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Greetings from the East Coast!
Monday, March 10, 2008

Hi guys n gals,

Duong has requested earnestly that I blog. I'm sorry for the long gaps of silence. I'm currently in Pennsylvania rehearsing and presenting my show, Made in Taiwan. I'm in a little town called Huntingdon and the best way to describe the feeling I get here is anecdotally. I was sitting outside a grocery store with my director's dog. We were on a lunch break and getting salad at the local market. Since dogs aren't allowed in, I stayed outside with Carly, my director's lovable and large Golden Doodle. Carly was hanging out with us for rehearsal. She too likes theater. While sitting on the bench with Carly, a man walked by in front of us and said in a friendly voice, "Hi there!" I looked up, smiled and said, "Hi!" Then the man noticed me and said, "Oh...hi." I laughed when I realized he was saying hi to Carly and wasn't that interested in me. Ha ha. So, I feel a bit far from home in this town. The college has a beautiful state of the art theater so I hope to give them a real treat this week. Hence my excuse for not blogging so much!

I'm deep into rehearsals and keep asking myself why I torture myself with this show. If you've ever seen this show, it's a challenging bit of theater and when it pops, it really flies. It soars. It just takes so much work to get there. I know most of you wonder what it is that actors really do. Well, there's lots of books out there on it -- read up. Centuries of people discoursing the purpose of Art and storytelling and acting. I do believe in the message of my show and I believe in the heart of it, so I continue to do it and audiences really respond. I read a few excerpts recently at the ITASA conference at UPENN. Maybe I just want to be a Penn girl or something, I've been spending so much time here. The students really responded to the material. I enjoy telling stories of my family. Not because I need to have that kind of recognition, but I think the topic of family connects and relates us all.

Maybe I'll see that guy in front of the store at my show this week. There is a dog in my show --- and he'll be happy to know that I also play the dog.



Posted by Michelle @ 3/10/2008 08:06:00 AM


At 10/3/08 23:03, Anonymous sdfan said...

I think I too would be more akin to greet an animal I've never met than a fellow human. I'm not sure why.

Good luck with the shows!

At 11/3/08 00:01, Anonymous Shirley said...

Hi Michelle,

I wish I were able to come over to see MIT again. Cause I guess I won't be able to find another excuse to get out of town like last year (remember I said I had a conference to attend at New York!! haha!)
Time flies, it's another year! but we haven't changed, we are all here to support you whatever you do! so all the best of the show! MIT is the best drama I ever seen! you are the best actress Michelle!


At 11/3/08 19:53, Anonymous charyzze from VIRGINIA said...

hi michelle..you're in PA? you should come down here in VA see what your old hometown looks like now. it has changed a lot for the last 5 yrs. i wish you could do a show here, too..have a nice day

At 12/3/08 03:46, Blogger kookaii said...

Hello michelle,

I, too, wish that I could just hop on a plane and made it to MIT. No luck for me this year. So, I'm just shouting out all my supports here (as well as scratching my keyboard and ranting on about how bad I wanna see you perform again)

Well, good luck with show and have a great time in PA.


At 25/3/08 18:20, Anonymous Kara said...

Hey Michelle,

That anecdote was funny. I've gone through those a lot, so now I do a "look around to see if anyone else is going to respond to that person saying hi" then point to myself while looking to the person and when I get the yes nod, I reply back. Hahaha.

You think you will visit Maui, Hawaii? :) Well, have fun with your show and hope everything goes smoothly! Take it easy!

At 3/4/08 22:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
A friend ever said that it will be much easier to make new friends when you have a dog. Seems like it's true from what you wrote =)

Glad to know you are enjoying what you are doing. Take care and all the best to your performance.


At 4/4/08 10:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

any chance of doing MIT in manila, philippines?

At 23/7/08 03:24, Blogger geek said...

yes! yes! MIT in Manila, Philippines! I'd surely be there!
Take care and keep on enjoying what you do. you'll always have fans like us to support you. XD


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