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"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

Dear fans
Sunday, November 19, 2006

It was an average of minus 15 up in the fjords of Norway (Svalbard to be exact) but True North was an incredible shoot. It was an unparalleled experience because the locations were so beautiful and logistically challenging. Thanks to my producer Bertrand Faivre and my director Asif Kapadia for providing me with experiences to last a lifetime. To the Norwegian crew who worked their butts off and showed me what Norwegian spirit is really about - skol. To the remaining cast and crew survivors of True North - you all are indomitable and I love you for it.


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Posted by Michelle @ 11/19/2006 11:03:00 PM


At 20/11/06 02:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You look great!
Take care of yourself.

Good luck!


At 20/11/06 06:52, Blogger Jenny said...

Jenny : Michelle, Where are you?

Michelle :Here.

Jenny : Oh, you are here, Why just can see your eyes.

Michelle : I am in Norway for shoot. It's very cold here. Do you want to go Norway?

Jenny : Norway!! Thanks for your inviation. It's too cold. I just want your performance. Take care and see you in Taiwan.

At 20/11/06 09:14, Anonymous Hikaru said...

Expecting your new work!

Hope everything is fine for you.


At 20/11/06 17:00, Blogger RevelationX said...

Hope you had fun! Great Pics! Awaiting the release... Do come by Singapore/Australia.. :P

At 20/11/06 21:40, Blogger pet said...

Amazing pics! I juz love it, wish I was there. U looks great & thx 4 sharing thoz wonderful pics w. us.Take gd care of yourself & miss ya.


At 21/11/06 05:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!Minus 15.....
Can you adapt with the weather there...bear it or not? I worried about u, my dear one...Please do takecare over there.


At 21/11/06 05:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!Minus 15.....
Can you adapt with the weather there...bear it or not? I worried about u, my dear one...Please do takecare over there.


At 21/11/06 11:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!

I'm from Norway, but I've never been on Svalbard. Did you get to see any icebears?

From a fan in Oslo:)

At 22/11/06 12:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that looks incredible!

At 22/11/06 20:41, Anonymous Katy said...

Beautiful views!!

Really looking forward to this movie when it comes out in Taiwan!

At 23/11/06 22:52, Blogger Peter Abraham said...

Michelle: Just saw "Saving Face" for the first time. Great job. Look forward to seeing your future work. Good luck.

You ever want to catch a Yankees game, let me know.

At 25/11/06 08:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,

Good day to u.
A brand new day, a brand new challenging....


At 26/11/06 10:45, Blogger spider-b said...

Michelle, so happy to see ur post :)
It's badly cold but u still look pretty. haha!
Pls take care and very look forward to ur performance.

At 28/11/06 08:23, Blogger spider-b said...

today added one more pic.
good good!!

At 29/11/06 06:32, Blogger Jenny said...

Michelle, you are really so cool

At 29/11/06 09:36, Anonymous goldie said...

The pics are so beautiful and amazing!

Thank you for sharing and just want to send you a *big warm HUG*!

Take care!

At 29/11/06 11:03, Anonymous Adev G said...

Dear Actress,
I just recently saw your movie Saving Face and I liked your performance, it was very convincing and the story was very funny and I congratulate you and co-workers
The most striking & strange situation is that I am a medical doctor, gay and in love with a ballerina and we met in an afterclass program in new york where she teaches and I went there to take classes of salsa dancing in an adult program...i decided to do it because i'm a horrible dancer and she laughs when I try to dance, but I'll get there... is hilarious to see the familiarity in the situation, because I'm shy and in the closet, officialy I'm a loner, nobody knows cause I don't tell, my mother & family denies it(I haven't tell them but I know that they know)and I try to hide my emotions about it; but my primaballerina got it just looking at me when I was looking at her, it was impossible not to see her, she is a wonderful dancer and beautiful.... no....she's gorgeous...jejeje...I'll stop but she is increadible...and like in the movie I love hot dogs!!! I eat one almost everyday...I know is not healthy but I can't help it, I'm New Yorker
When I saw the movie it was like I was seeing my self on the screen.
But another thing happened, I just discovered a good actress!!!
I promise that I'll continue seen your movies if you continue giving good performances.
Hope good things for next year, and thanx for the photos in Norway, is a beautiful country...
The best is for yet to come...

At 29/11/06 21:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take good care of yourself!

At 30/11/06 02:29, Anonymous immerso said...

Wow, great pics! You look exuberant....in the pictures! ^^

I have wanted to go to the north since I heard about the Blue Lagoon of Iceland. Also would like to explore the Scandinavian Peninsula. Sure wanted to experience the Aurora Borealis, too.

I just get myself the 'Saving Face' DVD. I adore your performance in the character of Wil. I think I must be totally out of the world while the movie's screening in Taiwan. I couldn't believe that I'd missed it!!!

So, wish to see your new film and hopefully will see you back to Taiwan very soon!

BTW, it's amazing to see the message from 'peter abraham'. I am not a truely Yankees fan, but I do watch EVERY game with SP of Wang. Are you interested in baseball?

At 30/11/06 07:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,

( )'''( )
( . . ) hope u happy 4ever
(' o ')
('),,(') miss u


At 30/11/06 10:17, Blogger jazpersc said...

Awesome pictures, thank you for sharing them. Will be looking forward to seeing this movie when it is released. I am sure it will be as wonderful as 'Saving Face'. Brrrrr - major cold..be sure to stay bundled up & warm. Take care.

At 1/12/06 19:18, Blogger Ad said...

Hi ! Michelle....nice photos! It is really an unfogetable experience..Happy for you ...
It is really nice that you let us know how you doing there.Take care !!

At 2/12/06 20:35, Anonymous epiphany said...

that's really cool.

At 3/12/06 01:10, Anonymous pk said...


At 3/12/06 01:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...


See you

At 3/12/06 23:07, Blogger surrealnice said...

I wish i could go there, too. :D
Looking forward to seeing the movie!!

Zoe也要好好的唷~ ^___^

At 5/12/06 08:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

miss you so much!!!

At 5/12/06 17:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Like your performance in Saving Face.

Take care.


At 6/12/06 08:27, Blogger caty said...

take good care of yourself,
i would like to go to norway too><""
It seems that u had a very nice experience there~

At 10/12/06 03:18, Blogger momocowil said...

I miss you......

At 10/12/06 03:19, Blogger momocowil said...


At 11/12/06 05:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How r u recently? Hope everything is fine for u.
Must take good care... See you soon in the new movie.


At 14/12/06 12:41, Anonymous steffi said...

Hi Michelle,
I recently become your big fan since I bought the DVD "saving face"

You're really a great actress,saving face without you might become not so special and just a tranditional the "Chinese lesbian movie"(maybe female “喜宴“ kind ).

Just cannot sleep and get up to see your movie again and really happy to find this blog.

Will always cheer for you~︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

I'm from Taiwan with the "broken" English,hope you can read it


At 22/12/06 21:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

' '

This X'Mas Tree just for u. It comes with hope, joy, love & peace.
Merry X'Mas in advance....


At 8/1/07 18:34, Anonymous nix L said...

nice pics! just keep warm!

At 11/1/07 18:35, Anonymous Amanda said...

Hey, I just wanted to tell you something I found kinda funny. There's a Korean girl in my study period. She's a senior (and I'm a lowly Sophomore, lol) but the way she dressed and how she had her hair up looked exactly like Wil, lol. Even the way she talked sorta sounded like you. Since it was only second period, and I wake up at 5 AM every morning for school (and just got over being sick), I was trippin' when I heard her talking, lol. I was watching Saving Face the night before, so it just hit me really hard, you know? I'm getting sick again (OMG! another week of being sick) and had I still been sick, I would've been trippin' out even more. LMFAO!

At 12/1/07 21:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How are you recently, girl?

At 20/1/07 02:56, Blogger lu2 said...

Oh! How things going on ?! Hope to see the new updated pics. Sure expecting your new movies....!!

At 26/1/07 22:46, Anonymous 紫色玛瑙 said...

just saw Saving Face last night.
wonderful film exactly!
I like the role you act in it,wil,and also vivian---lynn.
so happy to find your blog address,I will come whenever I am free.
I am a Chinese girl in Guangdong Province.
wish you happiness and joy.
by the way,cool photos they really are:)

At 2/2/07 03:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi michelle

i'm myra from singapore..i get to know u thru 'Saving Face' since last year November..hope dat its never been to late to find such a awesome movie...u r really cute in
'saving face' n i liked the chemistry between u n lynn

At 2/2/07 12:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a bit late seeing your film Saving Face...;but I must say your acting was captivating...superb performance and definite a "plus 15"!

At 3/2/07 05:56, Blogger van said...


i so happy dat i found ur blog!!!

haha xD

all da best in ur new movie. hope to watch it someday. =)

take care,

At 6/2/07 05:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where r u now? Miss u so much.....
Is it u want to leave us alone....

At 6/2/07 05:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year in advance....


At 6/2/07 06:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya, i forget something liew....

Wishing u,
12 Mths of happiness,
52 Weeks of fun,
365 Days 0f laughter,
8760 Hrs of good luck,
525600 Mins of joy &
31536000 sec of "SUCCESS".....


At 8/2/07 07:12, Anonymous Jim said...

Hey Mich! How are you? Any news? I`m still in freezin`cold Tromso, but in the last week of April I might be flying over to LA. Hope to see you there! I`ve lost your email (Not shure if I ever got it:) Send me a email if you got mine! Sweet, talk to you soon!

At 4/4/07 20:30, Blogger Gary_Schumacher said...

Hi Michelle,

Just watched saving face and I was very, very happy to have found it. I enjoyed it so much I'm now trying to purchase a copy.

Keep up the good work, all the best to you...

A new Fan

At 5/4/07 22:23, Blogger Shoogar said...

Hey Michelle, what have you been up to?
I hope everything is well.



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