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Good bye to Zoe and Hello...
Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dear fans of the blog:

Ok, I admit, I should blog more. Well, there's one person responsible for giving me an incredible website AND a place to blog in. Zoe. ZOE!! ZOE!!!!!

And now Zoe, sadly, is moving forward in the world with other endeavors besides running my site and my blog. I'm gonna miss you, girl. Zoe has been one of the most patient, kind and generous people I know. Zoe and I met in Taipei while I was there for the Golden Horse nomination. Zoe was standing tucked to the side with a poster in her hand. She had made me a really cool pull out card with all these pictures of me from various events and projects. And she had a really cute haircut too. She was so shy and sweet I couldn't help but think she was just the coolest fan I ever met. (Sorry to my other cool fans.) Little did she know that her fanship would be turned into an unsuspecting web master.

Well, Zoe, darlin' you've been great. I want to say THANK YOU and I hope you guys will give her a big SHOUT OUT for trying to coordinate not just one but two online chats as well as running my sites for 2 years!

I wish you the best Zoe and hope you will keep in touch. Big KISS.

So, now you guys are wondering whose taking over? Well...I met her about a year ago in LA at a charity event in which she came all the way from San Francisco with a friend just to give my theater company money! She's been mastering another incredible site devoted to ahem, me. Everyone....SURPRISE -- it's DUONG!!!

Duong, you'll have to say hello in a minute. Don't be shy. Duong who also recently flew to NY to see MIT and has been mastering the Saving Face takeover of the world is taking on both the site and the blog! Duong has great ideas for the site and is CURRENTLY at work coming up with a new look and design. Please check back with us and see what the future has in store.

I've just started a new recurring role on a TV series for ABC called Dirty Sexy Money and in late August, I'm traveling to the Venice film festival in Italy for the premiere of FAR NORTH. Lots of changes in store, but life is good. Change is good. LIVING is good.



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Posted by Michelle @ 7/29/2007 08:07:00 PM


At 30/7/07 08:31, Blogger spider-b said...

Goodbye Zoe! Thanks for making this great blog for our pretty Michelle and cool fans ^^
Welcome Doung!

Will keep supporting u Michelle ^O^

At 30/7/07 23:29, Blogger Arida said...

I think ...i should understand what that means even though not sure real exact known...but i was really happiness met Michelle and everyone in this blog!!!
So...whatever what happen or somewhere have change..I still supporting Michelle and U (everyone)!!

BTW Hi Doung..Nice to meet you(gh..h)
Hope see new soon...

At 31/7/07 11:58, Blogger kookaii said...

This blog has become my #1 happy place since I discovered it some months ago. So, Big shout to Zoe - You did great job keeping us fans happy & united. Cheers to Michelle for being such an inspiring person.

And Way To Go, Duong! I know you can do it!!! ^_^


At 8/8/07 04:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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