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Far North Premiere and Fan Meet/Greet in Taiwan
Sunday, November 16, 2008

So, we finally got some information about the Far North premiere in Taiwan.

For your information, the gala premiere activities are as follows:

Program : FAR NORTH gala premiere
Date : November 18 (Tuesday), 2008
Venue : Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Sun
6:30 pm - 7:00 pm Red Carpet and Photo Shooting
7:20 pm - 8:49 pm Screening
8:55 pm - 9:25 pm Q&A after screening
9:30 pm - 9:45 pm Autograph for audiences

節目 : 《極地禁戀》首影
日期 : 2008 年11 月18 日
星光大道 : 日新外行人徒步區(武昌街)
6:30 pm - 7:00 pm 走紅地毯 及拍照
7:20 pm - 8:49 pm 觀看電影
8:55 pm - 9:25 pm 觀後座談會
9:30 pm - 9:45 pm 與觀眾簽名

Website with info:
In Chinese
Golden Horse Link in Chinese

In English
Golden Horse Link in English


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At 18/11/08 08:46, Blogger René。 said...

Tonight was a nice party.I mean saw the cinema and Q&A. Love you so much ^^


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