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an apology letter (a fan from china)
Wednesday, May 10, 2006







2006-5-10 海晶

Dear Michelle's fans:

First of all, I would like to apologize to everyone who was participated in the online chatting event (May 6, 2006). I changed everyone's password and e-mail a day before the event. This caused most people couldn't login successfully and damaged the server at the same time.

This is how it happened… Few days before the chatting event, I tried to find out the location of the chat room, but I couldn't find it. However, one day when I was searching on the internet, I found this chat room accidentally. But the chat room stopped the register already, So I had to figure out a way to hack into the system and log in as the administrator and change the database of those who has already registered. This would allow me to login to the chat without running into any risk of being kicked out.

After hearing this, I bet most of you will have animosity toward me. However, all of you have reasons to hate me, and I hate myself for doing this immature action. I used a selfish way to accomplish my plan, but I never thought about that I might ruin this chatting event (which I did). I think no matter how much time I apologize to everyone about my action, I couldn't do anything to recover my guilt and mistake.

After all, I would like to state one last thing…Zoe didn't make any mistake… It was ME. Zoe doesn't have to take any responsibility, it was my fault.

Dear Michelle and Lynn:

I've never thought about that the first word I said to you is "Sorry". I don't expect you to forgive me, but please believe me that I don't have any malice. I hope, if someday I ask for a signature, please don't ignore me.


Honestly, I was so mad when I heard about her selfish action. Because of her, everyone not only lost their privacies, but also expectancy and hard work. Maybe her action was not the main reason that caused the server crashing down, but she downloaded the software and broke into the manager account without permission was unforgivable. To be honest, I felt very tired and stressful while preparing this chatting activity the past two weeks. I think this might be the last time to hold this kind of activity… However, let's seize the last chance for this chatting event.

by the way, a big thanks to epip..I appreciate everything you did


The next online chat event schedule:
Time: May 19th, 4 p.m. (L.A Time)--May 20th, 7 a.m. (Taiwan Time)
Place: http://groups.msn.com/Fansgroup (everyone has to register first)


Posted by zoe @ 5/10/2006 10:05:00 AM


At 10/5/06 10:40, Anonymous swooshi said...

zoe, we know u've been very depressed over the incident but don't let something like this dampen your spirits. if not for your passion, we wouldn't be able to read so much news on michelle. u've been doing an excellent job maintaining this blog for michelle as well as all her fans and your efforts are appreciate. don't give up your passion, ok?

what that fan did is indeed quite shocking but now that the truth is out, i say we forgive and forget, put it behind us and press on with the next online chat...but let's do it in a more orderly manner this time round.

michelle and lynn, now u know how crazy your fans can be huh? : )

At 10/5/06 11:03, Anonymous zoe said...

I've already forgiven her,cus she has the courage to apologize to everyone.:)

At 10/5/06 11:05, Anonymous hkonger said...

Zoe, from the bottom with all my heart, thank you very much for working online chat. Though it was crashed by a crazy and smart(computer knowlege)fan. Well, you are the top fan. i'm lovin'it! Michelle and Lynn give U a big big big kiss and hug. You manage the blog is good and that is my soul of chicken soup. I love Michelle , Lynn ,SF fans and YOU !Wow,wow, wow.

At 10/5/06 11:15, Blogger huiyi said...

hey zoe, I was shocked to see wat actually happened..we all know that you are stressed out doing all these things for us, dun give up k, u are a already nice enough to organise all these stuff..no matter what, we just gota cherish this chat session for now..thank you for all the hard work..will be looking forward to it...

At 10/5/06 11:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hang in there zoe - computer geeks are nice folks - just have to learn not to do things without permission. thank you for all your hard work - please continue - we love all that you do - and love Michelle & Lynn tremendously

At 10/5/06 11:45, Anonymous wahaha (@@) said...

Wow~ I'm So So astonished by this Hacker-Chatting-Room incident. Never think of fans could be that carzy and passion.I only saw that happened on TV news or newspaper.

Yeah...just like what swooshi said let's "forgive and forget".We all may make mistakes in our life,right?

Zoe, thank you ~thank you~ thank
you with all my heart!love you so much!

By the way,SF Fans are not only passionate but also " smart" -this may make Michelle and Lynn smile!

At 10/5/06 11:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hang in there zoe - computer geeks are nice folks - just have to learn not to do things without permission. thank you for all your hard work - please continue - we love all that you do - and love Michelle & Lynn tremendously

At 10/5/06 14:54, Blogger screwball_five said...

no malice intended? i'm sorry, but what else do you call that!

ugh. apology accepted, but can i just say, that was really crazy!

At 10/5/06 15:02, Blogger screwball_five said...

hey ms computer geek don't boot me out of the chat room eh! ;)

At 10/5/06 16:57, Anonymous goldie said...


you really shock me when I hear that. so, is this a conspiracy theroy...?
I think it's good to know that zoe forgive you...she's the one who did everything for us.

well, I hope you won't hack the other people's website/chatroom anymore, and that sorry is really from your heart.

wish you feel how we feel on that day. I guess Fans of Lynn & Michelle are always so generous and will forgive what you did for sure!

anyways, be a good girl! :) okay?


At 10/5/06 19:04, Anonymous sunshower said...

To the one who hacked the chatroom (who must have a name but I don't know what it is beacuse I can't read Chinese),

It must have been hard for you to come out and admit what you did, so thank you. Coming out gave Zoe due credit for all her hard work and somehow hauled Zoe from emotional distress. Same goes for me and other fans out there--I almost went crazy after failing to log in, when I've been trying to sign in 30 minutes before the chat. If you were in our shoes, you'd be as mad and disappointed as we were.

You must hate hearing us saying what you did is wrong, but I hope you know that it's natural, it's a consequence of your action. You must be really good in IT and you love Michelle and Lynn so must to be able to do something like this. But you have to understand that everyone here loves Michelle and Lynn like you do. It's not about who loves them more than anyone, we're all EQUAL here. We don't have to compete with each other, instead, we must work together to help Michelle and Lynn make it big in showbiz.

Trust is too big a virtue to be taken for granted. But thank you for admitting what you did. Really.

Maybe you can use you prowess in computer programming by helping out in the next chat sessions. You can set up the chatroom, but hopefully no more hacking. :)

A big thanks goes to Zoe for her work. Kudos Zoe!

Take care everyone. :)

At 10/5/06 19:11, Anonymous lc said...

hi hi ,
zoe, thanks again and really very glad to know and to hear you again.

shall we all just be happy again for the coming chat... wow hip hip hurray..bravo...rejoice! rejoice!..cheers cheers ! smiles ..smiles ...fun funs.. meet again...

ya ya ya! smiling , so happy ,lc

At 10/5/06 20:38, Anonymous swooshi said...

zoe, nice to have u back.

dear 海晶
i have the same thoughts as sunshower, please put your talent to good use to help the people you support. maybe now u can help lighten some of zoe's work!

and thanks to you, now some of us got to get up as early as 6am for the next chat! aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

At 10/5/06 21:02, Blogger dodo said...

DEAR zoe,很謝謝您的辛苦了....

At 10/5/06 22:42, Blogger huiyi said...

wah...gotta wake up at 6am and get to my office before 7am to use the PC for the chat oh no...I am all alone in the office...but for the sake of the chat!! AArgghhh...gotta stay awake...

At 10/5/06 22:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the person who wrote the letter should also send the letter to lynn's blog/fan site (Not just re-posting the letter).

Lynn's fans deserve an apology, too.

At 10/5/06 23:20, Anonymous wahaha said...

Dear 海晶:
I agree with the anonymous above!! You had better posted a letter in lynn's blog/fan site,too. They might want to know the truth.
Dont't worry ,I've forgiven you!!!!

Oh.... now I gotta get up before 7am..could someone wake me up..??? ^^

At 10/5/06 23:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am shock by this person's selfish act.

At 11/5/06 06:45, Blogger jazpersc said...

It's a new day & looking forward to the new chat time. Have a Blessed Day Zoe, Michelle, Lynn

At 11/5/06 09:22, Anonymous surrealnice said...

Zoe乖~ 辛苦你了... /___\

At 11/5/06 19:19, Anonymous yoonekj said...

Dear Zoe,
First of all you deserve a path on the back and some sort of award. It not your fault and don't blame yourself. Life sometimes throw us a curve ball. We grab it and learn from it and move on. Second you are Michelle and Lynn number #1 fan. Without you it would be hard to keep track what going on with Michelle and Lynn. Third thank you for developing this website for us. We all appreciate it. All that hard work and dedication truly deserve a path on the back. Fourth, I am glad the person confess about hacking into the online chat. It wrong, it not truly showing respect and it cause a lot of people disppointment and misunderstanding. I am glad that person come forward and apologize to Michelle's and Lynn's fan and Zoe. It was brave and honest. I respect that person more. Honestly and respect is a tough thing to do. I am glad that person confess. He or she did. Fifth Zoe you are so lucky to communicate to both Michelle and Lynn. Both of them truly respect and understand you as a fan and as a person.

Michelle and Lynn. Thank you for giving us the opporunity to know you both as actress and indivdual person. It rare that fan like us get to know our favorite movie star in a deep and personal level.
I know both of you have crazy life, audition, party etc. I am glad both of you took time off to chat with your fans. Both of you need a path at the back.

Michelle and Lynn also thank you. I know showbiz industry is tougher on Asian American actor/actress. I am glad you are sticking to your gun and working your ass off to be in the movies and tv. I hope someday there will be more opporunity for asian american actor/actress to be on tv or big screen. More opporunity and less rejection. I want to wish you both good luck and work hard. You both have a good heart and strong mind. And the will power to overcome diversity on tv and big screen.

Whoever read this. Please support your Asian American actor/actress by going to their movies, watch their tv show etc...write to your local newspaper, favorite magazine, tv show, or even Ophra j/k...or even writing a movie script that portait asian american.
Support both Michelle and Lynn and all the asian american actors/actress. Thanks.

At 11/5/06 23:53, Blogger Jenny said...

Dear Zoe
Thanks for all of your efforts to Michelle, Lynn and their fans. I am glad to meet all of you guys and feel your passion that is a wonderful and exciting experience. You spent many time to work hard on Michelle's bolg, update the lately news, msn fans groud ,arrange online chat...so on.... I thought it's all your efforts to organize Fans' passion to cheer up both of them. Fans came from Taiwan, Singapore. Malarsiya, Chain and US, .so on (I apologized in advance if I ignore others ). I don't know how to express my pleasure to you. Maybe there were many unhappy and difficult issues, but I still believed they would be passed. "Everything would be better and better."

Dear Michelle and Lynn.
Both of you are so kildly to reschedule next online chat and shared so many interesting topics with us. Hopefully, Both of you would be the best acrtesses to do the more and more performances. Not only in US, also in Asia.

TW fans/ Jenny

At 12/5/06 09:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hello, I am HaiJing, thanks can forgive friend of mine, all people's advice all every single word or phrase places in my heart, I cannot again make the similar mistake, you may feel relieved! Forgives friend of mine to be possible to add me for good friend xhj8246@hotmail.Com. Hoped ZOE can
again arrange time to chat the activity, I guaranteed only is the observer.
Moreover, michelle and lynn had not always said that, should not plan forgave me, everybody, helped to speak sentence speech!

At 14/5/06 03:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone can help me?

i've been accepted as member for the fans clubm but my status is still labeled as visitor after logging in.

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