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"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

Summer update
Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hey Everyone,

It's hot hot hot in LA and I'm sweatin' like I was back in Taiwan! I just finished a film called LIVE starring Eva Mendes. I had a blast on it and I just worked with a really talented director named Bill Guttentag. Check out his documentary TWIN TOWERS which won an academy award a couple years ago. Currently, I'm guest starring on a TV show called Stand Off which will air in the fall. I don't know if it will go abroad but it will most likely be in the states. Lynn and I just saw each other over the weekend and we stuffed our faces at the Project by Project Annual Food and Wine Tasting which was divine. I think I had no less than 40 sample plates. Yum. (Food is still best in Taiwan)

I'm waiting to hear on one more really exciting project and I will let you know as soon as it is official. I also attended a beautiful wedding for Welly Yang (www.welly.com) and his new bride Dina Morishita. Congrats Dina and Welly!

OKAY, stay outta trouble boys and girls and be good to one another.


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Posted by Michelle @ 7/25/2006 10:07:00 PM


At 25/7/06 22:39, Anonymous Katy said...

I think food is still best in Taiwan as well .. haha ...

hope to see you on big screens soon!

At 25/7/06 23:49, Anonymous Ad said...

Hi..is glad to hear from you.Hope you can update your blog frequently so we can know how are you doing there....

Stay pretty ! :)

At 26/7/06 19:18, Anonymous lc said...

Congratulations Michelle,

on your up coming achievment reward...and hoooo!! really 40 sampling of foods.. ha ha ha what a miss for us here ;-)..yum yum
and hey hope one day u come to s'pore and eat our local laksa, mee goreng,prawn noodles , chilly crab,chicken rice, roasted duck, satay and all international cusine at every turn of the corners..( my treat , no sweat ha ha) HO!! Sweat huh?..,we too heat burning heat think the world is real sweating now....i had experienced the LA heat some years back and now going to try Turkey heat sweats,august holidays tooo. NATURE sauna.ha ha ha!

Thanks, Lucky! was glad see your Istanbul clip in April ,actually dat the month i wanted to go oredi but cannot make it and don't know how i gotta myself clicked here...and it was fun and it is still fun..writing and getting to hear from u :)

will look out for your "live" and am happy for u , stay c o o l n Relax too ;)

will stay g o o d a always here ha ha ha!!

love, lc

At 27/7/06 05:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I came across this site looking to see if you had any new movies coming out. We use play super heroes together as children in Timberlake. And we use to fight over being friends with Rebecca!: ) Remember? Congratulations on your career! Much success to you in the future!

Amy Jacobs

At 28/7/06 20:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

booo....come to NYC, michelleee! food is great here too! :D

At 29/7/06 21:17, Anonymous becky said...

hey michelle, i just wanted to say that i recently saw Saving Face and absolutely loved it. i think it's great when hollywood actors aren't afraid to take on gay roles. it's really good to see quality gay films as opposed to the stereotypical lesbian films, or hollywood's typical representation of lesbians. anywho, you're a great actress and best of luck on your future projects...even though you don't need the luck. :)


At 31/7/06 22:12, Blogger Michelle said...

Hi Amy Jacobs, it has been sooo long. Give me another shout out and leave an email if possible, so I can catch up with you. Hope you are great. Cheers, michelle

At 1/8/06 02:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another event in LA... I'm so tempted to go! A night of food, gambling and Michelle?! YAY!

At 2/8/06 14:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's amy.figueroa@cox.net. Married with children now of course. Take care... : )

At 2/8/06 18:45, Blogger Ad said...

Hi ! Michelle
I have a question
What is your next plan? Will your working base still in U.S or you will work in other places ?

At 4/8/06 09:36, Anonymous Li said...


After visiting all of your websites and news, I am thinkg I might proably the last Asian Lesbain watched "Saving Face". :)Everyone here seems know you for a long long time.
I never left messages to any actor or actress.
But here, just to let you know, as an actress like you, DO have power.
By your performance, you have the power to influence thousands of people's thought, life or faith.
The greatest power you have is the power to make people happy.

I'd like to say "Thank you".
I only paid NT$500 for DVD, yet you paid lots of energy and efforts to bring this beautiful film and dream to me.
I've been in the dreams for 7 days since watched the movie.

Wish you well.

in Taipei

P.S.So glad that Wil is you but not somebody else.

At 5/8/06 18:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hii michelle

i recently saw 'saving face' and i thought it was a really great movie, i've already seen it three times. i love all the topics discussed in there and i can totally relate to the 'pressure and responsibilities' of being chinese. not so easy huh? haha =) adding on the issue of homosexuality is something i could never understand.. props for those that can!

i also wanted to say you played your character really well too, with all the little embarassing faces and the times your character decided to talk in chinese or english. but yea you were able to express that character very naturally!! very coo!! the best thing about movies is that it makes us believe the story could be real while dealing with real matters.. and you did that real well with wil.

any new projects/movies coming up? it'd be really cool to see you on screen again.. =]

best of luck in the present and future.. keep us updated!!


At 6/8/06 03:50, Anonymous pommy said...

Hi! Michelle
I like your film ( Saving Face )very much.You're so cute!

At 6/8/06 18:38, Anonymous lc said...

Splash! splash!! Michelle,

coooooler now? ha ha!, juz drop by to say hello n hope the weather in LA is better now for your weekend.

wonder if you need anything stuffs or misses any stuffs fr turkey ....

catch up with u when back to see your reward pics and news......

cheers n R e L a x

At 7/8/06 20:46, Anonymous Joyce said...

Michelle, I like your image in the flim, 真帥氣, will you come to Hong Kong? Hope can see you in Hong Kong soon, Hong Kong's food is also good

At 8/8/06 08:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michelle and lynn,天生一对。

At 9/8/06 09:15, Blogger Jennie said...

Hi Michelle, I just recently watched "Saving Face." I loved your character; I feel as though I could relate to her the most in all aspects (being Chinese and being in a lesbian relationship). It was very refreshing to see something like that. Vivian was too Americanized a character for me; it shocked me how open about her sexuality she is, especially towards her parents. I felt really squirmy every time Wil and Vivian kissed or acted like a couple in front of their parents. I hope that one day my girlfriend and I will be able to let our parents know about our relationship and for them to be accepting of it as well.

At 10/8/06 00:03, Anonymous E said...


I am very happy to see Asians represented in media in America. I am so proud that you are Taiwanese-American!

Your performance in Saving Face reminded so much of myself esp. struggles of relationships with mom and dynamics of coming to terms to whom you choose to love.

I would love to see you in MIT, please do have another performance this year! I missed it.

It is very hot in LA, weird the weather is definitely changing around the world. Hope to see you around sometimes.

Keep up the great Job!


At 10/8/06 08:58, Blogger Duxton said...

Hi Michelle
I first visited your website late last year, after I catched the movie Saving Face.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see you as the lead actress. I know about you years ago in the Travellers program and have enjoyed your on screen presence alot. Cant tell why too.

I am really happy for you for your break though. I hope you will have more good things coming your way.

all the way from Singapore!

At 12/8/06 04:40, Anonymous Meg said...

hey Miss Michelle, long time no checking you out. Then again you wouldn't know the last time I checked you out. LOL!! Anyway, you rock!! (everybody knows that), Taiwan rocks too!! (just saw a whole Lonely Planet episode on it yesterday). hmmm.. Hope life's treating you well. Peace out x

At 18/8/06 03:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Michelle, I ran into you today at the GEN ART thing. I just wanted to tell you it was a pleasure to meet you and here's a link to my art work: http://www.jay-yan.com

Again, it was a real and super pleasure to meet you. My girlfriend is very happy that I got your signature tonight, even though it was on a dollar bill...

-Jay Yan

At 20/8/06 19:47, Anonymous Lisa Yang said...

I JUST became a fan when I watched "Saving Face." And I thought you were AMAZING! I'm hoping to see more of your productions soon!

P.S. I think you look hotter when you are wearing less make-up like in "Saving Face." :)

At 21/8/06 06:36, Anonymous Kety Krusiec said...

Hi aunt \o/
miss u :]
i find your website n come here to see :] luv your pics!
luv ya

At 24/8/06 10:52, Anonymous anne-marie said...

Maybe it's because i'm working in South Korean right now so i definitely pay more attention to Asian movies, but Saving Face really impressed me! I loved it!Plus it reminded me of my Chinese class I took last year, back in Quebec ;) Jintian shi feichang hao!!

So if you're even in the area i'd be glad to treat you with soju, kimchi and kalbi. Food in Taiwan may be good, but you haven't tasted Korean dishes!!
Although I miss cheese...

Congrats on your award and on your heart warming performances! Keep smiling!!


ps: it's hooooooooot in Seoul too!!

"My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty.
She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the hell she is."

At 26/8/06 06:38, Anonymous sea said...

I hope you can act the dream of red mansions.It's a good chance.

At 27/8/06 21:25, Anonymous anne-marie said...

Yang Ya-Huei ni hao,

Again, great movie and you are totally right, Bill Guttentag's documentary is awesome!!

Like I said, right now i'm working in Seoul and next year i'll be doing my masters at UCLA.

Considering your ethnic Chinese background (not quite sure imdb is right about it though), I'd really like it if you could give me some insights for my thesis.

I'll be working on the ethnic minorities' contribution to the American artistic scene. Want to write about their integration and sense of identity (you seem very close to you Taiwanese ties).

Anyway, let me know if you have a minute!

Xiexie ni!!

At 17/10/06 04:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I like you so much.
You're so chri.

At 3/12/06 06:25, Blogger momocowil said...

hello michelle...this is my first time to write down a comment,I was very love you after I had saw saing face.I have read all of your writings today.But I am english is so poor,I must consult a dictionary to know.

At 19/12/06 09:06, Anonymous lucy chiang said...

HI! Can you read Chinese? Sorry, because my English is not very well, I’m afraid that you can not understand what I'm meaning! When will you come back to Taiwan?
Taiwan is very interesting now...

A lot of classmates of our school like this film of “Saving face “very much...

Hope you to perform the splendid film again, soon!

努力的做每一件事就是 - 成功
輕鬆的走過每一刻就是 - 快樂
開心的渡過每一天就是 - 幸福

lucy chiang ~≧。≦~


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