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Outfest Opening Night Gala
Friday, July 10, 2009

Throngs of beautiful men (lots of men) and women artfully dressed in typical casual chic LA attire seemed particularly sharp at last night’s Outfest gala at the Orpheum theatre. I pulled my outfit from a boutique in Taipei while shooting Zoom Hunting. The earrings were a gift from designer Yumi Katsura and the shoes were vintage Versace. I didn’t crack the code on this one, but I’m a juror and not flaunting a movie. So, I played it safe, I wore skorts! I did put in hair gel, that’s enough daring when the hair is not short, not long. “It’s in transition.”

I’ve been to this festival before in some shape or form, but I’ve been invited this year to sit on the international jury, so I’m particularly focused. Although the opening film wasn’t on my jury list so I was there as a guest and I gleefully admired all the pretty boys and girls who came in my midst. Josh Brolin was there whom I worked with on Voices of a People, along with his lovely wife. I didn’t say hello, but…you know, thought about it. We brushed shoulders instead. Cristina Ricci wore a very cute ensemble, very smiley. I’ve worked with her a couple of times now….God, am I gonna be like six degrees of Kevin Bacon?

There was a wonderful feeling of community and celebration in the air, which undoubtedly was inspired by this festival. Thanks Kim Yutani for inviting me to participate! I’ve been to my share of film festivals and this one just has personality. I even felt a tear or two jam into my tear ducts when Don Roos was accepting his Achievement award. His speech was heartfelt, moving, and funny…. Don, you made me want to leap up with my arms overhead and say, “I’m proud to be gay! And I want my rights! And here’s an extraordinary movie I made in case I couldn’t make it any clearer!!!”

La Mission the opening film was entertaining and moving and perhaps….a little funnier than usual with this audience. There was an understanding in the interplay between film and audience that was palpable. It could also have been the fact that you could hear verbal responses all throughout the film that rivaled any African American audience. “That’s how my father found out,” etc. One of my favorite moments in watching this film had to do with a chocolate chip line that caused joyful amounts of uproarious laughter. I, on the other hand, like a lameo, could only lean over and ask, “what’s so funny?! What’s so funny?!” It’s very rare when a line is so funny, you can’t hear all the ensuing lines. I guess my mind just wasn’t deep in that gutter.

The reception for La Mission seemed very warm. I would rank it strong for performances and somewhere in the mediumly cooked range for technical merits. Meaning, if this were steak, it was cooked “fine,” I’ll eat steak that’s cooked medium, but honestly, I prefer steak a little juicier and a lot pinker in the center. However, it’s a story with a lot of different elements and not an easy film to direct. The drive was clearly the actors and being an actor myself, I appreciate actors’ films. Benjamin Bratt’s physical work was flawless and Erika Alexander found complexity in the simplest of moments.

The rest of the “official” evening was rounded out with music and drink at Club 740, a fabulous venue for all you Los Angelenos who turn into dance Queens when greeted by the sight of a sprawling dance floor. Here, you could transform into your luscious glorious dance selves and still manage to not punch someone in the head. Yes, that’s me, the one who dances and punches people in the head. Maybe I’ll even post a photo showing it. I paid tribute to the King of Pop when “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” graced the airwaves. You have to be dead to resist this hit. There were a couple of other nice electronic pop-ins in there. It never ceases to amaze me, if there is one thing I love about gay parties, the music is always perfectly cooked at medium rare. Juicy Red and Flavorful. Now it’s in the gutter.

I’m looking forward to the rest of Outfest. Come out.

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Posted by Michelle @ 7/10/2009 04:31:00 PM


At 10/7/09 17:23, Anonymous Jennifer said...

Wow~you are so beautiful!!
I like your smile...

At 19/7/09 11:10, Anonymous meera said...

hi, thanks for what you brought to saving face. the best movie ever. your acting is too good! you are up there with Jennifer Beals. saw it on youtube though. sorry...anyways did you get engaged recently? been spotting a ring in your past 2 events' pictures.

At 17/8/09 02:12, Anonymous Kruseic4Eva said...

If there are words to describe you, it would be these...up, close and personal. I haven't found a celebrity (the ones I like) to bother with their brushes with other celeb, expresssing their feelings and letting her fans know that she loves medium rare steak.


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