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Prayer for Virginia Tech
Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I would like to say a prayer for my fellow Hokies. My days at Virginia Tech were full of fond memories and a beautiful campus that always felt safe. I am so devastated by the incidents, my heart and love go out to everyone. I am grateful my old professors whom I still keep in contact with are alive and safe. However, I know it will take a great amount of time to heal and find some sense in all of this.

I hope we can all take a moment to say a blessing for those who were hurt or killed and please look around yourselves at the world around you. I am saddened by the now generating stories about the accused gunman. How people are coming and out saying, "they knew it was him." "They'd be surprised if it wasn't him." Please, people, look around you. Human beings and situations require deeper thought than just the ordinary glance over. Everything in hindsight always seems 20/20, I know. I just hope we can learn something positive from this situation and I'm hopeful we will.

Mostly, I wish the people of America would open their eyes to a ban on all guns.


Posted by Michelle @ 4/18/2007 08:38:00 AM


At 18/4/07 10:29, Blogger Ester said...

Sadden by this tragedy. Love and Hatred - just a fine line in between.

Peace at heart, cool in mind - think thrice and be relax should take off all hatred from the mind.

At 18/4/07 10:59, Blogger van said...

"Human beings and situations require deeper thought than just the ordinary glance over."

i absolutely agree with you!

i juz knew about da news today..dis morning, when a friend from ohio told me. felt pity for them.

At 18/4/07 19:40, Blogger Hung said...

I agree with you on the human aspect of Cho's life. When I was at Tech, I was depressed and walked to the duck pond almost every day wondering if I was suicidally depressed and why I didn't I end it there. Because of the stigma mental illness I was afraid to ask for help. This was the the nineties after all. I hid it during my childhood and for ten years after Tech. Finally, I had enough and asked for help. But because of budget cuts and wasted spending on things like gun control, the days of the month long hospitalization programs were over. Now, it's 3 days, a week at most, and you're out the door. Afterwards, everyone expected to be fixed like I had a broken arm. I wasn't and I became even more depressed the help I thought would rid me of my depression did not. I finally became suicidal in October 2004. Only now can I say I was lucky enough not be successful. But it took a year without work and finally having a day hospitalization program that I've been attending since January that I'm almost functional again. That's why it's dangerous to stigmatize mental illness.

As for gun control, I don't agree with you. It would take massive funding to get rid of every legal guns on the street and then there's stil the illegal guns. Cho used 9mm, one the most popular type of guns. Better funding would be spent on education, economic relief, and mental health. A person who has a job, a home, and mentally sound would not use his gun if he has one on anybody.

At 18/4/07 22:00, Blogger Wain said...

I am really saddened by the news, too. I think everyone is, too. Various rational and irrational reactions toward it show how difficult to take the news for everyone. It seems the living is less and less easier for everyone since there are lots of disasters, tragedies, accidents, impacts from global warming… in this world.

I do 100% agree with you that “ Human beings and situations require deeper thought than just the ordinary glance over.” We really should think lot more deeply. It shocked us but it wasn’t just happen suddenly, there must be a lot of issues behind it. Therefore, it’s not too late to learn things from it before the end of the world. As we all are human beings, earthmen, we all are equal, so differentiating among us is meaningless that leads us against each other. I think the point is our mind and spiritual state. Many people look for better live, how about an open-wide heart to share our love to each other. I still believe love can melt steel as I said before.

I hope everything goes peacefully. And a lot of blessing for the people to go through the trauma.

(PS: If I express sth inappropriately, please excuse my poor English. )

At 19/4/07 00:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is truly a shocker to me when I heard about it.

I'm glad to hear that your professors weren't harmed. But to see so many others that have had their lives taken away in a supposed "safe" environment, is truly sad.

I agree with you about banning all guns. Or at least tightening gun control laws even more, making it almost impossible for anyone to purchase guns.

Education, mental health and economic relief is important, but it's safe to say that many Americans would place "safety" ahead of all of these issues. True, that getting rid of guns won't solve all the safety issues but it would be a great start.

As I finish watching a news broadcast with the flashing faces and names of the deceased, I can't help feeling disappointed and saddened.

I lost my mother not too long ago under different circumstances, but my hearts go out to those that have lost their loved ones in this horrific incident.

At 19/4/07 08:21, Blogger chinus said...

why this happening? because he could own a gun easily? because he had mental health problem? probaly yes. BUT, it's NOT the only causes. why he made this decision? what happened around him? he is not the only one in sick, the society is also some kind of sick!!!

At 19/4/07 09:26, Blogger Hung said...

Not having a gun will not stop a person from doing what he set out to do. For those who want to take it out on the world and did not receive the treatment they need to improve themselves, they will find a way. If not a gun, then a knife, a car, a fire, or bomb with fertilizers with the recipe from the internet. There are an infinite number of ways to hurt people. It is the evil inside a person that we need to get rid of, not the method of executing that evil.

If the money spent on removing guns from 1000 law abiding citizens can give enough mental health care to one troubled soul, I would rather do the latter.


At 19/4/07 16:31, Blogger Jacksprat said...

Michelle, I'd been going in and out of this site knowing you'd put a post up on this. After all, how can you not feel for the people you know there. This was your school, you have memories of it very different to what's being reported in the news. I'm so glad you didn't loose someone you knew there.

Whatever failings the accused gunman had, he was a human being. We don't know enough about him to pass judgement on him as a person, purely from this one unfortunate, sad and mindless shooting rampage he went on.

I can only begin to imagine what this must be doing to his family who may or may not have known he was disturbed inside. Maybe he did need help, but was there enough support around him to make him feel secure in his state of mind to take to a complete stranger. Those of us from Asian cultures are often taught not to 'air our dirty laundry'.

I am saddened for the unecessary loss of innocent lives and the pain this has caused to families who lost loved ones.

May God watch over them, give them the strength of will to forgive and in time for their wounds to heal.


At 19/4/07 23:45, Blogger cherrie340 said...

Very surprised as I know that the international news report of this news in Taiwan ..

I am very shocked why have such a cruel person !!!He has injured so many people's life and family.
I am very sad to this tragedy...

Hope those victims'soul can rest in Heaven.
And wish God to bless everyone!!


At 23/4/07 06:50, Blogger M said...

Life is really unpredictable, therefore we must treasure whatever we have now...


At 26/4/07 08:53, Blogger Lat said...

I agree with Michelle on banning all guns. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't try our best to help people get rid of the devils inside at the same time. Money needs to be spent on both.

I hope things like this will happen less and less.

At 27/4/07 20:46, Blogger Goldie said...

should ban on guns and stop global warming and think more about the others...


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