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"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

Online Chat with Michelle & Lynn
Saturday, April 15, 2006

Michelle & Lynn將於L.A.時間2006/05/05(五) 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.、台灣時間2006/05/06(六)9 a.m. - 10 a.m.,舉辦一場online chat,其它國家的fans請自行換算時間,並請自行注意是否有日光節約時差之問題。

2.全程由Michelle & Lynn決定發問權
5.請勿於聊天過程中send悄悄話給Michelle or Lynn

P.S Michelle跟Lynn會同時參與這次聊天,不像上次只有Michelle一人,我不敢想像會有多亂,但請大家潔身自愛...如有違反上面規定者,管理員及助理管理員皆有權將你踢出聊天室。

There will be an online chat with Michelle & Lynn on 2006/05/05 Fri 6 p.m. - 7 p.m. (L.A's time) --- 2006/05/06 Sat 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. (Taiwan's time),Fans living in other countries please convert the time by yourself.

The duration of the activity is one hour. Please follow these rules:
1. Please use English during the chat session, and prepare your questions beforehand.
2. Michelle & Lynn decide which question they want to answer.
3. Due to time condition, each person can have one question for either Michelle and/or Lynn. Only if we have spare time.....
4. If you want to send messages to your friend during the chat, plase use "whisper" function.
5. Please do not send private messages to Michelle or Lynn during the chat session.
6. Impolite behavior, words, and questions are prohibited.
7. The chat room will be opened -- 10 minutes before the chatting time.
8. Due to the space of the chat room, only 50 lucky fans can attend this activity.

P.S- This time Michelle & Lynn are attending this activity with us. If anyone breaks any rule, chat room manager and asst-manager have the authority to kick you out of the chat room.

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Posted by zoe @ 4/15/2006 12:36:00 AM


At 15/4/06 09:19, Blogger Jenny said...

I am so exicting exciting....
It's really a Big news, chat with Lynn and MK.

At 15/4/06 12:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so, where's this chat session going to be?

At 15/4/06 17:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi zoe, wow thax for the news.very interesting...been reading d chat room..how do i get there ? or could someone guide me.

thanks ,lc

At 15/4/06 21:47, Anonymous zoe said...

Hey guys...I haven't decided yet,could you plz wait for a while

At 15/4/06 22:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay! i'm excited. yeah, where will the chat session be? wanna make sure that i make it...

At 15/4/06 22:28, Anonymous Katy said...

Hahaha .. I can't imagine how hectic this will be! But fans are overwhelemd with joy ... =D

At 17/4/06 05:10, Anonymous diane said...

Yeah, can't wait for double the dose of fun!
Cheers, diane

At 17/4/06 08:36, Anonymous Adrienne said...


i didn't like the idea of limiting the number of people in the chatroom. i'm staying at the dorms during school days and i've tried accessing the msn chatroom using my dorm's line but it just won't work. perhaps it has been blocked :( but i don't wanna miss out on the chat :(

At 17/4/06 10:07, Anonymous Miki said...

I can't wait for this!!! Thank you Michelle, Lynn and Zoe!!!

At 18/4/06 22:05, Blogger not_so_naughty said...

something to look forward to! ;) oh heart, only 50 persons allowed online........

At 19/4/06 02:31, Blogger maicatok said...

How do I join the chat? I tried joining Michelle's club but I haven't heard from the moderator yet.

Goodness, I badly wish I'd make it to the 50 lucky fans! I'm absolutely crazy about you, Lynn and Saving Face. I hope Sony would consider screening the film here in the Philippines, I'm sure many woudl love it as much as I do.

Great acting, Michelle! You were so convincing , you really looked different in the film. I never thought you're so glamorous and funny.


At 19/4/06 05:11, Blogger Luz Maria Yoshiura said...

One thing about the chat, hope there is room for mistakes. I mean, man, if I stumble on a thought or mess up a sentence, I definitely would be red faced. But its so great that the chat event is on. Hey Michelle, help fill in the spaces, ok?

At 28/4/06 19:19, Blogger Yoonekjewelryandthings said...


You did a beautiful job on design Michelle Krusiec website. Do you design for another people. I am a jewelry designer looking for someone to design my website. Is there a contact info where I can reach you. yoonekjewelryandthings@yahoo.com Thanks...Stacey

At 28/4/06 23:52, Blogger tammy said...

where is that chat room will be

At 29/4/06 00:58, Anonymous zoe said...

Hi yoonekjewelryandthings,

Thanks for having faith on me, however, I am not up to professional level yet. I suggest you try to look for some more candidates, you may find more qualified professional to design it for you.


At 30/4/06 21:40, Blogger Rick said...

O my gosh.... i watched Saving Face this past weekend and both michelle and lynn were amazing. the movie was such an incredibly clever representation of the Asian American culture that i watched the movie 3 times. I will look forward to talk to either one of them in spite of it being in the middle of my finals week. Go Trojans!

At 4/5/06 10:34, Anonymous cler said...

i can't waiiiiiiit.

At 4/5/06 16:38, Blogger stella said...

Hi Zoe,

Can you please open up registration? I found out about Michelle & Lynn's online chat 2 weeks ago, but did not realize I had to be a registered member. Please please, can you allow me to register to join the chat?


At 4/5/06 17:44, Blogger zoe said...

sorry, I can't..
It has been over the number of people.
If I open up the registration again,Michelle and Lynn will be probably blocked out of chat room tomorrow.

At 4/5/06 19:59, Blogger stella said...

aww.. okay, i understand zoe. will you be posting the online chat with michelle and lynn on this site later? would love to see it since i'll miss it. hi michelle and lynn, you guys did a phenomenal job on "saving face"! wish you guys the best and hope you will make more appearances online to chat with your fans!

-stella :)

At 4/5/06 20:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi zoe, the login is ok.

At 5/5/06 02:30, Blogger DarknessFish said...


contact me, ahyu1984@gmail.com
I may help you on the chat :P

At 5/5/06 12:47, Blogger stella said...

hi darknessfish,

i just sent you an email and will be checking my box through the afternoon to see if i hear back. thanks for responding - it brought a smile to my face. :)


At 5/5/06 17:46, Anonymous th said...

Hi, i've registered before and i hv logged in to the chat room successfully before, but i cannot log in anymore..and there's 17min left? what m i supposed to do now?

At 5/5/06 17:58, Anonymous jay said...

having limits to the chat room is really not the way to go.
how about holding the next chat in mIRC or something? and create a saving-face channel for it. its way more convenient.

At 5/5/06 18:02, Blogger hello chris said...

why not

At 5/5/06 18:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi i just want to know how i can see the chat just see the q and answers.

At 5/5/06 18:17, Anonymous tammy06 said...

i just log in for 10 min and can not log in anymore??

At 5/5/06 18:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

me too was in the chatroom but everything seems to freeze/hung at 9 am. Now I can't logged in. Why?

At 5/5/06 18:28, Anonymous tammy06 said...

seems when you want to relog in, it forward to MK website

At 5/5/06 19:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

me too,chat room freeze....can't logged in ...

At 5/5/06 19:06, Anonymous 來自Taiwan的Cloudie said...

Hello! 大家好

請問有人有今天Michelle &Lynn在


My E-mail: cloudiekr@gmail.com

At 5/5/06 19:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey !tammy06

ya !thought something wrong with my notebook... now i see u guys too.
think room been filled ... cheers and be happy anyway.. we can try next time .

hi zoe.. appreciate if u could help to post some of the q & answers .. thanx


At 6/5/06 01:58, Blogger stella said...

hi zoe,

since the chat will be rescheduled, is it possible for my friend and i to register so we will be able to join the chat with michelle & lynn on the 19th? please let me know when you get the chance.

email: swtasnbell@yahoo.com

-stella :)


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