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Happy Birthday Wishes
Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to all October babies!

I spent the day working and spa-ing. It was the best of both worlds. I found a Korean spa in Koreatown and was treated by my friend Tanja to a body scrub. It was a heavenly experience to be scrubbed clean like a newborn baby. It was my birthday, OK? I'm allowed a quantity of self indulgence. Vegas this weekend will complete the birthday celebration and I am hoping I'll have one of those "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas weekends." My last experience in Vegas involved cage dancing and I've already given enough information on that in previous interviews so perhaps I can add to the realm of the senses this time around. Vegas, Baby! (Although, my Vegas will really be all about Cirque de Soleil, if you wanna take some of the mystery out of it. And buffets, can't forget about buffets!)

Well, I have received all of your birthday wishes and send you all back many many happy returns.

I should also announce that I will be headed back to Asia for the Taiwan premiere of FAR NORTH (Reuters Article) on November 18th. (Link to Screen Daily Article). My mouth is already salivating with glorious culinary expectations. I look forward to seeing all of my Taiwan fans very soon. I'm practicing my mandarin in anticipation....

My birthday was full and very complete.

Thrive and be merry.

PS. My good friend Michael Abbott created this great video starring Jessica Alba. Check it out and pass it along.

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Posted by Michelle @ 10/03/2008 02:07:00 PM


At 4/10/08 00:02, Anonymous 小田 said...

I'm form to Taiwan

Happy Birthday to you!!

Taiwan fans 小田

At 4/10/08 00:36, Blogger 瓜瓜 said...

hope i can see you that time
: )

At 4/10/08 04:18, Blogger せんきち said...

Happy Birthday!

日本影迷 せんきち

At 4/10/08 08:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm form to Taiwan

Happy Birthday to you!!


At 4/10/08 10:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So when will you come to HONG KONG??
I'll support the TAIWAN YOU, as I'm in HK.

Happy Birthday!!


At 4/10/08 10:09, Anonymous pian said...


Happy Belated Birthday~

1st time greeting an idol happy birthday.. bit weird.. >~<
anyway.. i like your performance..
keep it up =)

Take care.

At 7/10/08 06:13, Blogger Duxton said...

Hi Michelle
Happy belated birthday.

I am kinda disappointed that you only concentrated to mention about Taiwan fans...then again its your native country.

Do remember you have fans in Singapore.


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