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"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

September 1st, 2006
Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm in Norway at the moment about to begin shooting a film called, "True North," directed by Asif Kapadia. Check out Asif's other film, "The Warrior." He's a very talented director. This film stars Michelle Yeoh, Sean Bean and yours truly. This story is a bizarre love triangle set in the arctic. I'm obviously very excited to be working with this cast and the story is really compelling. Needless to say, I'll be a little out of touch as we are planning to go further north into the arctic circle.

The other evening I saw the Aurora Borealis and it was simply spectacular. I hope in your lifetime, you guys will get a chance to witness such an incredible natural/scientific phenomenon. I thought I was being abducted by aliens!

Take care everyone.

A thousand thanks (Norwegian thank you) from Michelle.

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Posted by Michelle @ 9/03/2006 04:48:00 PM


At 3/9/06 16:59, Anonymous Katy said...

I am excited about this new movie! I hope you have a lot of appreances in it =D
Best of luck and have fun in Norway

At 3/9/06 18:08, Blogger Ad said...

Dear Michelle,

Glad to hear that you are on a great project.Enjoy your work ! Take good care of yourself when you are out there !

Hope to hear from you soon.


At 3/9/06 20:02, Blogger pet said...

(((Wow))) !Michelle,

I'm so excited to hear tht u r working togather w. Michelle Yeoh,coz we r born at the same hometown-Ipoh,Malaysia. Looking forward to see thiz gorgeous film exspecially the natural scene u described !
Oh ya! Michelle, do take lot's more pics in Norway & take gd care 4 sure.

Tata & miss ya,

At 4/9/06 10:00, Anonymous Bostonpotato said...

Dear Michelle
I just finished watching Saving Face and I am totally love'n it. I enjoy the movie so much and I even told my friend to watch it.

I also love your character in the movie. A character that has to confront between the old gereration and her own life.

Anyway, I just love your acting and the movie plot.

By the way, I am from Taiwan...haha.

Hope to see your next movie soon.

At 4/9/06 21:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so cool that you are in Norway. I hope you have a great time and hopefully be able to send us some of your travel pictures!

Cannot wait to see your new flim. Good luck with your shoot and keep us updated when you can.


At 5/9/06 17:21, Blogger julia said...

i heart you in "saving face" and can't wait to see more. =)

At 6/9/06 07:25, Anonymous bee charmer said...

Hi Michelle,
I hate to admit it but i'm one of your many avid fans .When i first saw your movie saving face, i fell inlove with it.Your performance was great!!!!i think you did excellent in your role as Wil.You go girl!!
Anyways, you take care and enjoy your stay in Norway.Can't wait to see your new movie.
By the way, your website is fantastic!

At 7/9/06 20:29, Anonymous goldie said...

Hi Michelle,

Wish you enjoy your time there :)

have lots and lots of fun there!

it's a very good experience to be abducted by alien...*jealous*


At 8/9/06 01:56, Anonymous stenphy said...

Dear Michelle,
er...I'm a chinese student and my English is not well,I will spent more time on my English study in the future,haha.I'm so exited after see the Saving Face and of course love you very much.Hope to see your new film very soon.Take good care of yourself!

At 10/9/06 05:58, Blogger oslo said...

Hi Michelle!

I hope to see you in oslo soon:)
Enjoy your stay in Norway even though you're in the middle of nowhere...

It was really funny when I read that you are here in Norway right now.


At 12/9/06 19:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, my name is ciela manaois from winnipeg manitoba canada. I just like to comment about the movie saving face. i was actually very lucky to be able to know and watched the movie. i fell in love with the movie, the actors, and you were great. i hope 1 day we could meet and also you can visit and shoot a movie here in canada. thanks. bye

At 12/9/06 21:24, Anonymous savingFace_fan said...

hi michelle,
I just wanted to say that your acting is extremely wonderful and original. I watched Saving Face two weeks ago and I started reading all about the movie, the director, all the lead casts, interviews and finally I found your blog. It's just that I never get tired to know everything about this movie and the casts. It totally inspired me and I want to thank you for being in this movie and bringing out the character so well. I'm actually even more impressed to find your real person (via your interviews and videos) much different from the character (outgoing, energized, sociable) which shows how good you are as an actor. You're totally professional. Keep up your good work and I hope to seeing you more in future movies and you'll always get support from me :-)
an asian gal studying abroad in new york ...

Last but not least, you're truly beautiful...gosh i'm hooked! :-P

At 14/9/06 05:21, Anonymous pk said...

Hi Michelle,
Nice to hear that you landed in this project that sounds so interesting. All the best and look forward to your performance.

At 14/9/06 16:01, Blogger Karolyn said...


New here! Got wind of this new project TRUE NORTH from the Sean Bean IMDb message board! sOUNDS VERY INTERESTING! Good luck! Please say HELLO! to Sean Bean from Southern California!!!!

Take care and have fun,
Karolyn aka weeknightingale

At 14/9/06 21:42, Blogger lence5 said...

Dear Michelle,

I haven’t been following your performances in the past. My TV is never on; the only thing I watch if I watch any at all is the Food Network and Animal Planet. Last week, I rented Saving Face from blockbuster and you were incredible. Alice Wu wrote a fantastic story and the “Wil” you played was a character which was unforgettable and engrossed in the heart of viewers. I should speak for myself, but I’m sure many others will agree with me. I am looking forward to see True North in theater. Michelle Yeoh is another one of my favorite Asian actresses.

I wish I can see the Aurora once in my lifetime as well. Wish you all the best and good health.

Stay warm,
Love Lily

At 14/9/06 21:42, Blogger lence5 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 17/9/06 13:00, Blogger Jacksprat said...

Hi Michelle,
After watching clips of Saving Face on YouTube, I was thinking to myself hm........ she looks really familiar like one of the hosts' of travelers. And I was right! *SMILE*.

I was impressed by your performance in Saving Face and now can't wait to watch the whole movie. You put in a fantastic performance. Have to say you are the first Asian female actress to break all taboos to take on a lesbian role and portray it so realistically.

Wish I was in the USA, so I could catch more of your performances. Good luck with your work in Norway.

At 20/9/06 12:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, marry me?

At 24/10/06 16:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice to know that you like Northern Norway! I am teacher here in Tromso in Media studies, and tommorrow we'll travel to Målselv Filmcamp to study how film is done for real! You are probably no longer there, but we ofcourse hope to see all you actors and crew to catch a glimpse of real Hollywood!


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