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"What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances. A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate

Petition for Wil and Viv to be on The L Word
Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I got permission from Michelle to post this here. :) Read the petition below that I wrote for us to get Wil and Viv on The L Word!!!

The L word is the first of its kind, showcasing almost every flavor of the LGBT spectrum in its short 5 season run thus far. The show has dealt with racism, ageism, gays in the military, bi-racial relationships, alcoholism, drug related addictions and a host of other issues that afflict the United States currently. Not only do these issues affect the LGBT community stateside, but they are easily relatable to the international community as well. We have seen a small number of ethnicities represented on the L word from African American to Latin American, but there's one segment that the producers of the show have not represented and that is the Asian American group.

According to Wikipedia, Asian Americans account for 5.1% of the US population, in terms of numbers that is roughly 15.2 million people. Of this 15.2 million, it is estimated that over 45% of Asian Americans live in major metropolitan areas in California, which is the backdrop for the L Word.

With every group, there's a struggle for voices to be heard in America. America prides itself as a big melting pot representing people from every country and background imaginable, and The L Word has taken a big step towards furthering awareness of the LGBT community to the broader audience. As a result, regardless of Asian representation on the show, we, the Asian (American) LGBT community, have faithfully followed The L Word in hopes of one day seeing a familiar face to latch on to. That said, we only have a small handful of movies that we hold close to our hearts. One of these movies is our darling "Saving Face," written and directed by Asian American Alice Wu.

Written from a very personal point of view by Alice Wu, Saving Face chronicles the lives of Chinese-American lesbian doctor, Wilhelmina "Wil" Pang portrayed by Michelle Krusiec, her traditionalist mother, Hwei-Lan Gao "Ma" portrayed by Asian screen legend, Joan Chen and Wil's dancer-lover Vivian Shing, played by Lynn Chen. Released in 2004, Saving Face has received accolades which include nominations for Outstanding Film - Limited Release (GLAAD Media Awards 2006), Breakthrough Director Award for Alice Wu (Gotham Awards 2005), and Best Actress Award for Michelle Krusiec (Golden Horse Award 2005 - the Oscar equivalent in China). Krusiec's performance was 1 vote away from taking the gold, but the film won the Golden Horse Award for Viewer's Choice--which proves the mainstream appeal of this quaint non-traditionalist film in a traditionalist country, like China. Like The L Word is to the American LGBT audience, Saving Face is truly the first of its kind for the Asian (American) LGBT community.

But with the last season of The L Word upon us, we would like to strongly urge the producers and the writers to include some Asian representation into the storyline. It is in the best interests of the LGBT community, the Asian community, even the International community that the writers and producers of The L Word join forces with Alice Wu in developing a short appearance or a (slightly more ambitious) storyline that involve our beloved Asian-American lesbian couple, Wil and Viv, on The L Word.

Please do not take this as ungratefulness or demand. We do not wish to disrespect the producers and writers of The L Word with this petition. This is just our small cry as L Word fans, as a part of the LGBT community, as Americans, and finally as humans, for some acknowledgement on The L Word. Please hear our cry.

To sign the petition go here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/wilvivlword/

Please spread this link around and get your friends, lovers, parents, siblings to sign this! Let's make it happen. :)

Thanks to my dear friend for translating the petition into Mandarin.
Here it is below:

葳樂米娜與薇薇安出演「拉字至上」 (亞裔同雙性戀群體媒體代表)



在目前短短五季中,「拉字至上」 是初次此等類包羅萬象同雙性戀上演的影集‧這齣戲碼交代了現時影響美國多方面的問題,有如種族年齡歧視,在役同性戀着,非同種族之關係,酗酒症,藥物成癮,等等. 這些問題不只影響到全美洲也關乎到全球的同雙性戀群. 「拉字至上」中可見少數代表族群有非裔美國人到拉丁裔美國人但其片監製們並未曾有代表亞裔美國人群.
根據維基百科 亞裔美國人佔美國人口的5.1% 約1520萬人. 1520萬人中估計有45% 的亞裔美國人居住在加州的重要都市則是「拉字至上」情節背景.
個個種族都掙扎希望在美國能令大眾聽見他們的聲音。 美國自傲为各國和背景的大熔爐,而「拉字至上」對廣範的觀眾踏出了往促進同雙性戀群體意識的大步. 因此不管是否有亞裔,我們同雙性戀亚裔美籍人ー路忠實地跟隨「拉字至上」期望著有天能看見一張可擁有共鳴的熟悉面孔. 話說到此,對我們來說窩心的電影只有極少數. 其一是亚裔美籍伍思薇所編導親愛的「面子」.
从伍思薇極私人觀點而編寫的「面子」描述楊雅慧所飾演的美國華裔同雙性戀醫生彭薇樂米娜「薇」, 亞洲影視傳奇陳冲所飾演的傳統母親高慧蘭媽, 以及陳凌所飾演的盛薇薇安「薇」的訹事.

從2004年上影到現在,「面子」其讚譽包括提名2006年GLAAD Media Awards的限量版優秀獎, 伍思薇於2005年的高譚獎導演突破獎, 及楊雅慧於2005年的金馬獎最佳女主角獎. 雖然伍思薇以1票落選金馬獎但其片贏得了金馬獎觀眾票選最佳年度電影. 這正證明這部離奇又有趣的反傳統影片對傳統國家如中國是有主流的號召力的. 就像「拉字至上」對美國同雙性戀觀眾群一樣,「面子」對美國亞裔同雙性戀者也是首次呈現.
Top of Form
但在這即將是最後一季的「拉字至上」中,我們強烈呼籲「拉字至上」的監製和編劇們考慮在故事情節中編含亞裔。 在同雙性戀間,亚裔間,甚至是國際間的共同利益的前提下懇請「拉字至上」的監製和編劇們和伍思薇携手創造出可容許我們摯愛的同性戀愛侶薇樂米娜和薇薇安或多或少出場的情節.

我們並不是不感恩或企圖索求。 我們不希望以此請願冒犯「拉字至上」的監製和編劇們. 這是我們為身為「拉字至上」戲迷們,身為同雙性戀群者,身為美國人,和最終身為人的自己祈望能受到「拉字至上」接納的小小悲鳴. 懇請呤聽我們的悲鳴.



Posted by Anonymous @ 10/07/2008 10:54:00 PM


At 7/10/08 23:38, Anonymous achen said...


At 8/10/08 11:39, Blogger 瓜瓜 said...

there is no GOLDEN HORSE AWARD in china

Michelle is Taiwanese

At 8/10/08 13:20, Blogger duong said...

Again... this isn't about China or Michelle being Taiwanese. ~_~
You forget, she's American too!

Please stick to the main cause which is to have more Asian faces in the American media business.

Many international fans do not know how tough it is in America for Asians to break into the entertainment world. Even super mega stars from Asia who come to America in hopes of breaking into the market have faltered.

So, yeah... sign that damn petition! And get everyone else to sign it too!

At 9/10/08 03:38, Anonymous 小田 said...

Is't so good !!!

and...welcome to taiwan mk :)

At 18/10/08 23:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is American...ok

At 19/10/08 23:02, Anonymous luiz said...

Hi Michelle
i'm brazillian man of Sao Paulo city, and in a sleeplessness night I observed you in the film saving face...happy man so... i'm hvery beautiful ...when you come to brazil...? my mail tecnologiasap@hotmail.com
you are so beatutifull..


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