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Happy New Year!
Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year!

A few quick updates....

CSI Miami episode airs on Jan. 18th on CBS.  Watch it as you will get to see one of the young stars of Twilight 3 play my...gulp...son.

I'll be doing a bit of traveling to New York City to see the Windup Bird Chronicle which has been getting some lovely coverage in the New York Times (January 3, 2010 Arts and Culture) and others http://twi-ny.com/blog/2010/01/05/under-the-radar/ If you're wondering who the person is in those photos -- uh, that's me!!!  I actually would like to cut my hair short like that...any thoughts?  The reason why I'm a big fan of this project is because I was involved with earlier workshops but due to scheduling wasn't able to perform in this one, so I'm a bit disappointed; however, I'm happy to support my dear friend and director Stephen Earnhart.  Next on the radar, I will be attending the premiere of Homewrecker at Sundance (TRAILER) and am looking to reunite with the Barnes' brothers who directed and produced this feature. I got a call from Dina Morishita of Dina and Welly Yang (check out that combo --Broadway singers and entertaining powerhouse) who said I need to do this film for a friend of hers because I JUST HAD TO. Well, she was right, several days later I was in Brooklyn shooting one really challenging climactic scene opposite one really cool actor Anslem Richardson (just after having taken a red-eye from LA to NYC). Todd and Brad -- you guys are super talented and I'm looking forward to seeing your careers unfold. I also have to add that it's such a sweet cherry on top when you get to work with nice, genuine people.  Later this year, March I believe, the season finale episode of Nip Tuck in which I get to play out my fantasies as a Japanese porn star come into fruition. Just kidding...not really...yes, I'm really playing a porn star. I'm moving up in the world Mom and Dad. "Look at me, NO HANDS!" Actually, I had a blast and even though I've thought about not mentioning it -- it's Nip/Tuck and if you guys have been following my career -- I was reunited with Ryan Murphy who is the genius creator of Nip/Tuck as well as...POPULAR in which I recurred as EXQUISITE WOO. Youtube that one, suckas! Exquisite Woo was THE singly best named character I have ever played. And merrily we stroll along from Japanese porn star to stepmother into the world of ABC Family with Secrets of an American Teenager which premieres their new season. I worked with Molly Ringwald and had to really take a moment to absorb that since I had watched Molly growing up as a kid and it was surreal to see her there with her freckles and offbeat voice. And of course, we mustn't forget my fellow people of Asia. In April comes a nice little premiere of a film called Zoom Hunting in which the trailer would make it seem like there's a lot of naked women in it....  Well, I'll leave you with that thought. For my Taiwanese fans, I'm hoping to attend the premiere and say hello to my favorite hairstylist while in Taipei and eat beef noodle soup and hot pot.

Love and delight for 2010

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Posted by Michelle @ 1/13/2010 10:35:00 AM


At 14/1/10 14:09, Blogger Cindy said...

You have some great things on the forefront. Big Congratulations to you.

Having a Youtube fail on the "Exquisite Woo" search. Fear not I'll keep trying. I love a good challenge.

Congrats on fulfilling the American Girl dream on becoming a porn star. Add in the Japanese porn star and you got the fetish version too! So happy for you! ;) Do you ever have to warn your parents about some of your roles?

I'm eagerly awaiting Zoom Hunting, it looks very exciting...and not because I'm total homo and there are naked women. A good suspense film seems to be a lost art these days.

So wish I could see the Wind Up Bird performance. Probably the right kind of twisted for me. A shame you couldn't be directly involved in this phase.

Once again, congrats on what is coming for you and best of luck on this year's endeavors.


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