Michelle Krusiec

"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

Michelle @ "Typhoon" Los Angeles Premiere
Saturday, May 20, 2006

Typhoon Los Angeles PremiereTyphoon Los Angeles Premiere
Typhoon Los Angeles PremiereTyphoon Los Angeles Premiere
Typhoon Los Angeles Premiere
Photos by Ernie Pena
If you want to copy the photos please add "Photos by Ernie Pena "

Typhoon Los Angeles Premieresource : wireimage

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Posted by zoe @ 5/20/2006 10:20:00 AM


At 20/5/06 10:35, Blogger montoe33 said...

Wow!Michelle looks so beautiful.

At 20/5/06 10:43, Anonymous Me said...

i agree. prettier than she is most days.

At 20/5/06 10:50, Anonymous Super Grover said...

so is she part of this typhoon thing? is this a movie or other?

i saw in michelle's official site that she's been in several indie films before. anyone who has seen these indies?

At 20/5/06 11:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! Michelle,you look fabulous~~ Cant wait to meet u in Taiwan.
Happy weekend^^

At 21/5/06 05:50, Anonymous hkonger said...

Wow, Michelle is the more beautiful the more we look . She is very attractive now. But, the picture is too small. Well, who would help me to look it bigger?

At 25/5/06 23:47, Anonymous diane said...

Wow! Deliciously beautiful!

At 26/5/06 20:00, Blogger not_so_naughty said...

she's so darn hooooooooott!

At 30/5/06 06:51, Anonymous pk said...


At 14/7/06 21:18, Blogger anne said...

Hi! Michelle,
I haven't seen your news in Hong Kong for a long time. Please upload some you and Lynn new pictures!


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