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Dirty Sexy Thanks
Friday, October 26, 2007

I know it was a very slow build to the big reveal on the show this past week, but I have to give a big shout out to all of you who've been shouting out on the blog and in that little shout out box which i love to scroll in the middle of a restless night. I know some of you have been watching and asking what the hell is up with Mei-Ling Hua Darling. Who is she? She's a mystery. Well, you'll have to stay tuned because I had to take a breaky from the series to shoot "What Happens in Vegas," so lets see what the writers have in store for this darling of the clan.

And to answer some of your inquiries regarding Far North, Far North just premiered at the Pusan film festival, will be making its premiere next week at the London Film Festival, and is playing now at the Antalya film festival in Turkey. So, you may not catch it in theaters just yet, but if there's a major film festival near you CHECK IT OUT you never know when you might find something you've been wanting to see. I'll be sure to let you guys know when its due out in a theater near you.

Duong, great job on tracking everything!

Peace and Joy,


Posted by Michelle @ 10/26/2007 11:41:00 AM


At 27/10/07 11:06, Blogger Shirley said...

Hi Michelle,

Great to hear from you and good to know that "Far North" is starting its premier in different countries, hope it'll reach to Hong Kong soon! I've been waiting for long long long time! I won't let myself to miss this time again cause I missed "Saving Face" on the big screen last time!!!Sigh!!! It's pity that "Dirty Sexy Money" won't be on TV in Hong Kong, so I really have to thanks Duong to load those shorts on the blog.
Michelle, I still checking your blog everyday and keep up with your news. So just remember that you have many fans around the world to support you!! You are not alone!!

P.S. still miss your performance in "MIT", you are amusing!

At 27/10/07 15:36, Blogger Yu-Fan said...

To Shirley,
I found this launcher in ABC official website that allows you the access "Dirty Sexy Money" online.
The link to the launcher is following:


Click on "Launch the player"
look up for "Dirty Sexy Money"
and there you go
enjoy it online!

At 3/11/07 00:33, Anonymous ness said...

Hey Michelle!

I just watched Saving Face around 4 days ago I believe and I am in love with the movie! The wisecracks and dialogue just makes it..well, not your typical movie. Plus, the fact I'm also chinese makes it even more hilarious since I relate to a lot of the scenes! (sadly, it only plays during those early mornings...nuts)

And by the way.. I read your blogs and messages..great stuff, it's like talking to an older sister.. Stella's great! Belated happy birthday..well that was a month ago but the thought counts....

More power to you!


At 5/11/07 20:41, Blogger Ming said...

Dearest Michelle:

I am your chinese fan.My name is Ming.I and my friends Giandmi love your performance very much!!Please take care of yourself..We want to see you in China.. So would you have the plan to come to China.???We can pick you up at the airport anytime....

Wish you can notice my message and konw how much we love you...Not all of us can log in your blog easily.555555..Miss you all the time....

I wrote many articles about you and your films in my Blog.I'll give you my Blog's address..Wish you can come to my Blog and we can chat or just connect with each other in the Internet.Because My Enlish is not very good,I'll try my best to study English just for you,My dear Michelle..

Look forward to"Far North"...

My blog address:

At 5/11/07 21:41, Blogger giandme said...

Hi Michelle,

Thank God,finally I can see your blog.
Now I feel very excited,so I don't kwon what to say...Ha..Blank out~~

I have watched "Saving Face" nearly 100 times,I guess.Thanks to my friend Ming,she introduced the film to me.
We both love your performance very much.
Now We are fond of collecting your video through Internet.You're so cute and excellent.
African Dance~~Very impressed~~
Noddle face~~Ha..So funny..
Can't help laughing~~

Hope you can come to Chian one day.
We'd like to see you soon~
Please don't let us wait too long~

Wish you everything goes well!



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