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"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

Hi lovely fans!
Saturday, September 30, 2006

Thank you so much for my AMAZING and LOVING birthday wishes. You guys are the best.

Lots and lots of love as I grow a year wiser and more childish, tee hee. Youth is in the heart. Keep the sparkle in your eye and you'll be just fine.

And for all of you October birthday brothers and sisters, happy happy birthday!

Birthday kisses,


Posted by Michelle @ 9/30/2006 12:26:00 PM


At 30/9/06 13:43, Anonymous casper said...

happy birthday!

At 30/9/06 17:55, Anonymous Katy said...

happy birthday~

At 30/9/06 21:29, Blogger lence5 said...

Hi Michelle,

In case you didn't see the one in the shout box, HAPPY BIRTHDAY; with great cheers and don't drink and ride the reindeers. : )P By the way, hope you are having fun up in the arctic. Stay warm and keep your cool!

At 30/9/06 22:34, Anonymous K said...

-- Happy birthday (,"), Michelle --
wish you have a great life and healthiness.

"healthy, very healthy" :-)

At 1/10/06 05:56, Anonymous sammi said...

Can you read chinese?
happy birthday!!!
I think you are busy.
remember to take care of yourself.
look forward to your new movie.

At 1/10/06 09:39, Anonymous hkonger said...

sammi, 她應該懂少訐的.她有學習中文嘛!普通話

At 1/10/06 16:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 1/10/06 19:16, Blogger Barros said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/10/06 19:18, Blogger Barros said...

Hi Michelle,

When I have free time, I will see "saving face"DVD, also learn English while recalling a plot. It's a good movie.^^

With your Happy birthday(Oct.2)
~also my daddy's birthday today:)

At 1/10/06 19:58, Anonymous goldie said...

Hi Michelle:

Happy Birthday,

enjoy your day!

... ... make a wish and make it happen, okay?

*a piece of Birthday cake for you...*


At 1/10/06 21:23, Anonymous lc said...

HapPy HAppy HaPpy B i r t h d a y!!
Michelle...... ha ha ya! be young and joyfully , playfully child like as you celebrate this great 2nd oct, 2morow for u. hee hee :-)

eat lots of cakes ,icecreams ,long life noodles leh !!goodies and hey ! u getta eat moon cakes and carry a lantern toooo.. ha!ha yum yum!!!!!!!!!!!!

lc, always supporting a talented artist like u ,looking forwards to see ur new films.

At 1/10/06 22:59, Blogger Steve Brandon said...

Happy birthday to you from someone else who was born October 2nd, 1974 (along with Canadian singer/songwriter Sam Roberts, Paul Teutul Jr. of the Discovery Channel show American Choppers, and two former cast members of the British soap opera Coronation Street, Simon Gregson and Scott Wright).

I'll admit that the primary reason I know who you are is because of our shared birthday, but I've honestly been meaning to get around to seeing Saving Face (which I can't find at my local Blockbuster) and you were on one of my all-time favourite episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (where Commander Benjamin Sisko was played by Avery Brooks, a fellow member of the October 2nd club, though 1948, not 1974).

At 2/10/06 05:26, Blogger nik2nic said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2/10/06 05:45, Blogger nik2nic said...

hey michelle, happy birthday!!stay as sweet & as cute as u r..loved ur movie "saving face" u & lynn did a great job & u guys are act so matchng in dis movie...haha..anyway enjoy ur birthday..

At 2/10/06 07:32, Anonymous rj_lim said...

Hi Birthday Girl/Michelle!

Have a Blessed and Splendid Birthday!I wish you health and happiness always!!!
Your dedication and passion for your work is amazing, I salute to that.Hang in there, you have my support always!

At 2/10/06 08:13, Anonymous babywilviv said...

Yeah, I was born on October 2x. Thank you Michelle.

At 2/10/06 16:09, Anonymous Yuu said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!!!

Just postin' this in case you didn't see the one at the tagboard!May you have a wonderful birthday in Norway =)

Oh, n greetings frm Singapore =)

At 2/10/06 20:37, Blogger Lat said...

Happy birthday Michelle!

I know it's kinda late, but I hope you had a fun and encouraging birthday.

Just wanna let you know that I admire you for who you are, as much as a wonderful person as a talented actress.

I've recommended Saving Face to some friends & co-workers, so far everyone has loved it. :-)

Can't wait to see your new movies and MIT. :-)


At 3/10/06 07:23, Anonymous hkonger said...

anonymous,你怎知MK不懂少許中文呢!你好!大家好!MK 更加好、好、好!

At 3/10/06 14:42, Anonymous reins said...

happy birthday michelle!!!! all of your fans loves u a whole lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 5/10/06 05:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy birthday!

At 7/10/06 00:27, Anonymous Prim from Thailand said...

Happy Brith Day! Have a lot of Happiness.

At 7/10/06 08:28, Anonymous angel said...


i just saw saving face the other night. i know, i know.. a little late, but nevertheless, i found it at the video rental store and i'm really glad i did. you were great. the film ended and i turned to my gf and said "that was the coolest movie i've ever seen." :]] you guys rocked. so anyway, good luck to your future works and happy belated birthday.

take care,

At 9/10/06 08:29, Blogger caty said...

Hi Michelle,
Happy Birthday>3<"

At 9/10/06 08:29, Blogger caty said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 12/10/06 07:21, Anonymous sammi said...

有 所以我很期待妳的下一個作品
所以 我要全力支持MICHELLE

At 21/10/06 12:46, Blogger sink sink socks said...

The interpretation follows in such a manner that theperceived object sex haarig muschi is rendered harmless as a sleep disturber and becomesavailable for the wish-fulfillment.

At 22/10/06 09:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Michelle :P
I am Akira from Singapore. After watching Saving Face and some other shows that you acted in, I ranked you my number 1 actress.You are a really........ good actress and I wish to see you in more shows. Will support you always!!!

At 24/10/06 03:03, Blogger JanEgil said...

Hello Michelle !! I was so lucky to meat you in Norway this weekend, 21 Oktober 2006. You was makeing a film, True North. I have a picture of you and mee on my phone, i see on it 100 times in a day. I wish you the best...

Jan Egil

At 24/10/06 03:09, Blogger JanEgil said...

Hello Michelle !! I was so lucky to meat you in Norway this weekend, 21-Oktober-2006. You was makeing a film, True North. I have a pictures of you and mee on my phone, i see on it a 100 times in a day. Wish you all the best..

Jan Egil

At 26/10/06 07:31, Anonymous Izzy said...

We actors don't get a lot of coronation street actor till we get "really" famous - but we live and breathe our coronation street actor regardless. coronation street actor
Like your blog :o)

At 30/10/06 05:21, Blogger spider-b said...

Hi Michelle,
I juz watched "Saving Face" vcd this weekend. This is my first time to watch your performance and know you. I think u r so great! ^^ U know, u r a very charming lady and even me (I'm a gal) attracted by u. Haha! It's really very 可惜 that 金馬獎 not goes to you. Anyway, I think u r the winner in all our fans' heart, rite?

I know it's so late but still want to say "Happy Birthday"!

I Love you!

At 31/10/06 14:38, Blogger Ziomal said...

Very nice! I like it. discounted dollywood

At 2/11/06 10:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hei Michelle

Do u remember me from Sansenes Kjøkken - the restaurant in Tromsø?
Someone called me and invited me to go to Målselv last Saturday for the shootings, but I had to go to work...such a sin...opportunities such as this come once in a lifetime...anyway...
I hope u're surviving the "nice" weather up here and are not so fed up with all this snow! :D
Keep up the good work...hope to see u around ;)


At 12/11/06 13:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Your performance in "Saving Face" is so impressive! And I'm deeply inspired by your talent, courage and your experience of how to survive and thrive in hollywood as an ABC. I think all your fans are going to support you in the future!

Wish you all the best!


At 14/11/06 06:40, Blogger spider-b said...

Keep going! I'm looking forward to "True North" very much! Hope that you will come to Hong Kong in near future. ^^

At 15/11/06 08:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take good care of yourself

At 17/11/06 02:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so cold there, take good care,k.

At 17/11/06 20:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,

Long time never been read your comment, i know that you really busy preparing the new movie with another Michelle. Anywhere, you must take good care of yourself. Healthy is the most important thing in your life. Love you.


At 14/12/06 12:34, Anonymous Steffi said...

Hi Michelle,
I recently become your big fan since I bought the DVD "saving face"

You're really a great actress,saving face without you might become not so special and just a tranditional the "Chinese lesbian movie"(maybe female “喜宴“ kind ).

Just cannot sleep and get up to see your movie again and really happy to find this blog.

Will always cheer for you~︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

I'm from Taiwan with the "broken" English,hope you can read it


At 17/12/06 23:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle,

I went to college with u and I was pretty surprised when I recognized you on the traveler's show couple of years back. Congratulations on your career. I'm glad u're still successful and looking forward to seeing your next picture. Oh, and happy belated birthday.

Hung from VaTech


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