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Karaoke is all about the performance
Tuesday, July 07, 2009

After filming my first all mandarin picture, I have to say...I'm proud of myself! I made it! The director and producer of ZOOM HUNTING were both very generous with their time and support. I had a blast with the cast and karaoked at the end to celebrate. You know how all the singers (who can sing) pick love songs and ballads? Well, I'm the one who picks that song with the single chorus and a lot of sweet talking, not even rappin' -- Pussy Cat Dolls, Justin Timberlake, Britney seem to top my list. Karaoke is all about the performance, SLAVES!

LA is full of MJ fans today. Traffic is at a grinding halt and I've returned to a full end of summer swing. I'll be jurying OUTFEST's international competition this year. Opening night is Thursday so I'll be heading down to the glorious Orpheum theater for a little movie and red carpet dazzle. I think you can still buy tickets. I thought about doing a little Robert Palmer 80's fashion throwback. What do you guys think? In the meantime, I start another film called Take Me Home, and I begin prepping for a premiere of MADE IN TAIWAN in the fall at Virginia Tech for all you east coasters. July 19th, I will be celebrity judging a fundraiser for LODESTONE. Details below.

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Posted by Michelle @ 7/07/2009 10:49:00 AM


At 8/7/09 03:42, Anonymous Jennifer said...

You are excellent!
I'm looking forward to watching "ZOOM HUNTING" .


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