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Visiting Taiwan
Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Here's some info the mandarin school I have studied at in the past.
In fact, this is where I prepared my mandarin for Saving Face. It's
quite a good school. It's called TLI www.tli.com.tw

I've been pretty happy with my learning experience there and thought
I'd plug their school because I just found out that the TAIPEI LANGUAGE INSTITUTE has become the 74th official testing center of HSK, the Chinese Proficiency Test. So, now I can actually come to Taiwan and do my mandarin studies and also take this proficiency test. I'm working on my fluency so hopefully in my interviews in Asia, you will be able to understand me more clearly. Everyone in the states, especially us ABC (American Born Chinese) types, are always asking me where I studied my mandarin, so check them out. A lot of my friends are coming back to Asia for work so you might see all of us here!

Visit Taiwan, eat amazing Taiwanese delicacies for like two bucks and learn mandarin!!!! Of course, I can't forget all the other amazing places in Asia, but since I'm in Taipei at the moment, I'm loving my time here.

Yesterday's menu. Breakfast: "dan bing" egg pancake! "Mi ling"
Sweet Soy bean milk
Box lunch: Roasted chicken "Ji tui"
Dinner: Ru Ro Fan, Chin Cai Tang, Pork with Rice and Soup with fresh vegetables!!!!!

$250 NT or
$8 USD


Posted by Michelle @ 5/05/2009 06:36:00 PM


At 5/5/09 22:26, Blogger NAOYA TAKEDA said...


At 7/5/09 09:10, Anonymous Jin said...

i'm Jin from Malaysia...hope u all the best...and 加油!Take care there...see u^^

At 7/5/09 09:25, Blogger 瓜瓜 said...

dan bing蛋餅
Mi ling米漿
Ji tui雞腿!?
Ru Ro Fan魯肉飯
Chin Cai Tang青菜湯

TIL is so nears my home!

At 7/5/09 09:35, Anonymous Jastina said...

難得在台灣的時間 盡情享受吧!!

At 9/5/09 09:39, Anonymous 天使豬 said...

When to Beijing ?望穿秋水中...

At 11/5/09 06:26, Anonymous Cindy said...

I agree that learning Mandarin is hard! Though I also think learning any language is hard. I listen to CD's when I drive, walk my dog, etc. and practice characters while watching TV. I even have the most recent characters on my bathroom mirror so I can drill during the week. ...Maybe in another year or so I'll be able to carry on a conversation. That's my hope. Keep practicing and having a great time in Taipei!!


At 18/5/09 01:19, Blogger Beh said...


At 28/5/09 02:30, Anonymous Jess said...

ya, Malaysia also got many many delicious foods, but remember, don't go to famous place, ask local people to bring u there, sure can hv a gd gd time with all the delicious foods!


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