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"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

Hello April fools!
Sunday, April 02, 2006

Okay, so I have to admit, I was thrown for a loop and I don't know if this is temporary or not but what the hell... Hi Lynn fans! Surprise surprise!

So, I just came back from a kickass time at ITASA at U of I and I gotta hand it to those guys - you know how to throw a Barn Dance! And that hay ride, it was spectacularly - circular. HA! Stay tuned for incriminating pictures....

I had a great time getting to know everyone. A big shout out to my Taiwanese brothas and sistas who partied with me. I can't wait to see what you guys do next...until then, zai jian and keep the fires burnin.

Remember, you are truly GREAT.



ITASA barndance

Speakers include from left to right: Karen Lin Producer, Will Tiao Producer/Actor, Michelle Krusiec Actor, HoChie Tsai ITASA founder, Wesley Du Writer/Actor.

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Posted by Michelle @ 4/02/2006 12:27:00 AM


At 2/4/06 01:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey !! wow this is great , this is from s'pore , another new fan...so enjoy SF , enjoy it so much and was glad to click into both your blogs...happend to be on april fool day!ya..click and flip n enjoy. everyone is shouting....mixed .. ha ha so interesting n so interactive , zoe great! have a goood rest mk ..more from you. looks so different from the movie , but its u...cheers

At 2/4/06 01:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like zoe managed to fix the blogs back. Hehehe. An April Fools that backfired.
Seems like you are busy these days, in San Francisco not too long ago, and now back from Illnois?
I find your work so inspirational that I've created a blog dedicated to you also. I hope you're able to visit it someday... My Saving Face 2 script.
I'd faint and die if you dropped by.

At 2/4/06 01:51, Anonymous goldie said...

happy April fool to you 2!!!
where is lynn...?:)

At 2/4/06 03:15, Anonymous medhhy said...

lynn's back to her own fan blog. it was really fun and confusing. good job christy and zoe!

At 2/4/06 03:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya! great first time wow! bingo got..MK...can't wait to read and see more of U .you got so many ppl..appreciating and admiring your multi talents..never have enough of wil.. so natural,humorous , in a subtle way ..your hau yi is better than mine . d'nt know u heard some of our singlish/cinglish ,u only learnt in such short times..do tell us more funny stories in the filming , how you prepare urself for the role...

Like the name MIT,n curious ..will it goes tv..dvd?i read somwhere

your fotos looks so gorgeous ,very soft and lady so differ from wil.simple , but good too

n hi there n zoe happy for u 2, lc

At 2/4/06 06:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe, i like that trick, when the 2 blogs got mixed up (or is it a trick or just an 'incident')... anyway, back to normal i guess.

At 2/4/06 08:34, Anonymous VK said...

I'm so glad to see your messages.Just let you know I'll support you anytime.If you need,i'll always be here.Trust me!

At 2/4/06 08:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Michelle..
It's great to see you again. Sounds you got a great YEE-HAW time with families, cool!! Can't wait to see these fantastic pictures....

Happy weekend!
Maggie ^^

At 2/4/06 15:43, Anonymous Katy said...

I bet you did a kick ass speech too .. and all of your fans wish they were there hahah =D ... looking forward to your next speech :)

At 2/4/06 19:02, Blogger Jon said...

Holler homegirl. Thanks again for everything. Hopefully your flight was speedy.

Yay for fire hydrants?

heart heart.

At 2/4/06 23:14, Blogger not_so_naughty said...

so refreshing to check on this blog, especially with a new post from MK ;)

At 3/4/06 07:36, Anonymous Adrienne said...

howdy Michelle,

Happy April Fool's day, well kinda belated hehe. i'm kinda lost with the michelle-lynn blog thing. *waiting impatiently for the new pics* :p

At 3/4/06 21:43, Anonymous Angela said...

Hi Michelle,
Sounds you had great time and fun there! Share with us more whenver you have the chance :)

At 5/4/06 06:00, Anonymous Steve from NY said...

Hey Michelle,

Steve from NY here (hoping she remembers). It was nice meeting you this past weekend at Midwest ITASA. Just for the record, yes Michelle gave a kickass speech, ran an awesome workshop, and is a great dancer too! You told me to contact your manager, but I thought I'd say hi here first. Let me know when you're in NY. Keep in touch alright?

- Steve

At 5/4/06 07:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo! michelle,
so indeed u are having great partying now....anyone care to tell us wat the speech huh?

thks to "D" i got to see your "hua yi" taiwan interview ha! ha! "yi ge ji zhi...taiwan dialet" ha ha
n d octopus eating,i seen only in japanese tv programme erh grr.. but may try ;) u bargains too ha ha so funny your expressions.

can u tell me..the part with ma, the reveal..tears well up so naturally and easily ( i think that real) is it?

can u tell me..would "made in Taiwan" be exported to s'pore too after HK..

n thanks to your Istanbul clips here..was surprised , b4 getting here was reading turkey, after seeing i think i go istanbul kabab..bellydancing, ... ha ha u tried already...so exotical as my first middle visit. thank zoe too .

enjoy both ,u and lynn interview on "SF" frank , open , uninhibited.
think u are fun loving, warmth ,deep in your work...read
ur chinese name ,is good ...there an 8 in d name.

glad to be here in ApRil..ha ha in the loop..oops , c above my first posting... :)

cheers , keep us in touch always..
lc, s'pore

At 5/4/06 20:21, Blogger YooNekjewelryandthings said...

I love your movie "Saving Face". This movie will be my number 1 DVD.
I admire you the most. For one reason you gave us hope, understanding, freedom. With this movie you gave others to achieve goals that they can't not achieve.
You also open the door for so many not only for the chinese american but another asian american. Without you on the big screen. There no hope. Now that you gave us hope. I hope and courage another asian american actress and actors to go and audition for movies and tv show. If not create our own Asian American tv channel. I just want to thank you for give all of us opporunity. I hope to see you again on the big screen.

CEO/Jewelry Designer
Yoo Nek Jewelry and Things

At 5/4/06 20:28, Blogger YooNekjewelryandthings said...


I forgot to say is. I think you are the most interesting, sexy, sweet, funny actress that hit the big screen. You got great talent that been discover. And also you such a mulitask person. I hope that you have the opporunity to make more movies and many another things you do. Big supporter drop me aline and I support you.


At 5/4/06 20:31, Blogger YooNekjewelryandthings said...

Hey! Michelle,

If you ever in the Bay Area. I love to design jewelry for you. You got such a beautiful neck line.
You deserve the best out of life. Work hard, play nicely and have fun.

P.S. It would be funny if your next film take you into chinese cooking competitions. I think you would be great at the wok.

At 6/4/06 03:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww...cowboy Michelle. That jacket looks very posh. :-P

At 6/4/06 09:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a nice picture! & thanks for sharing!


At 6/4/06 19:26, Anonymous Miki said...

I am glad you had a blast at ITASA!
I can't wait to see more photos and movie clips(if there's any) from the event!

Keep rocking!

"jia you!"

At 6/4/06 22:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi hi Michelle,

back again....
it is interesting to read your personal words , and seeing your pics...its like we the fan here is apart of...instead of a p a r t.....d guys all look very young .. are they film producer too ? there is shouting of your bf ..is he among them ?
;) waits for your not too long reply...
i get to c 3times yesterday ..hmm.... "SF" still left me with deep everlasting impressions of ur superb acting and the commical/warmth part of the story...hope Alice wu read this too.
have great time..u cheers lc

At 16/4/06 00:54, Blogger ChuMzchoOnG said...

ermm...just drop by to say hi...anyway, take good care and more rest even with a busy times...hope to hear from ya soon, Michelle!

At 2/5/06 01:42, Blogger wen said...

hihi michelle,my name is wen who from taiwan. i am your new fans since i saw the movie saving face yesterdy,and seriously almost have a crush on u....i mean almost almost :)

At 6/5/06 00:01, Anonymous cler said...


i bet you could sell that hat for some good $$$ on this site!!

mucho love to u.


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