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Autograph Session in Singapore?
Friday, November 21, 2008


Hi Everyone, the timing is too tight to arrange for a meeting in Singapore so we will try again next time.



Hey Singapore!

I am coming to visit. I am thinking about arranging an autograph session but I need to see what the interest is and decide upon a venue. Please blog in if you are in Singapore and would be interested. The date would be on the 25th of November.

Kisses from Hong Kong.

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Posted by Michelle @ 11/21/2008 11:01:00 AM


At 21/11/08 20:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

michelle are u really coming to singapore for visit? i really really hope to c u here =)


At 21/11/08 20:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michelle, maybe you can arrange a meet-up session with your fans like having lunch or dinner just to get close to us. I can offer to bring you around singapore. Or you can arrange at some clubs or pubs. Do update us soon. Can't wait to see you here.


At 21/11/08 21:28, Anonymous dylan said...

What will you be signing on your autograph session?
Beause most of your items can't be bought in Singapore.
Hope to hear from you soon.

At 21/11/08 23:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanna ask, where exactly is the venue for the autograph session? Recently saw Saving Face...and loved your acting!:) hope to see here....

At 22/11/08 17:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, very happy to hear that u r coming to Singapore !!!!
Kindly let us know where u will be having an autograph session :)

At 23/11/08 06:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

err... have the event being confirm yet? i really wish to see you in person... please...

At 23/11/08 06:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone who know abt the event/venue can call / msg me ?



At 23/11/08 07:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please...let us know where can we see u in person !!! Really cant believe it that u r coming to Singapore :)

At 23/11/08 11:09, Blogger S.T.Y. Shek said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 23/11/08 11:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were in HK! And you never called!
Good luck babe and let me know when you are doing an autograph session! I'll fly over to get one!
Congrats on your new movie, for sure I will be watching it! In love with Michelle....both of them!
Fiona aka Soph x

At 23/11/08 23:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guys, nothing is confirmed yet. Michelle wants to see if there's enough interest so she can schedule something.
So, keep commenting to let her know that you're interested!

I'll be updating the blog/facebook club when everything's been confirmed.

At 24/11/08 00:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, can you confirm the venue for the autograph session. So excited to see you in person

At 24/11/08 01:04, Anonymous Anne said...

Michelle! Please come here to Singapore! I'm so excited to see you. Also my friend is dying to see you in person!!

At 24/11/08 07:06, Anonymous RL said...

Hi Michelle!
Will be happy to see you in SG!!!
Pop by if you can...enjoy the Singaporean culture, the Singlish, awesome local food and most importantly, the hoards of Singaporean fans!!!

At 24/11/08 08:06, Anonymous skye said...

Hi Michelle! Really excited to see you here in SG!:)

At 25/11/08 19:33, Anonymous eileen said...

sob sob... i realli hope u can come to singapore...

At 26/11/08 01:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,r u coming to Malaysia?Hope to hear from u soon.
杉 San

At 30/11/08 04:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to Singapore >:D<

Singaporean are sad now because of the Mumbai attack..100+ people died one of them is from Singapore...
ya only one...but it really hurt us..

At 1/12/08 18:35, Anonymous meyes said...

hey michelle, watched saving face only recently! and i must i really love it!

it'll be great to see u here in singapore!

looking forward! do update us!

At 2/12/08 05:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear MK,

Any lastest update of your event, esp in SG? REally hope to see you in person.

Well keep on pursuing your Goals in life. Live with happiness and fill your life with exitciting flim to leave behind.

I always give your my support if u in SG i will make my time to support you.



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