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Congratulations to Nanking
Thursday, April 02, 2009

Congrats to the cast and crew of NANKING. Bill Guttentag -- you keep
scoring winners. Your work is impeccable and I'm thrilled this very
moving documentary was recognized. We just won a PEABODY AWARD!!!!

There's a great list of other winners here, check it out.



Posted by Michelle @ 4/02/2009 10:26:00 AM


At 4/4/09 08:02, Anonymous Echo said...

an unforgettable history for China and the rest of the world……

At 4/4/09 14:52, Anonymous Cindy said...

Were you nervous about your first full mandarin speaking role??

Looking forward to seeing this Nanking. I think I received a release that Kronos Quartet also received awards. Congrats to all.

At 5/4/09 00:31, Blogger a drop of water said...

Congrats to Michelle and the other cast and crew of NANKING for this award.This documentary film demonstrates another view on the unforgettable history,which is another proof for the true history.
You always choose to play in the meaningful film.That is one of the reasons why I appreciate you.Keep it up,and in the end you must become the greatest artist you can be. I believe it.

At 13/4/09 08:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you are so great and be yourself.We will be with you.GOOD LUCK


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