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Hi Peeps
Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hi Peeps,

Made in Taiwan had its New York premiere and I am relieved, ecstatic and...tired. So many wonderful fans came out and I have to give a shout out to the special fans who brought an army of friends to every show! To Shirley and Kai who flew out from Thailand and Hong Kong, that is unparalleled devotion. To Duong who is supposedly my "number one" fan and to my "number two" fan Puiki who rivals Duong (I think you both are in heat for the same spot). Puiki came to every show armed with more humans and more enthusiasm, I think maybe you can quote the show now, right? Thanks can't really describe my gratitude but it'll have to do for the moment. There were many more of you who came out, so my apologies if I don't name everyone, but I will post photos ASAP.

Thanks to Second Generation and Welly Yang for the opportunity to work with them and to friends, crew and staff who devoted their time and energy to MIT. I could never do this show alone even though it's called a solo show.

I'm resting and on vacation so keep a lookout for new information about upcoming projects and life.

Love and the search for joy continues....


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Posted by Michelle @ 7/05/2007 07:47:00 AM


At 5/7/07 08:16, Blogger Ester said...

Yeah ! I made it to be the Number 1, to post a comment here :)

Michelle, hope to hear more from you after your vacation. Have fun :)

Cheers with Warm Regards,

At 5/7/07 08:41, Blogger Arida said...

I come from Taiwam...\^-^/
My English was pretty bed(bed bed bed)..Sorry~Please don't mind i key in(traditional chinese)
超開心能看到你的blog(so happy)..還記得2005年金馬獎(TAIPEI GOLDEN HORSE)的時候看到你~當時你入圍最佳女主角真的是替你開心~!! 希望你能多多回台灣 跟我們見見面!!
(I hope you can always Happy!!)

At 5/7/07 10:50, Blogger ling said...

Hi Michelle,

I sew your new message and I am happy so much.

I will support you! take care!


At 5/7/07 18:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No noooo.... Michelle spelled my name wrong!
I wish I could've made it to every showing of MIT, but the S would've smacked me. ~_~

Puiki had an advantage over me on this event since she lives in NY... she called herself the "lazy" fan. ^_^

It was great seeing MIT! Hopefully one day you can publish it as a book or make a full length movie out of it.
Thanks Spring Chicken!
Your #1 Fan,

At 5/7/07 22:50, Blogger alison said...

Hey Michelle! I'm a fan from Singapore and i've been hearin rave reviews bout MIT from the other MK fans and i'm dyin to watch it, any plans to bring it abroad soon? If not, where and when in e US would you be staging it next? I'm thinkin bout flying in just durin my holidays to watch it! Keep us updated on the blog alright?

Stay beautiful and inspirational!

Lotsa love

At 6/7/07 01:57, Blogger kookaii said...

Well, well, it was a great show, lovely crowd, charming city and definitely stunning artist!!!

You simply made my NY trip the most exciting and memorable one ever. Thanks to YOU. ^_^

I will keep my eyes open for your upcoming projects whenever.

Your very long distance fan
Kai from Thailand

At 6/7/07 19:24, Blogger medazzaland said...

Congratulations Michelle!

Have a great vacation.

The Hollywood Podcast

At 16/7/07 09:59, Blogger Only lonely said...

Hi Michelle! I'm your new fan from Singapore..(^_^)
When I first saw u in Grey's anatomy I thought wow this lady is really beautiful.. :) after that I chanced upon "Saving face" in Youtube and your performance was superb! so natural & convincing.
and hey you know what your african dance in Taiwan made me laugh so hard!! hahaha :P
I'm really happy to know you coz u're not only a good actress but also a very talented artist.
Really really hope to catch your new film soon.. MK rocks!!!




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