Michelle Krusiec

"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

Cyber chat record
Friday, May 19, 2006

jenny_shih1975 : "If you are approached by Ang Lee to be in his new movie, but the only requirement is to converse in mandarin in the movie, would you accept the role?"
Michelle-Krusiec : Jennyshih, Miche says YES. NO PROBLEM. Lynn: Ummm....if I got some lessons. Yes. Yes. Yes

cocolee2004 : i have Q
Michelle-Krusiec : cocolee go with your q

punk : there r a 1000 qns on my mind,only 1 is allowed in this chatonline.A million songs can b written just 4 u,2 express hw i really feel.Tho u r married 2 some1 else,the future is pretty hard to tell,So ans my qn,show me a sign,wat m i supposed 2 make u mine?
punk : this qn is for lynn.....
Michelle-Krusiec : lynn: i'm happily married and plan to be for a long time

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Posted by zoe @ 5/19/2006 08:14:00 PM


At 19/5/06 20:34, Blogger Tina said...

ZOE 辛苦妳啦^^

At 19/5/06 21:33, Blogger ygao said...

good job, ZOE. all fans will love you. thanks. ( )
so nice to hear news from Michelle and Lynn ^_*

At 19/5/06 23:14, Blogger Jenny said...

zoe thanks a lot for arrangimg online chat. It's reaaly so funny and knew how many people love SF, Michelle and Lynn.

Big hug

At 19/5/06 23:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The action of chat online was very good that got some solution about Michelle and Lynn.nice job,zoe.You do very well.Thank you!

At 19/5/06 23:56, Anonymous lc said...

thank u zoe,

for putting up the files so instantly.. u are just fantastic..so resposible,supportives..great to read all the neat layout...it was hard trying to read thru all the many layers of inputs..its just so wow!!crazy ! at the chat..exciting ,very orderly , everyone get to have a piece of saying..Michelle & Lynn enjoy so much too

really enjoy it very much,
so fun and such thrilled experience .A real successfull event thru your hardwork and time spent on this....applause for U!!

again Thanks Michelle & Lynn ,hope to meet again :)

welcome two of you to singapore one of these day...we all might meet.Never know, things does happen most of the time. cheers

lc (wx7)

At 20/5/06 01:36, Anonymous aki said...

There are many great dim sum restaurants in Taipei too.
I am gonna get a table for you two
when u visit Taiwan.

dear zoe:thx for everything that u do for us.

love u guys

At 20/5/06 09:35, Anonymous say88soso said...

This's my first time join the online chat and also last time....
I was so happy....
Thanks Zoe、 Michelle & Lynn


At 20/5/06 09:37, Anonymous Kiwi said...

Wow~ what a great song "The Promise" is. Thank you, MK!! I am so touched by the rhythm and also the lyrics.

At 20/5/06 10:28, Anonymous zoe said...

say88soso 快別這麼說...

At 20/5/06 10:49, Anonymous wahaha said...

Before going to bed....I have give a "SPECIAL THANK" to you.
Today is the first time in my life to chat with movie stars..(ha~maybe the last time). It's really crazy to me! Unbelievable~~

gee..the magic power of Saving Face is incredible!

Alice Wu is amazing!

Thx a lot A big thank to michelle and lynn.as well.

At 20/5/06 11:41, Anonymous say88soso said...

HA HA..Zoe...妳的搞笑也都蠻好笑滴...有達到效果喔...

At 20/5/06 18:47, Anonymous JC said...

Zoo, thanks for your efforts and organizing this event. Michelle, Lynn and us are very lucky to have such a friend like you.

At 20/5/06 19:12, Anonymous TW said...

Firstful, when i heard there will be a live chat again, i was excited and looked forward for that day. But when i log in at 3:52 and said chatroom was full already. As i know there were only less than half fans were able to chat with MK and LC. It is kind of dissapointed. Well, the chat last for only an hour and it was the same people keep asking, asking...(still happy for them), but i can tell there were a lot of other knocked out fans that looked forward this day to come, seat and waited desperately. I've read the conversation, MK and LC didn't answer that much and some of them are kinda bullshit (sorry to say this "word"). I know we all LOVE them, but still give us a chance at least to say hi to them. It was funny like some people set alarm to get up early and take a half day off from work just for this online chat but all they got is knock out. Although, there is disapointment, Zoe thanks a lot for arrangimg online chat. Hope next time we can get the chance.
Sorry if my words made poeple upset, just telling how i feel.


At 20/5/06 22:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear TW, can you tell me,pls?
where do you come from?

At 21/5/06 07:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

哈..TW阿~~我就是有轉鬧鐘阿~網路也比你快~我還掛在聊天室裡咧..擠不進來聊天室只能算你賽~ 噗

At 21/5/06 07:22, Anonymous goldie said...

Hi TW,
don't get upset...let's ask zoe to organize a private chat for you with Michelle and Lynn.

Thank you Zoe, for giving us a wonderful morning - bullshitting with Lynn and Michelle. I really want to quote what MK said:
> you'r amazing <

At 21/5/06 07:52, Anonymous TW said...

to anonymous

i'm from canada so at my time at that night is 18:50. 擠不進來聊天室 is not cause i'm 賽(haha). i'm wondering how many that chatroom fit 'cause i keep seeing the same people. The bad is not the alarm, is i took a half day off from work. ^OO^ (very funny of you hahaha). i think i'm the only one from canada??

At 21/5/06 07:56, Anonymous Tammy W said...

to goldie

thx. maybe is just not my chance yet. i never have such a luck. last time got in but the chatroom crashed and this time got knocked out. is just not my day.
I really really like them. i've watch Saving face for over 30 times. can you imagine?

Tammy W

At 21/5/06 08:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi TW,應不是只有你是加拿大吧..另外很多國家也有MK和LC迷丫...若你有個問題想問她們..可留言或者e-mail給LC..你看sf已30次了..我想不只你...應有更多人比你還要多次..可能40..50次...哈..

At 21/5/06 19:20, Anonymous lc said...

hi Tammy,
think i remember u at the first testing. just to say hi and so sorry that u did not get in..can understand (but who knows there might a next time..i did not expect to chat with two of them the first time i came to their blog, chinese say "yuen" maybe...)

Just to share my personal views..the chat was casual,open, healthy expressive sharing....
TO me , both Michelle and Lynn had tried to answer as many as they can in a very open, frank,down to earth tone ..sharing their interests,feelings, works, concern,plans,ambition, some admits..their free time, foods,what they do , up and down time....yet diplomaticaly, for me i gets alots out of this chat from them.
I admire Michelle fire drive and her ambitions...multi facet acting..social skills her outspokeness... her insights in her professions...
Lynn talents in her music,love,family and natural acting ......
Not all spoke.. some maybe just want to observe...but it was definitely definitely great, gets alot, real fun.

just my sharing to U... my warmest regards to u..hope to see u around..cheers lc

At 21/5/06 21:54, Anonymous goldie said...

Hi Tammy,
I can't imagine that you've watched 30 times and you still can count...the times, well, I try not to see the movie too much cos' I don't want to ruin my first impression of watching this movie.

Afterall, saving face is like a milestone of portraiting the relationship between chinese mom and daughter, the way of how they show their love and the struggle of being a lesbian/ a daughter/Chinese... ... why I like the movie is becos it hits two points of the above in my life.hahaha, anyways, it's okay Tammy, maybe there will be another chat coming soon...who knows what happen in the future? cheer up!

At 22/5/06 07:24, Blogger jazpersc said...

Hi Michelle, I understand your disappointment - I was signed in to this chat & my pc crashed so I wasn't able to get back in. Oh well, Zoe such a sweetheart got the whole think out online quick. Hopefully someday maybe I will be able to chat with both of them - in the meantime hang in there - Michelle & Lynn are still super for taking the time to take to all of us.

At 22/5/06 07:26, Blogger jazpersc said...

Hi goldie - just curious what 2 points if you don't mind me asking?

At 22/5/06 08:09, Anonymous Tammy W said...

to ic and goldie
thx. eventually i'm looking forward for the next chat (if they have). so ... thx. it really cheer me up. ^OO^
and ic, i remember you too.


At 22/5/06 10:01, Anonymous Miki said...

Tracy Chapman's The Promise is really a beautiful song...love it.
thanks Michelle, again, for having such a good taste! :D
(p.s. big thank to not-so-naughty for forwarding this song to me.)

I can't wait to see your works on TV and film. Too bad you are not gonna do the one man show in LA again, but I hope I can see you in person one day.


p.s. thanks you zoe, as always!

At 22/5/06 10:46, Anonymous goldie said...


actually, is like... ... all of them. So, this movie drive me nuts(hahaha)!

At 22/5/06 17:17, Anonymous lc said...

hey tammy,

yeah great huh!! u are just dat cheerly :) .. great u gooda good memory..that is also "yuen" to meet u so early that morning..so see we are all one same great fan ...

cheers and be happy keeps us pretty.. ha ha ha
have a g o o da dae U!

At 4/7/06 16:57, Anonymous Vivian Nguyen said...

Michelle, you are my favorite Asian American actress. Keep up the good work. Best wishes to you and your successful acting career.

From: your fan, Vivian Nguyen

At 24/1/07 21:13, Anonymous wowgold said...

wow gold


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