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Thursday, April 16, 2009

We had a great taping on Tuesday. I can safely say that this show, if
CBS can spot a good dumpling, will be a HIT! I had a great time with
the superbly gifted cast. I hope to return. Pray for the upfronts in
May. That's when we'll find out if HAPPINESS ISN'T EVERYTHING gets
picked up. In the meantime, I'm headed to Hong Kong for an event and
then I will start prepping for my next project
in..............TAIPEI! I'm excited to be working on a new project
and I'll be looking for some good mandarin schools as well. So, if
you know of any good schools in Beijing, Shanghai or Taiwan, please
send me your thoughts.

And for all you shout outs who have been complaining about your
english skills -- don't worry kiddies, my mandarin ain't so hot in
case you haven't been exposed to my immigrant mandarin bloopers. Be
proud that you are multi-lingual! And if your shout outs are in other
languages that is truly delightful. Just know, I won't know what your
saying, but keep it clean and shout out in as many languages as you

I'm sending all of you lunar love --- that's right, love from the moon.


Posted by Michelle @ 4/16/2009 02:04:00 PM


At 16/4/09 22:51, Blogger wang said...

Thats great,hope see u in Taipei!
Good Luck!
THANKS ABOUT U SAY~~And for all you shout outs who have been complaining about your english skills -- don't worry kiddies~~~


At 17/4/09 05:13, Blogger a drop of water said...

in both Beijing and Shanghai
Maybe good.

At 18/4/09 00:09, Blogger NAOYA TAKEDA said...


At 18/4/09 01:38, Blogger Tang said...

Yeah! You are coming to Taiwan.
Here is good one in Taipei, National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center | 162 Hoping East Road, Sec. 1 Taipei, Taiwan, ROC. (師範大學國語教學中心)

I live in Taipei, if you need more informtation, let me know,it'll be my pleasure to help.

Have a nice day!

At 18/4/09 06:15, Blogger 瓜瓜 said...

National Taiwan Normal University is good!!
there are many foreigners learn mandarin in NTNU

At 18/4/09 13:24, Anonymous Leandro Moraes said...

Michelle, the citizen of the World.

Google translator is not an opition, right?

At 18/4/09 13:26, Anonymous Leandro Moraes said...


At 19/4/09 06:32, Anonymous vivi said...

Beijing university,department of Chinese language and literature.michelle,welcome.

At 22/4/09 08:35, Anonymous verism said...

hello Michelle,
I think you should learn Mandarin in Taipei,cause you can get along with your family!Family is very important,right?

At 23/4/09 00:28, Blogger HK-Monday said...

Hi Michelle, a good tip for you: HK is the best place for you; Mandarin is very popular here and English & Cantonese are not strange to this place either,most of HK people make themself to speak mandarin a very short time, it is a real multi-lingual world, language is worked out by using, welcome to HK, big Hugsss!

At 25/4/09 12:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

agree with HK Monday~



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