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"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

Monday, June 05, 2006

I try and send little thank you cards for the giftsyou all periodically send to me. Sometimes, I am unable to respond because you do not have a return address. So, I am taking a moment to publicly thankall of you for your sincere letters and little treasures. Last week I received chocolates from LIJUNG HUANG or MONICA, thanks Monica!

However, I just want all of you to know that it is not necessary to send me anything. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but I feel that your support and interest is thanks enough.

Everyone who has sent me stuff in the past, I wish Icould thank all of you personally, Yoonek Jewelry,Grace and Akeen, Zoe, you guys have been so sweet. If I haven't mentioned you, please don't take offense! You all are are just amazing fans.

What I would like as a gift that would make me truly happy:

Take a moment and instead of giving me something, giveit to yourself. I hope it's something fun and kind like a great thought - of what an amazing person youare! I'm not going to be so critical of people, or maybe it's I'm going to go and eat my favorite ice cream! Treat yourself to something...and then sayit's from me!

That's what I'd like...a moment of self - deserving indulgence.

Love and Inner Peace,


Posted by Michelle @ 6/05/2006 09:12:00 PM


At 5/6/06 23:15, Anonymous lc said...

dear Michelle,

think u are always so just wo thoughful and have great deep deep love for people , there is this compassion which i always feel..seeing from film , and it certaintly reflect in your outwards showing of love, hug ,warmth words here.
i must say thank u for this interactive communications dat you always try to keep up dat make u so personal and down to earth.
Hope u too do rewards urself well with good foods remember " a full belly conquers all" and " a good good rest, a must too for your hyper ambition and engery work" and lot of funs..and laughter like u always do.. so funny sometimes and cute.. stay... ha ha ha

my only gifts dat i can give u here is my full supports and some caring words every now and then when replying to u , my truthfull concern about u . And sincerely hope and pray all are well for u in ur personal life, ideas , works, ambition. Align feel and thoughts.

oh ! do sound serious ? ha ha ha maybe just concern.

and will always stick around and to let u know , we will always be here for u......

hug hug from lc , my gift for u todae !! get it? ha ha

At 5/6/06 23:44, Anonymous lc said...

and oops oh !here a gifts from u to me how about these.. ha ha ha

i am going for a full spa , and maybe for a gooda holidays hopefully.and always love myself and universal love for all people..

u know u have given us great gifts here tooooo, a great fans blog ,a cheery chats and your loving selfless thoughts , u bet i got it believe everyone here too, i think .... so u see u are giving too leh...these are great feeling gifts from u

certainly enjoying being here with u

lovingly from lc again, hope i did not yak yak too much, just sharing huh

At 6/6/06 02:03, Anonymous VKTANG said...

Are you now in Taiwan?Just want you to know wherever you go,I'll be right here giving you my all supports...

At 6/6/06 04:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To lovely Michelle,
It's so exciting to see ur message again,and thank u for showing us ur sweet, passionate personality. Just make me love u more. By the way...when will u in Taiwan? (June or..?)Cant wait to meet u. Hope there'll be a meeting with fans or someting.

Stand by u
Maggie ^^

At 6/6/06 06:17, Anonymous Kiwi said...

Dear Michelle
How are you these days?
It keeps raining here in Taiwan >_< and I hate my shoes wet....@@
Anyway~ take care of yourself. YOu're the best!! ^^

At 6/6/06 06:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Michelle,
How are you~~^^
This the first time i leave a message to you, i'm your fans.
Anyway, you are an perfect actress.

Take care.^^

At 6/6/06 07:00, Blogger KIM said...

hi Michelle,
How are you~~^^
This the first time i leave a message to you, i'm your fans.
Anyway, you are an perfect actress.

Take care.^^

At 6/6/06 08:03, Blogger jazpersc said...

Hi Michelle, thank you so very much for all of your thoughtfulness to your fans. You are such a loving, caring person. Indulge ok will do. Will continue to support you in all your efforts you are a beautiful actress and a joy to watch. My gift to you today is happiness & peace in your heart. And you may accomplish whatever you set your heart to. Love Jaz

At 6/6/06 08:30, Anonymous Katy said...

Thank you for your gift, haha.
I am looking forward to see new films from you! Hope I don't have to wait too long. =)

At 6/6/06 08:45, Blogger huiyi said...

hi michelle, thanks for the message, tot alot over wat u said, it touchedme deep down and like wat u said, at times self indulgence is really necessary and all the more if its from you...i have become more appreciative of things i have and am going to australia next month, i shall see it as a gift from you...hehehe..thanks a lot, michelle krusiec...you are a simply great great person...nice knowing you...from: hawaii

At 6/6/06 08:57, Blogger Jenny said...

Hi Michelle
Exciting to see your new message again. Yah, totallly agree that you mention "Gift". The best gift is "sharing your performance among us".
Now maybe have a cake is a good idea.

take care!!

At 6/6/06 09:05, Anonymous humdrum said...

Dear Michelle:

Take care of yourself ^^
People are all the kind man here, and you're a wouderful blog master and arter.

Cheers up to you.

At 7/6/06 00:30, Blogger pet said...


Wht a warmest night to see ur message again.
Guess wht? I never stay so closed to an actress b 4 as U do,keep track on the web,check the news,writing a message...
Did U know tht when the time U shared ur thoughs & ur appreciation, I alwiz try to figure out...Hey! Michelle Krusiec,
Wht a Wonderful Person!
4 me, to treat my self Good is to treat my family & friends arnd Better,sounds odd? Well,hopefully 1 day I may MAKE U A Dinner...but sorry tht I dunno how to make ur favorite Ice Cream ya...^=^

tuly madly deeply


At 7/6/06 01:23, Anonymous pk said...

Oh I was about to send you something...If that's the case, then I shall send it to Lynn and say: "This is from Michelle to me and me to you." hahaha... *LOL*

Just my sense of humour, no offence ;p

A friend sent me a video clip link of "Saving Face" from youtube.com yesterday. Well, looks like Dr. Pang & Vivian Shing will only get more and more well-known thru the help of technology.

Do you practise yoga or meditation? Just curious since you mentioned Inner Peace :)

At 7/6/06 05:54, Blogger screwball_five said...

I heart you Michelle Krusiec!

At 7/6/06 22:55, Blogger pet said...

Oh! Hoh!

I cant believed I do thiz on me thiz mth...treat myself strictly terribly bad. U know WHY????? b'coz I'm on DIET, say goodbye to my favorite chips,curry chicken,mochi ice cream & ah ha...well,so U deserve all my very best stuff this mth, juz 4 this mth only ya! (((ho ho ho)))

Plan on going out 4 a vacation next mth, totally go crazy on evrything tht I wish to do.Wow! something gd enough 4 me,
at least...hmnmm..right!

b gd 4 U & Me


At 8/6/06 00:00, Anonymous wahaha said...

hi Michelle,

I love coldplay' "yellow"...
I once loved brit-pop when I was in univeristy.

umm..my favorite brit-pop songs were pulp's "common people" and "disco 2000"....share with you....


At 8/6/06 04:55, Anonymous ring ring ring said...

"hello!u there Michelle,juz call to say i got ur gift to a gooda body scrub and spa 2dae and dat the bill is oredi in the mail to u... ha ha ha , whilst i was enjoy i did think u enjoy too..ya
thanks hor ;)

and hey! when u drop by again, how about telling us ur moment of self indulgence too..like u did some girlie stuffs..hair, nail..shopping or bring ur dog to spa, or some balls games..or cook a new recipe of noodle and u whack up all...or a shot of u ,peacefully, relaxingly lying down on ur room sofa juz thinking of us here ..something like dat..ha ha..leave out works, acting, events.. and juz relax and yak yak huh..

in return , hug hug (i understand) lc....gonna hang up now,hear fr u again relaxing ;) "

At 8/6/06 07:59, Anonymous babywilviv said...

Oh my Michelle, how do you do? I have one question that you take a look of fans little masterpiece for you ? eg. album or others ? Hehehehehehe I often make for you.And, I really want you to look.Ahaaaaaaaaaaaa, you really care fans.

At 15/6/06 14:28, Anonymous Monica said...

Dear Michelle
You are such an amazing person.
Can't wait to see more movies from you!

Greatest wishes to you!

jia you!

At 16/6/06 13:59, Blogger YooNekjewelryandthings said...

Dear Michelle,

You are such a awesome person. We thank you for being who you are. You are such a sweet, kind and down to earth person. Thank you for giving us a enjoyful performance in Saving Face. The best gift we can give to ourself is being who we are and strive for a better life. The most important thing we can give to each other is friendships. I hope that you accept friendship from all of us near and far away. Michelle look deep inside your heart and be proud of yourself not only being asian american actress but being a role model, a movie star to us but also being a human being. That is the biggest gift you gave us. It rare that a movie star give us the opporunity to get to know you in ever level there is. Deep down inside of you. You are amazing person. We all hope and pray that we see you again on the big screen.
I wish you good luck and best wishes wherever you go in life. If a movie career is your passion work hard and pray. If something else take you away from a movie career follow your passion and desire. "Follow your heart and it will lead you to happiness" Thank again. I hope and pray that you are doing good. Take care.

At 17/6/06 11:36, Blogger Caty_yu said...

Hello Michelle,
I saw your film of saving face (legal DVD, of course) few weeks ago and you are such an amazing performer.
I am proud that you are also from Taiwan(just like the director Ang Lee). I read your news from internet and I love your attitude in living life and work, earnest, fierce and aggressive which really encourage me. I thank you to spend a lot time for sharing your life with us. I am looking forward to your new films and new shows. Keep moving. By the way, thanks Zoe for the maintenance of this blog.


At 18/6/06 11:21, Blogger Morphy said...

I just saw "Saving face" recently,It's very impressive movie for me.you are amazing girl,to hard work constantly for your passion.So,it's a great gift you gave me.That's let me to do everything for my life,just like study English more constantly..ha:P
I hope we'll see your performance"Made in Taiwan"in Taiwan,I'm very expect it.
I think you'll be superstar in Hollyhood.you are perfect actress.
take care

At 20/6/06 08:31, Anonymous goldie said...

Hi Michelle,

How are you lately? Haven't see your post for a long time, are you busy? Hope you'r doing fine there and take care of yourself, talk to you later;)


p.s. hey, coldplay is coming to Hong Kong to perform, go take a look:
when will you come to Hong Kong? Wish that I can run into you on the street...one day...:)

At 20/6/06 18:02, Anonymous lc said...

Hi Hi dear Michelle,

May i just share some words with u today.....

heart - (only heart)
(permission to live ur passion)
(permission to live ur PurPose)

may u have good day ,everydae..happy and peace always

regards , lc

At 25/6/06 23:50, Blogger Larry said...

Just wanted to drop a lilne and say hi. I just saw the movie Saving Face. Did a google search and came upon this site.
I've actually met Joan a few years ago in Vancouver and worked with her a couple of times before that when she worked in Vancouver. The movie was great!
To you, Lynn, Joan and Alice. Awesome film.

At 29/6/06 09:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

I'm trying to get in contact with you for a reading for part in a new feature film. Can you email me at dorisng@cinemasia.nl please.

At 30/6/06 19:32, Anonymous MK fan said...

hey anonymous, i think it would be best to get in touch with MK's managers. Contact details are in michelle's official site.

At 2/7/06 09:11, Anonymous michellekrusiecwebsite said...


SDB Partners, Inc.
Ro Diamond
1801 Avenue of the Stars, Suite #902
Los Angeles, California 90067

click on my web-site

At 23/8/06 02:22, Anonymous priyo said...

Dear lovely Michelle,

This is my first fan mail post for a very beautiful and a very special lady for me. I grew up watching your shows like "Travellers" and movies like "Dumb and Dumberer","Saving Face" and many more. You are a brilliant performer. The best feature I like in you is your eyes. Keep up the good work.
I am a software engineer from India and a die hard fan of yours.

At 28/9/06 06:58, Anonymous I... said...

Dear Michelle, suddenly... I became falling in love with you after seeing Saving Face and researched about you! A brilliant performance I haven't seen since Joan Chen in The last Emperior. As a person, you define beauty in most complex,unique and free form, yourself and your expression. HAPPY BIRTH DAY! I love you! Peace.

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