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Michelle's journal - Part Ⅰ
Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hi there!

Cute baby photos everyone. I wanted to upload some of mine, but I realized that all of my baby photos were lost in a fire and the ones that were remaining are lost somewhere in my parent's home. And asking them for anything at this age in life is not very productive. Crazy, right? And you guys are far cuter than I could ever have been. I think I was missing my two front teeth for like several years!

However, I decided to post the following journal entry from when I was a kid...I thought it would be fun to post something from today's date but many many years ago. Nothing has been changed or censored!

Enjoy and please don't make any value judgements. This is a real excerpt, you can find my afterthoughts below.

March 10, 1989

Dear Brittany (I called my Diary by this name), Hey, guess what? My brother is coming home tonight around 3 a.m. You know Madonna made a new album. Well from what I've been hearing, Madonna is really getting her butt layed because her new song Like a Prayer is really against Catholic religion. Or something like that. I like the new song though, even though I don't know what the video is.

My Dad is forcing me to pull down all my posters except for 2. Isn't that a shit hole? That's not fair! This is my room. Who cares if it is his walls, though. Why can't I put posters on my wall if I want? He's so stupid.

I tried ignoring him but I ended up talking. I hate giving in so easily. --It's just my weakness. You know in volleyball the ball came towards me and I tried hitting it, but it hit me in the tit. That HURT.

Michelle's Adult afterthoughts:
Obviously, calling my diary Brittany was a clear sign that I was in need of a FRIEND and that I was SUPER lonely as a child! I love that I thought Madonna was getting her "butt layed." I wonder what that actually is and how it must feel. Maybe someone wants to ask Madonna if she remembers anything about getting her butt layed. And well, for the volleyball reference, I remember being an exceptional volleyball player. However, you have to be willing to take some serious punishment for any sport. What pains I suffered....

...to be continued.

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Posted by Michelle @ 3/11/2006 08:18:00 PM


At 11/3/06 20:42, Anonymous wukin said...

What impressed me is that the name of Madonna still has its aura after 17years!
What does butt layed mean? can anyone please tell me?

At 11/3/06 20:58, Anonymous swooshi said...

hi michelle,

nice to see you posting again.
no pixs? never mind! this journal's great! keep them coming, i love it! and u know wat? i was a volleyball player too when i was i school! i think i was pretty good in it so never got hit in the tits! haha! that was funny! oops...sorry! i'm sure it hurt!

take care!

At 11/3/06 21:02, Anonymous Katy said...

hey I was three year old when that diary entry was written! That was very entertaining though XD .. Too bad we can't see your baby pictures =(

I started to write journal when I was in gr.7, well actually it was gr.5 when I first started ... keeping a diary is very interesting because when you look back you can really tell how much different you are now.

My dad wouldn't allow me to put anything up on the wall either, but I still did.

At 11/3/06 21:44, Blogger chinggai said...


thanks for the journal,much love to you...

p.s, swooshi lol

At 11/3/06 22:39, Blogger chinggai said...


My parents didn't have a problem with me putting stuff on the wall, it's the way I kept my room that they got upset with, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS MESSY I KNOW WHERE EVERYTHING IS...LOL !
But my mom always whooped me if I didn't clean it up,she even made me get the belt or the wooden spoon that shes going to whoop me with,WHAT A TORTURE !

>89< I was in 6th grade(gosh i'm old!) I didn't play any sports at all but I was a CHEERLEADER,hoochi coochi skirts & tight shirts...

Although no pictures it's ok, I enjoyed this journal a lot,thanks!

smooches & embrace

p.s. no diaries for me, I have 3 big bros' and a baby sis that like to snoop !

At 12/3/06 16:04, Anonymous pk said...

hi michelle,
Thanks for sharing. Speaking of Madonna does brings back lots of memories =) I do keep diaries during teenage days, I think I will find my past self stupid and pity if i read them now. I even thought of burning them away before anyone gets to read it!

At 12/3/06 17:13, Blogger not_so_naughty said...

this is so cool! ;)

At 12/3/06 19:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simply hilarious. You should write a book. I'd buy it. Memoir style writings are always a fun read.

At 12/3/06 20:03, Blogger Thuy Phan said...

yay for new entry!

the volleybal thing....ouch!

hmm..i think i'd prefer getting hit in the tit rather than a basketball at my nose.

At 12/3/06 20:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear MK,
Your journal makes me feel you are a true person. You share your feelings with others, with strangers. Some people say, it is easier to express feelings inside with strangers. I was a lonely child. Because I was always by myself, I found (invented) many ways to entertain myself. Believe or not I did "one kid show" when I was 5. I am still a lonely adult. I have been carrying the loneliness all the way through now. Sometimes, I think I become loneliness itself.

logician 8

At 12/3/06 22:03, Anonymous Angela said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for your sharing!
It was fun reading your journal. When my mom visited me from Taiwan in 2004, she brought me the journal I wrote when I was in elementry school. (I was "asked" to write the journal since 3rd grade; and my mom would review and write comments). I noticed that one day (4th grade) I mis-used "men (男人)" instead of "boys(男生)" when describing my classmates in my diary. ha ha!
Look forward to more of your Diary Brittany :)

At 12/3/06 22:40, Blogger Tina said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 12/3/06 23:25, Blogger Tina said...

hi michelle,

I think this is unfair that can't put posters on the wall in own room.
My mom does not allow me to put any posters on the wall either.
She has ripped the star poster which I most loves.
At the time I was angry very much,
but actually I not dare to do to react against my mom.
After several years, I still put posters on the wall. ha ha

It's a pity you lost the picture, but that's all right.
Thanks for sharing your diary, I am so glad to read it.
It's really interesting you named the diary Brittany.
I guess you have many amusing ideas when you were a kid.

take care

At 13/3/06 00:06, Blogger amrayu78 said...

Hi Michelle!
It was nice reading your old diary entry. I was inspired by your work in Saving Face, so I created a blogger account dedicated to you! :-P It's appropriately titled http://ilovemichellekrusiec.blogspot.com

BTW, sorry to hear that your tit got hurt from a volleyball... luckily that didn't stunt it's growth :-P

aka amrayu/amrayu78

At 13/3/06 09:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad to see YOU again on this blog. You are great! Love U more day by day!

At 13/3/06 14:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really want to share with you that I have a wonderful Monday. Just don't know if you go through this often? Sometimes I left my name, sometimes not, just wondering after a while if you can recognize me?

At 13/3/06 16:13, Anonymous diane said...

Hello everybody!
Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts, Michelle!
Loneliness can creep up at the wrongest times, don't let it overcome you. Family and friends are company after all. :)
I didn't keep journals regularly, was just too lazy.
Well I did keep my old photos on my own, the ones from secondary school since then. It's interesting to note the physical changes, from bowl-haircuts to big spectacles and so on.
May I say that getting her butt layered would mean getting her butt spanked, leaving lines of the cane stuck there? Or wearing jailbird underwear, you know the black and white stripes? :P
Just brainstorming, hahaa
Diane, singapore

At 13/3/06 23:14, Blogger escenkay said...

Hey its good to hear from you again. I'm kind of sad to hear we won't be seeing any baby pictures. I guess you can make it up with recent pictures then ;) How is life? Love the diary entry. It's cute how you gave it a name =) Wow 1989... brings back memories. The only thing I can recall from 89 is the first Batman movie. My parents didn't approve of some of my posters I hung up on my wall. I still have one that my parents really hated. "Kiss" by Tanya Chalkin. It's basically a poster of two girls kissing each other. I thought it was pretty guess my parents didn't. The volleyball accident sounds like it hurt. Well you aren't alone anymore so smile k? Looks like another new week. Crazy weather, why the sudden coldness? Anyways take care Michelle ok? Hope to hear you again bye

At 14/3/06 16:28, Blogger Jenny said...

Glad to see your journal. I think my childhood was very happy on my impression.My little aunt often picked me up to visit her friends.ex: gone to her friend's downtown to pick mango and feed the Pig. (smell not so good)
Several photos were taken during 1~2 years old. I can't accept that kid is me till now.
"My head no hair like OSRAM Lamp, and very very shining shining without polish."
Well, above mention is a part of my childhood.


At 15/3/06 02:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi. nice journal entry. hope to hear from you again soon, and hope to see MIT in Asia...

At 16/3/06 08:14, Blogger Shane said...


Dear Michelle,

I am an old friend from Virginia Beach and as far as I can remember your first boyfriend. We went to Rosemont Elementary and Brandon Junior H.S. together. I lost contact with you when you moved. I was just trying to reconnect with alot of old friends so contact me. I am married to a wonderful girl I met playing volleyball, she is from Argentina. We have two boys Dave 4 and Josh 2. Dave looks just like the way I looked in Elementary school. I am glad you are doing so well, ever once and awhile I will be watching
TV and see something you are in and say "Hey, I know her". When you played Ching Chong in Dumber and Dumberer it was like Deja Vu seeing you in a classroom and on the bus, it reminded me of all the crazy things we used to do school.

At 16/3/06 15:50, Anonymous stranger #1 said...

Well...I was surprised that you did post something of your diary! Gosh, I'll never do that...though I didn't keep one. :) "calling my diary Brittany was a clear sign that I was in need of a FRIEND" Ohh...I felt sorry to hear that, but you're pretty cool now, aren't u? Well, in fact, it reminds a little of myself... :)

At 17/3/06 16:13, Blogger Tina said...

hi michelle,

I couldn't take my eyes off those press new photos.
I like those picture so much, first page especially.
Although you have not unfolded smile in the picture,
you look so alluring.
P.S You are a superstar, a best actress in my heart forever.
take care

At 17/3/06 23:53, Anonymous Adrienne said...

hey michelle,

u know what, after reading your post, i felt as if i'm reading a friend's blog or something, which is awesome.

i was 3 years old when you wrote that entry in Brittany. i like to have posters on my walls too. I used to have around 30 posters in my room. i even got one on my parent's room door haha. now that I've moved into the dorms, I bought 2 new posters taken by Tanya Chalkins. they're cool. i never get to see so many nice posters in my home country.

and as for the baby pics, i haven't seen them yet. i'll get my baby pic up there right after this post ;) hehe

i used to play volleyball in school for about 2 years. thankfully i haven't got hit on any sensitive parts before. i hope your tit's doing oke now:p

last but not least, i love the idea of the diary post. keep 'em coming baby!

At 20/3/06 00:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 20/3/06 03:36, Blogger imgod945 said...

reply to: Anonymous said...

try try this site (English to Chinese Traditional)(嘗試這個站點(英語到漢語傳統))


At 20/3/06 04:02, Blogger imgod945 said...

Thanks to Brittany, for faithfully keeping that early part of you and thank you for sharing with us.
When I was younger, I wasn't allowed to keep much on my, or any wall...so I wind up keeping EVERYTHING that I wanted to post up on the wall, and vowed that I will have my own space one day, and post payers and layers of anything and everything I want...in my own special room.
Well, financial reality says that it is not wise to have that 'special room' here in New York city, giving how much it'd cost, so everything is still set aside in their boxes....
Actually, you don't look like the type who will give in easily...
I was not much of a V-ball player, so I have stopped my serious playing after I got my intramural championship in college...never had the ball greet me in places that might cause me unusual pain, but I cant say the same about those damn poles, walls, ref's chair, and even the ground and my teammates. We were all like magnets..and I just happen to be the polar opposite to them all....
Had few girls (alright, female co-workers) who had softballs hitting them in the boobs (pithced to, thrown at and foul-tipped). Even thought I am close friends to some of them, I still can't help them rub or ice the spots... And even though they do have more of a coushion up front compared to you, it still seem awfully painful! Oh, that coushion up front part might be a sensitive topic to some, and I do not want it to come off that way. You have a beautiful pair of...boobs, and I hope you will leave them be, and never consider anything man-made in there...just my thought....

At 20/3/06 17:06, Anonymous miki said...

I think Madonna kick-ass for kissing Britney Spears, but it would be interesting to know what little Britney has to say about that? Probably another "butt layed" for Modonna..haha.Thanks for sharing little you :)

At 21/3/06 06:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi,Dear Michelle...
Thank you for sharing the precious diary to everyone. It's cute. And...you really did a good job in "Saving Face". I was totally crush on your performance, it's so beautiful and touching.The interviews in Taiwan are also wonderful, thanks again.Hope see you soon in Taiwan.^^

Good day~~
Huge fan, Maggie from Taiwan.

At 23/3/06 09:51, Anonymous goldie said...

Hi Michelle,
Have you been to Hong Kong b4? As I see you got a shoot in Dragoni (the pub in central) well, I recgonized their wooden frames...hey, how are you doing? I don't see much of your performance, the one and the only is Saving Face, I think it's not easy for you to do this role as I can see you'r really an out-going person in real life and you are really not afraid to express your feelings to the others, so, I think you did a great job in the movie, but of course, I think you got lots of room to improve, just keep on doing what you like, I'll keep an eye on what you did on the coming days!
You know, when I hear what you say in the ICRT interview, your perspective of being an artist made me think that you got wisdom inside you, to drive you to work on your goal, and I believe you'll get what you want soon...so, what I have to say is - Just follow what you feel like to do, and stay :) happy!

At 24/3/06 15:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha. that is so cute.

At 25/3/06 21:57, Blogger Tina said...

Hi Michelle,
I watched the clip of travelers,
I like Athens, part of restaurant especially.
The roast muttonchop looks delicious, let my stomach growled,
and then owner of restaurant
when he asked you if you want to have a drink of wine,
and you responded readily.
I found out that your reaction was so funny
after you drank the wine(tsiporo),
even though your facial expression looks painful.
I think the part of drink is really interesting.

Tina Lin

At 27/3/06 00:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you did a great job in the movie.And make me starting to face myself...about the work,the feelings,the thoughts
......anyhow thanks a lot.this moment I try my best to make my dream come true.Someday I will be there (L.A)to see your show.See you.How was your weekend?Hope you are happy and safe everyday!
P.S:It's long time not to use English,but I try my best,don't laugh loudly,O.K!

VickyTang from Taiwan

At 27/3/06 08:47, Anonymous Kiwi said...

Hi Michelle~
I'm Kiwi from Taiwan. It's really great to see your messages, and I must say that I like the real you, too. ^_^ so natural.

By the way, are you still working on learning mandarin? I hope it's going well. The other day, I listened to the ICRT program called "Star Lounge" that you were interviewed by Joseph Lin in November, 2005. I don't know if you still remember this? but I do like it very much, and also the Africa Dance in another show, it's fantastic.
oh~ I hope your shoulder is getting better, and you must take care of yourself, OK ~Ciao~

At 31/3/06 03:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello dere! I just wanted to throw some props your way after watching Saving Face. I also read some of your blogs and found that, even a star such as yourself can be as down to earth as any one of us and that is awesome to know =^_^= Keep up the great work!

*stupendously gargantuan bear hugz*

At 20/4/06 01:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for sharing your diary after hour, enable me to go still one step further to understand your idea.
Feel, you are a child who loves illusion oh! !

Let me think of the Beatles' s “yesterday” ,and then, expect you like “yellow “ that listen to most too.

When you are only a child, you try to write something for future oneself.
Perhaps are you 20 years old, perhaps you saying good-bye for the first time, you that perhaps got married on the previous day, in fact that was an unknown talk.

But truly, this very interesting, because that you as a child you talk with future, who can tell us what it is in the future?

If permitted, I propose what you will write next time to give to you for 2046 years, perhaps Wang Jiawei will be interested to know! oh! ?

I wanted to write to with future oneself in the past too, however, I was not sure the characters of those private and dense and vernacular, can meet accident to write out while facing the 35th birthday, WEI in the " saving face " film, then bear your bravery under the tears lived in patiently, it is I that always and may not have in the future.

If you write to begin one day, wish you 31 bravery of years old, let one every year after the years old from then on, turn into a most beautiful year.

I think this seems to be prologue of a good drama …oh….

Hope you can understand what I say,because my english is so poor!!Sorry!!

Keep going,and take care


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