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"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

Hey Everyone
Friday, May 05, 2006

It seems my trusty web server is not so trusty. My sincerest apologies. I think it was Lynn's fault that the server crashed. It must have been all of her eager fans!

Anyhow, thanks for trying to contact us as we are both so happy to have your constant support. Should we try and reschedule? Let us know.



Posted by Michelle @ 5/05/2006 07:12:00 PM


At 5/5/06 19:25, Blogger screwball_five said...

yeah please do.

right, lynn kind of jinxed it. things were going well in the chat room until she logged on. LOL.

Love yah lynn, michelle.

At 5/5/06 19:27, Blogger maicatok said...

Haha, I see how Lynn jinxed the chatroom as a compliment!

Please, reschedule. A lot of eager fans have been wanting to have a word with you both.

It was fun chatting on the shoutbox though. Take care!

Oh, and Zoe, our sincerest thanks. :)

At 5/5/06 19:29, Anonymous goldie said...

your web is still very trusty!
cheers! have a nice dinner!


At 5/5/06 19:30, Anonymous JC said...

definitely, definitely, definitely(not maybe definitely :-P)we should reschedule the date, and I can wait until the server problem has been solved.

Thanks, Michelle and Lynn

At 5/5/06 19:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michelle, I hope you can reschedule. Let's look for a hard to break server.... let us know.

At 5/5/06 19:39, Blogger maicatok said...

(With JC's permission)

Definitely, definitely and not definitely maybe!

Michelle and Lynn,
You know (we) your fans are starting to think that the chat session doesn't exist. :p

Just kidding.

At 5/5/06 19:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,

so nice to give this prompt response.. i woke up with 2 alarms..so happy to enter chat with others and see all den...stuck and stare at the screen for one 45mins thinking room fulled..n u guys chatting away..my q in front of me ha ha.

but thank so sweet and kind to tell us.. we wait ..no sweat.
now i can go thru the days..take it easy... we love u two and always be here for u

lc, s'pore

At 5/5/06 19:51, Anonymous swooshi said...

thanks michelle!

that was nice of u to 'chat' with us in the shoutbox.

i think the chats can be quite chaotic with so many people trying to get in to ask questions.

could u consider providing an email whereby we can send u our questions? really appreciate that! u just read them when u have the time.

take care!

At 5/5/06 20:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, please do. i thought it was my login/password - couldn't get in. think you are both beautiful ladies - loved saving face (just saw it)

At 5/5/06 20:38, Blogger huiyi said...

Hi michelle...thanks for the quick response..its was great to see you and lynn in your blog's shoutbox..really appreciate yours' efforts to make it to the chat..will really wana tok to you 2 again..thank you so much...!!!

At 5/5/06 20:40, Blogger Michelle said...

hey guys, thanks again for your patience. that's pretty funn - all of you staring at an empty screen. actually, it's not funny if you set your alarm, right?

I will be honest, I am often very busy with work in Hollywood. It's very time consuming. However, I will do my best to answer questions as often as I can. Let me discuss with Zoe how best to do this. Unfortunately, I don't have any public email set up. I will see how best to do. I would just feel bad if you guys asked me questions and i never answered or answered toooo late. I will come up with something! Hang tight.

At 5/5/06 20:43, Anonymous Amanda said...

pretty please with sugar on top reschedule! that way i have a chance to talk to you lovely ladies as well :)

At 5/5/06 20:52, Blogger hsiaokay said...

Michelle, should we consider to have a video camera available chat session? We'll then know it's really you that are chatting there? Find a server with bigger capacity as well. Love your work and hopefully you can have the chance working with Taiwanese directors like Ang Lee...keep on the good work!!!!

At 5/5/06 21:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to michelle..please you take care for yourself! SUPPORT

At 5/5/06 22:33, Blogger huiyi said...

hey michelle..thank you for your patience as well.we all know despite your busy schedule, u actually bothered to take time out for the chat sessions..we will all be behind you!!!

At 5/5/06 22:33, Anonymous logician8 said...

I am greedy. I want the whole pie.

At 5/5/06 23:46, Anonymous cler said...

oh michelle.. as busy as you are.. and lynn.. we still would wait !!! until forever.. :)

so when you're free.. lets do a chat!


At 6/5/06 00:19, Blogger Julia said...

look forward to next chance to chat with you.
love ya,Michelle
love ya,Lynn

At 6/5/06 01:41, Blogger stella said...

hi michelle and lynn!

i think it's so great that you both take the time out of your busy schedules to greet and chat with your fans. it's too bad there were server problems, but we all understand! you both did a phenomenal job in the roles you played in "saving face", and i can't wait to see more from you guys in the media. hopefully another online chat session can be worked out and rescheduled.

take care ladies! we'll be rooting for you!

-stella :)

At 6/5/06 02:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,

Juz came back n drop by again..
it is still funs funs funs..now i laugh too! :) ya boy ..staring at the empty blue screen.. ha ha ha
never mind the alarms .

am surprised to read your second msg here..so kind and concerns of u and must say " thank u" for your time , glad to hear you have many projects..we will wait when u are ready.. do take care and have rests too and lost of funs funs funs

zoe , thanx u did great works here, i am inspired and red alots with all the news ..cheers cheers
have good weekend


At 6/5/06 02:51, Anonymous swooshi said...

hi michelle!
thanks for addressing my suggestion for a public email. but please don't feel obligated to answer every single question we send you. i thought it'll be a good way for fans to communicate with you. you read as and when you have the time and decide which are the ones you would like to respond to and post your replies on this blog.

fans! can all of you promise only to send legitimate questions to michelle? please, no indecent proposals ok? hehe! ^_^

hope to hear some good news soon about this! thanks again!

At 6/5/06 04:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya Michelle,

email posting Q can be good too,i b first to promise no indecent "Q"
maybe ur answers can be pasted here somewhere so we can read.
kind of forum...sort.

ke ke ke !! dig into lynn shoutbox read ur posting what a humour ha ha

it was really really funs ,rest assured

lc ;-)

At 6/5/06 05:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops Michelle,

sori ! 4forgot to add ,email Q is good options but frankly face to face yak , chat still best..different connections and feels lah ...
there must be somewhere dat can better hosts...

just honest saying..will do n follow what u say...

b here always


At 6/5/06 07:54, Anonymous AM said...

Oh, the server was the problem? I thought I'd just had one too many margaritas! Sorry it didn't turn out as planned. Hope you can reschedule for another day.

At 6/5/06 08:48, Anonymous AM said...

Comment for Zoe:

Noticed you took you name off the site. I hope that's not because of the problems yesterday. Some things we just can't control, especially when a computer's involved.

I think you've put together a great site here, and more important you have a lot of people who truly appreciate all your efforts.

So come back and keep up the good work!

At 6/5/06 09:28, Blogger wen said...

actually i am a new one here,but i try to following something,
just like the boss right here "zoe"
,come on,put your name on this website again,or i will put my name on ^_^|||,hahaha, it is not the end of the world ok ?:),we need u,
big kiss for u
( ̄ε(# ̄)( ̄ε(# ̄)( ̄ε(# ̄)( ̄ε(# ̄)

At 6/5/06 10:10, Anonymous walan said...

MY MAIL:walan1780@yahoo.com.tw

At 6/5/06 12:53, Blogger escenkay said...

Hi Michelle. WOw it has been a long time since I've stopped by your site. Hope all is well. I see that everyone tried to have a chat session. Too bad it didn't work out but it's not your fault. You're beautiful so you're forgiven (hehe jk) Anyways just stopped by to see how my fav. actress is doing. Any new projects going on? Would love to see you more :) Have a good weekend and don't work too hard.

At 6/5/06 19:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am not a big fan of blogging and seldom did I post anything on-line, but it is only fair that I let you how great a job you did playing Wil. I like your intensity and dedication. Keep it up.

I am a critical movie fan and the only other movies I have watched more than five times were Forrest Gump, Wall Street, and Gone with the Wind. Saving Face touched me in a different yet equally deep way. Last Friday night, while staying up the entire night to prepare for the most important interview in my life, I squeezed 1 hour to watch SF for the sixth time. Your performance was truly convincing.

Good luck with your acting career.

A supporter

At 6/5/06 22:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that would be a brilliant idea! :)

At 7/5/06 05:37, Blogger Jenny said...

Hi Michelle

I am sorry that online chat can't go out. I thought chat session was meltd by Fans enthusiasm. Next chat, Clam down as possible as we can

At 7/5/06 06:55, Anonymous diane said...

We are always chatting over here, the michellekrusiec.blogspot.com website. :)

At 7/5/06 14:39, Blogger ygao said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 7/5/06 14:47, Blogger ygao said...

Hey Michelle,

It's nice to hear that you are often very busy with work in Hollywood. So proud of YOU! I'm looking forward to your new shows.

No worry. your trusty web server is still trusty. but should you consider about using a video camera, just like someone has mentioned, if it's possible? then we don't need to worry about the server crashing. what do you and Zoe think?
anyway, take care! BIG HUG!

To Zoe, thank you for everything that you have done for Michelle and us:)


At 8/5/06 01:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to almost empty.. haha! thats a good one!

At 8/5/06 01:57, Anonymous almost empty=sunshower said...

Hey anonymous,

I think I'm getting fond of using lines from the movie Saving Face. It's kinda amusing! Of course, credit goes to JC for giving me an idea.

A month ago, I felt that LC and MK were just an infatuation, but I think it's slowly growing into passion. Because now I LC and MK can ask me to do something for them like layout or drawing and I'll gladly do it for free! I mean now it's not all about seeing SF for 28 times(I watch the film to lull me to sleep), I'm actually willing to do something for them. And to think that I wasn't a fan of any celebrity before!

I am so into SF,LC and MK!Sigh.

At 9/5/06 00:10, Anonymous kkaa said...

hi Mk,

ha ha~you are so humourous
A bigh thank yo you ,Lynn, Alice wu to have SF made.
I loved it so much.

Looking forward to chating with you&Lynn

At 9/5/06 01:08, Anonymous Adrienne said...

I'm not even sure if i'm considered lucky to be absent from the chat. i hope i won't miss out on the next chat tho :)

At 9/5/06 09:46, Anonymous wahaha said...

Dear MK and Lynn ,

Thank to you for your kindly notes. I just want you to know I still had fun last Saturday morning.

I logged in and greet with others fans before the chatting time started. But, a couple of minutes latter, it crashed . The Chat Room must be gotten a fever by fans’ passion.

However, seeing you shout in the shoutboxs, and show in each other’s blog,it’s really fun and surprise me. Especially, when Mk said it’s Lynn’s fault.. in Lynn’s Blog. ha ha!I guessed that's because Lynn's PC is always broken.........

You know, being your fans is not easy. ^^ It’s better to be bilingual. I’m working on it. And I'm improving in a rapid speed, since I watched SF in the eraly April and became your Big fans.

By the way ,I want to give a big thank to Zoe .The world is getting hard to predict(ha~ this’s a line of Old Yu in “Saving Face” ), so dose the web server. I think it won’t be getting worse.

Hope to chat with you next time

Best wishes,

~ “wahaha” from Taipei

At 10/5/06 03:50, Anonymous wahaha said...

Hi fans,
New fans come to ask the songs in SF. umm ..this's an old question!
Could we just do sth to let the suntrack released? How about everyone writes a mail to drown sony classical? I'd love doing this!

At 15/5/06 20:30, Blogger MichelleD said...

Wow! It's so cool to see stars actually making an effort to chat with fans. Hmm if only keira knightly or brad pitt had a blog. LOL Just kidding. Honestly, Michlle and Lynn, you two were amazing in Saving Face. I 've watched it 5 times in the past 3 days =/. Which I havn't done since A walk to remember came out.

At 15/7/06 08:20, Anonymous novita said...

hi michelle & lynn..

i'm u'r fan from indonesia, i watched SF so many times :-)u'r both acting's very222222222 convincing. can't wait 4 u'r new movie


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