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"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

Hi Everyone
Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hi Everyone,

Okay, fresh start. Lets not worry about what happened last time. Lets just get our questions together for the next one.
I know there's a lot of great news to tell you about both Lynn and I and we are both looking forward to our online chat.

Zoe, you continue to amaze me. You are a great friend and supporter, not to mention a genius with the English vocab words. Sometimes, you use ones I'm not even aware of.

A friend of mine sends me thoughts to live by. I really love this one:

"Each night, when I go to sleep, I die.
And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn."
-Mahatma Ghandi

Lots of love,

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Posted by Michelle @ 5/16/2006 12:54:00 AM


At 16/5/06 01:12, Blogger amrayu78 said...

Hi Michelle! :) I'm looking forward to the chat also!

At 16/5/06 03:27, Anonymous swooshi said...

hi michelle
me and other supporters from all over the world really hope to see more of your work on the big screen. i'm looking forward to the chat. hope we can all squeeze in, umm…in an orderly manner!

zoe, 你的 '賓' 那樣的贊你,甚麼不愉快的事都應該消失掉了吧?all your efforts are appreciated, keep up the good work! 加油喔!謝謝你再次的安排這個chat!

At 16/5/06 03:38, Anonymous zoe said...


At 16/5/06 04:37, Anonymous lc (wx7) said...

dear Michelle,

4wards to the dae we all get to chat n it be alright

4wards to the dae all will be bright

always think of us here n u will be alive

cheerfully ,happily we never die

c u den ;-), lc (wx7) s'pore

At 16/5/06 04:40, Blogger jazpersc said...

Hi Michelle, Thank you for taking time to talk to all of us. I am also looking forward to the chat - you are both sweet awesome people

At 16/5/06 06:41, Anonymous Kiwi said...

Hmm~ it's about 10pm in Taiwan and I am going to die right now!! Ha Ha~

At 16/5/06 07:35, Blogger huiyi said...

new day, new start...nothing and nobody is perfect..lets all look forward to the day...

kar yau ah!!!(cantonese for Jia you!!!)

At 16/5/06 08:31, Blogger Yi Chu said...

英文太差了...唉~可能到時chat activity沒辦法加入聊天,真想哭~~


It's very kind and sincere of Michelle.I love her better than before~~~

At 16/5/06 08:33, Anonymous alien said...

OH sweet Michelle, I die many many many times and many many many reborn. But, I will die one day really and never wake up till you call me back, heheheheheheheheheheheheheheeeeeeeee

At 16/5/06 08:53, Anonymous wahaha said...

Thank you for sharing sth philosophic with your fans. I really love it ^^

That also reminds me of this one"Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live"~ from, Tuesdays with Morrie.(中文書名:最後14堂星期二的課)

At 16/5/06 09:02, Blogger jazpersc said...

Live each minute of today to its fullest - because there may not be tomorrow - live / love / have fun with all the sincerity in your heart!

At 16/5/06 09:02, Anonymous epip said...

ha ha ha...看來有人今晚作夢也會笑了...
Good night...Zoe~

At 16/5/06 16:16, Anonymous Katy said...

Happy to hear that the online chat is organized once again! Thank you Zoe for your great support to make everything happen and all your efforts that went into the blog and the coming up chat!

At 16/5/06 18:34, Anonymous lc (wx7) said...

thank u zoe,

she got humor too....cute u d face....ha ha...nice meeting in the chat...and the others hi hi...

alive liao!

cheers Michelle...counting the dae....

At 17/5/06 03:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi our dear Michelle -Wil,

I am your fan in Vietnam. It was my great lucky to have a change to watch Saving Face and become one of its crazy fans and yours. I regret that I cannot register at the comming Chat (too early in VN--> no Internet line, hic hic). Anyway, I will look forward to see its contents later.
Thanks to SF, I have known many wonderful friends. They are all your fans. Michelle, I miss U too.

At 18/5/06 04:04, Blogger wen said...

really?but mine is different...
sometime i feel ....
each night. when i asleep.
i reborn.
and the next day when i wake up .
i die.
by wen ε( ̄□ ̄)3|| ε( ̄□ ̄)3||

At 18/5/06 07:10, Blogger nekey said...

HI. I'm nekey ,a new fans,from taipei.I liked "save face", Wil(MK)&Vivian(LC) especially.
they eyes so artlessly & magic...
(sorry,my english not good..>_<||.."台式英文")
MK & LC look Chinese word ??(MK & LC看的懂中文嗎?)

At 18/5/06 21:00, Anonymous yo said...

Nite :

look up see moon bright BRIGHT
think think not everything always
goes right
Juz have a good sleep ,dun die
and tomorrow the sun will be
all things will be alright

cheers , lcwx7 ,gonna chat 2morow yeah !! :)

At 18/5/06 21:45, Anonymous pk said...

I think I am with wen. When I dream in my sleep, I am reborn. When I wake up and goes to work, I die. *lol*

At 19/5/06 13:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I recently watched 'Saving Face' and was highly impressed with your performance. I wanted to offer you my sincere congratulations and thanks - I particularly related to your character. As a young canadian lesbian, it's always an intensely joyful experience for me to watch powerful, real, emotional portrayals of lesbian relationships/realities on screen. I am not yet familiar with your other work, but intend to rectify that immediately.

Cheers, and all the best.

Much love,

At 19/5/06 16:30, Blogger wen said...

Hello pk ( ̄▽ ̄#)||||||
seems we are walking in the the same hell now .
breath in →breaht out→
upset→work up→go on→frustration→
which position u r ??
yo shi 頑張ing ( ̄#)3 ̄)

At 19/5/06 17:32, Anonymous yo said...

ha ha ha !pk , wen both of u are cute and funny..

cheers... i refuse to die,, born and reborn.. though alway seeing same old face :-( not prettier ha ha ha

At 19/5/06 20:03, Blogger indeeh said...

hello michello i just miss the on line chat today..when will be the next sked?im hoping to chat with you..if that will happen that will my happiest day...thanks.

At 19/5/06 20:05, Blogger indeeh said...

hello michelle i just miss the online chat..im looking forward to chat with you..

At 22/5/06 10:02, Blogger Solstice said...

Hello Michelle,

I saw "saving face" by random. I like to pick dvds by random. I was positively surprised by the quality of the script and the work of all of you in the film. It is very rare to see good stories and quality roles for Asian actors in the US film industry. I am very happy to see that things are changing and that Asian actors have more possibilities to express their art. Your performance in this film triggered my curiousity about your show "Made in Taiwan", I heard that you plan to create the show in Hong kong. Can you tell me when? I have to go back to my home in September for 2 weeks and do not whant to miss your show in HK. Too bad that there is no dvd although I prefer live performance, with a public.

Good luck for your upcoming chalenges, although luke is for the lazzy and I can see that you are not.But sometime, luck helps for the timing and timing is everything.

At 3/6/06 21:24, Blogger pet said...

Hi dear Michelle...

Well,I think Lynn was right...she said when she saw u casting on the screen, she'd somekind of crush on u...ha.I fully agree with her.I do love ur friend's philosophy too..but??? 'd u ever heard tht many chinese people saying thiz..."上班一条虫,下班一条龙“Haha!sometimes life is confusing ????

Love Alwiz,



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