. I love the idea "stories of being an actress in LA" since it's a world that most of us will never touch 8)
4. As a fan, again, any thing about you or from you will be more than welcome!!!

At 7/2/06 06:43, Anonymous Lim_RJ said...

Dear Ms Krusiec,
It's great to hear from you and that you've had a great run of MIT!
Hopefully,you will be able to bring your MIT to Singapore, or S.E Asia soon. I can't wait for the day.

Perhaps other than the interesting stories of LA actresses, you may want to recommend or give reviews of some of the good films/ play you've truly enjoyed recently.It would be great to exchange recommendations. I just watched "Matchpoint" and it was great; made my blood boil!Can't wait for the Singapore Film Fest!

Anyway, pls take good care and I look forward to catch more of you.
You're an incredible actress!

At 7/2/06 09:23, Anonymous e said...

Hi Michelle

I would love to hear :

- Latest CD that you bought
- Books that you're currently reading

Seriously, write something that you feel like. At least we'll be able to see the other side of you that you'll like to show us, instead of what we wanna see.

Cheers and have a great year ahead!

At 7/2/06 11:04, Anonymous Brian from LA said...

Hi Michelle,

Saw the Friday showing of Made In Taiwan. It really was amazing. I liked how you managed to stick some Spandau Ballet in there, too. I love that song for no particular reason.

As far as this blog - Personally, I think it would be cool to see what kinds of food you eat and where you eat them. That's always interesting...


At 8/2/06 01:34, Blogger daryll said...

hey are you having your show here in la??? any info you can give me would be great thanks...oh and saving face, awesome....

At 8/2/06 08:33, Anonymous Adrienne said...

Happy Chinese New Year once again :) I'm sorry to learn about your hectic life and busy schedule. Perhaps more massages will help :) I don't think you're too thin at all. I could see the biceps ;) In fact, I think you're fit and I love that. I'm missing out on Made In Taiwan. I hope I'd be able to see it one day. I'm also more interested to know you as a friend. Giving some recipes or cooking tips would be great, don't forget noodle recipes hehe. And what?? Your sis just got married? Hmm, I never knew about your family. Keep us updated :)

At 9/2/06 07:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello my dear Michelle, I am very happy you have come here. Can you read Chinese or write little Chinese because almost of your fans's English is not good.Actually, I want them to know what you are getting on and close to you. And, I mean that would you mind translating your message in Chinese, wow ! Thank you very much

At 9/2/06 10:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michelle! Love you!

At 9/2/06 16:54, Blogger chinkgirl said...

Hi! I became an instant fan after Saving Face....watched it 7 times already, no kidding! I wish you more success!

At 10/2/06 08:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm up for "a good dose of regular torture". Read about the Adam Corolla issues. I was called a Ching Chong by an African while I was travelling in South Africa on a Backpacking trip there, a local friend grabbed that guy by his collar and said to him, "DO NOT CALL MY FRIEND CHING CHONG" there you go, lucky to have such friend. Its rude and unfeeling to made such statement and absolutely not funny. Only lame people laugh at such "jokes" I hope he apologised. Someone needs to grab him by his collar too. Racial harmony, and world peace!

Hope to see MIT in Singapore, there is great potential and no language barrier to play to English speaking audiences at either our "Art House or the Esplanade."

Prosperity and fortune for 2006. More film contracts and pinky health.

At 10/2/06 20:45, Blogger Cheryl Tan said...

Hi there! I live in New York and am a big fan of yours ever since Saving Face. Was wondering if you'll come out here to perform Made in Taiwan. I'm sure it'll be a big hit!

At 10/2/06 21:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi. i just watch ur movie. saving face.
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm u look kinda cool in that movie. and kinda blur! anyway.. it is a nice movie. i was looking for that movie about 2 years in my country but i couldnt find it. now. here am i. the state. and.. yeah.i found it. it is cool!

At 10/2/06 22:28, Anonymous aichen said...

hi Michelle

believe me, I really wanna make it to L.A.
I bet it went great. I cannot wait to see MIT on the TV.
maybe before seeing on the TV, we could see it in San Francisco.

Michelle ! you got fans here!!!


At 11/2/06 06:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi MK!
Nice to know more about you, maybe you can tell us more of your daily routine. SFO fans admire you so much.

At 11/2/06 11:07, Blogger witnwis said...

i love your humour - i read that you adlibbed lynn chen's 'THE will smith? nah - perhaps it was some other will smith'
with 'what - like WILLard smith?'.. laughed out loud when i read that. and i guess you'll read this and say 'hmm i never said that'.

would love to see mit in london sometime. you have inspired me to go back to dance classes - went for a hip hop class the other day and whoa - didnt the endorphins kick in! you have also re-inspired me to brush up on my 6 months of conversational mandarin.

just wanted to drop a line to say hi and thanks for the inspiration -i love reading about articulate, hardworking, determined individuals who are passionate about their work.

At 11/2/06 11:58, Anonymous diane said...

Hi Michelle, tired? Time to take a break and do nothing.
I won't mind reading about your travels (apart from Traveler series) and health tips. Oh yes, and jokes pls. Didn't you say you are a goofball? :P
Who the hell is Adam Corolla? Hmm...
Take care and gou3 nian2 wang4 wang4!
diane, singapore

At 12/2/06 20:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey michelle,

keep truckin'!
do what you do best!

At 13/2/06 13:22, Blogger escenkay said...

Hey Michelle, I was wondering (or maybe someone on this board knows) where I can find a copy of the Saving Face soundtrack. I've been checking like every store and online and can't seem to find it. If someone could point me in the right direction, that'd be lovely. Hope everything is good Michelle, Happy V-Day

At 13/2/06 23:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched saving face and it was very interesting. So much truth in the movie. Great Job!

Your new fan!

At 14/2/06 03:23, Anonymous pk said...

Recommended "Saving Face" to a male friend and he loves it =) Rated 8/10!

Side note: He is straight *LOL*


At 14/2/06 03:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i adored you from the Travelers time
very happy to see you around more
especially in saving face ...
stop by in hawaii on the way to taiwan
and i'm gonna take you for some good eats
local style!

At 14/2/06 19:13, Blogger chinggai said...


At 16/2/06 00:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle!

I fell in love with ya on "Saving Face" and this is the only movie I've watched a gazillion times and still ain't got enough of it. You and Lynn are truly great.

Been trying to catch every movie and tv shows that you've acted in :).

Pls pls bring MIT to Singapore!


At 16/2/06 17:38, Blogger chinggai said...

How are you love? I really admire your...THE WHOLE PACKAGE !!! personality,talent,views in life.I deeply respect you for who you are & what you stand for.
Although I did some corrective action & I wrote to CBS,if I ever meet his MONKEY UGLEH SELF...I'll say "DON'T HATE ON ASIANS COZ YOU UGLEH,WE DIDN'T HAVE YOU...YOUR M*MA DID".
Anywho, we love you ,keep it pimpin' TAKE CARE LOVE

p.s. ASIANS ROCK !!!! much love zoe....

At 18/2/06 13:23, Blogger Michelle said...

hey, guys. just checkin' in. i notice a lot of comments/questions about food. hmmm. good to see my peeps and i have that in common. and yes, i was looking a little thin around the time of MIT (made in Taiwan). See kids, that's what acting can do for you! my favorite recipe for fish - try this one: take some white fish and steam it with spring onions, ginger, white wine, salt and PICKLE JUICE! yeah, that's really good. don't tell my mom i told you the pickle juice though, that's the secret ingredient. if you can marinate the fish overnight with ginger and salt beforehand, that would be even better. then add the pickle juice and wine just before you cook it (and not too much wine or it'll turn out bitter.) then steam it for like 10 minutes tops. To end I will leave you with some inspirational thoughts. In the words of the last blogger: Asians do Rock! But remember: We all rock. Love and believe in yourself and don't let anyone take you down, especially that little voice inside your own head which seems to take over at times.

At 18/2/06 16:25, Anonymous zoe said...


At 18/2/06 19:22, Blogger Christy said...

Bin Bin,
You ROCK TOO !!!!

At 18/2/06 19:40, Anonymous Katy said...

哈哈. . 傅培梅時間 XD!!!

I will totally try that recipe with the secret ingredient ... Thank you for the recipe and the inspirational thoughts :)

At 19/2/06 09:13, Blogger imgod945 said...

hi, Michelle
Last year, prior to the New York opening of Saving Face, I ran into Lynn and her mother in an Asian feastival here in Union Square. Her mother and my mother happen to be friends, althogh I have never met either of them. But talk about "...One billion Chinese people, two degrees of separation...."
Anyway, since I work for a company that also owns The HollywoodReporter, Backstage, Nielsen and ACNielsen, I hae always enjoyed meeting performers of all sorts.
However, work and other family engagements kept me away from the movies, so I missed the New York run of Saving Face.
Couple days ago, when I realized that your movie is out on DVD, I told myself I have to see it. It was such a delightful movie, pointing out some of the flaws in the more traditional Asian American culture in a non-offensive way. The acting in the moving were quite impressive as well, especially the role of Wil. I am now convinced that I will have to buy the DVD, mail it to you and ask you to autograph it for me. Just have a feeling that one day, some of the cast members of this movie will really make it big...and I am betting my money on you.
What an interesting last name you have...is there a story behind it?
It is too bad that you live in the left coast, rather than here in New York (yes, I am convinced that the best of everything should all be in New York City).
If you are ever in town (NYC, that is), it'd be a pleasure to get the opportunity to meet you in person, and just peek into that talented mind of yours.
Perhaps you should consider bringing MIT to New York City for a run as well?
Oh, and, just have to mention, that people like Adam Corolla, and the ones who lack true talent need to do whatever they can to get their name out in the spotlight. Even by running their stupid mouth...press still love to cover them...they create catchy headlines. Best way to deal with people like him: blast him once in the public and then bury him. No media attention, no coverage, no careeer for him. It's a really simple weapon that my journalist wife(oh, did I mention she has two Pulitzer Prizes under her belt?) had used when she has to get the politians to work with her.
Anyway, this is turning out to be much longer than what I was going to write initially. It was supposed to be "...Great work, enjoyed your acting...."
Well, I will find a way to leave my contact information somehow so if you want a few new friends in New York, you can look us up (maybe I will leave it in the DVD I hope you will autograph for me...will mail it to the contact address in your site).
Hope to see alot more of you very soon.

At 19/2/06 18:21, Anonymous Angela said...

Ha! The recipe looks yummy and not difficult. Though I am not a fish lover, I will try... Thanks for sharng!

At 20/2/06 03:44, Anonymous pk said...

hi michelle,
Thanks for the receipe! =) I will try to source the pickle juice in Asian grocery shop. Marinate shouldn't be a problem. Cooking for ownself for quite some time, keep repeating the same dish, boring. You see, I am not a good cook and I am running out of receipe so I need yours, hahaha.. =P I think my best dish is only pork chop, I believe you still have alot of receipe I can "steal" from *LOL*

At 20/2/06 18:10, Blogger chinggai said...

W'sup girl how are you?Glad to hear from you.I'm so captivated by your aura...we need more people like you PERIOD! You always speculate in a very optimistic manner,I might add you never,never contemn anyone.You are very talented & FINE!!! But modest about everything.
Like what I said before,keep grounded,stay focused & take care of yourself, AND DOORS WILL BE OPENED FOR YOU...

smooches & embrace

p.s. I'm not going to let anyone take me down, not w/o a fight anyways, HA! ( jus' kidding! )

p.p.s. HI ZOE

At 20/2/06 18:19, Blogger chinggai said...

Oh, i jus' realized MICHELLE responded to my comment....
OH ! WOW ! I can't stop smillin'

w'sup ZOE

At 22/2/06 01:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey michelle,

many best wishes of health to ya.

i remember reading somewhere in this blog or was it in the msn chat that you have friends in Singapore? well, one thing's for certain, u do have a big fanbase here..so do seriously consider bringing MIT here pretty pluzzz :P

love to you and your doggie!

jk & my four furry mates

At 22/2/06 07:26, Blogger akeen said...


you do good job about
your favorite recipe for fish .

take care

At 22/2/06 22:31, Blogger chinggai said...


I was wondering if you are in LA right now,and also if you would ever visit St. Louis,MO. ??? Pls. marinate on that,and if you ever do visit here, it'll be my TREAT!
I'm implying not to ponder about it but in a equivalent manner I'm vividly leaping into my hopes that you wont procrasinate either.
Ok, let me end this for now take care BUTTERSCOTCH !!!

smooches & embrace

At 22/2/06 22:33, Blogger chinggai said...

have a good 1 everybody

smooches & embrace

At 25/2/06 05:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi michelle,
became a fan after watching SF. well done Dr. Pang!
about the blog... how about a favorite poem? or song?
whats your fave food? color?
sorry for asking too much..
anyway, im glad that you find some time to read this and all the msgs in our blog ( i hope you do)..
take care Doctor.

At 25/2/06 16:57, Blogger chinggai said...

Happy Mardi Gras !!! Happy Mardi Gras to everyone too. Chelle I wish you were in St. Louis bec. THE PARTY WAS OFF THE CHAIN !!!

I'd take you around town,you can bounce w/me ...YOU BE A'IGHT YOU BE ROLLIN' W/ME HOMIE ...
It was hella fun, if you get a chance pls. go check it out on one of the sites.

You work too much . Not that I'm complaining OH, NO! I'd love to see you everywhere all the time.
All I'm saying is pls. take a lil' time unwind & indulge into something more exotic for the enjoyment of your pleasure.

Pls. take care my offer's NOTARIZED :)
if you are ever here, IT'S ON !!!


At 28/2/06 13:57, Blogger chinggai said...

smocches??? I'm so illiterate, I can't even spell out words right!

:) LOL!

At 6/3/06 08:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle
You are so good.I love wil.You are good actress, good director,wow perfact.I love "saving face"

good night
your fan!!

At 19/3/06 20:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, we love you so much, esp. in that movie saving face, the lesbo scene was hot! keep up the boob work, oh i meant good work!

At 20/3/06 00:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 20/3/06 03:25, Blogger imgod945 said...

re: Anonymous said...

20/3/06 00:02
now, that's one tough task...
perhaps you can try this site (English to Chinese Traditional)(嘗試這個站點(英語到漢語傳統)): http://www.worldlingo.com/en/products_services/worldlingo_translator.html

At 21/3/06 21:09, Anonymous Alethea said...

hi michelle! i just saw "saving face" and i LOVED it! i made my roommate watch it and she loved it too. :D

suggestions for stuff to contribute to the blogspot...maybe just commentary on everyday life for you. like one of those, "so i was at jamba juice, and while they were making my orange dream machine, i..." stuff like that. stuff that ppl can relate to; at least ppl that live in LA. (yah, SF valley!)

anyway, you're awesome and take care!

At 1/4/06 14:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo MK...wow ! wow!you got such great followers. i got here after seeing "SF" twice..my head goes bong bong after reading so much..fish? ya my favorite , now i will try pickle juice..yum yum! i am hungry now! ha ha Was very intrigue by "MIT" sound very interesting that i click click to this very interesting and interactive blog ,read here that it is going to be on tv? that u got fren in s'pore too? will you act here 2? love photography think the latest shots are great! very different fr wil..simple,casual but more of your u (i think as a person) dressing nice and girlie, sporty ,just expressive n feel good at times or different moods and at the point of times .
U really acted best in "SF" so natural.. u are fun, tell us some fun stuffs or anything u feel free to ... fr lc HaPpy April Dae cheers


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