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Chase Community Giving on Facebook
Friday, January 15, 2010

Hi Everyone,

If you are on Facebook, there is a competition happening among non-profit organizations in a contest called CHASE COMMUNITY GIVING ON FACEBOOK.
Organizations all over the country are vying for prize money in hopes of acquiring monetary funds to help run their charities. I'm asking you to support CPAF (Center for the Pacific American Family). In the first round of the competition, they finished in the top 100 out of half a million eligible groups! Please continue to vote for them Jan. 15-22nd (Vote now!) so that they can continue to compete for greatly needed funds to service the Los Angeles County in areas of domestic violence, sexual abuse, assault within the API community. Any and all proceeds earned will be used by CPAF to reach beyond the API community to unify all 24-hour call centers in LA County. The badly needed funding will be used to create a sustainable joint hotline for 20 domestic violence shelters and 6 rape crisis centers. Additionally, CPAF will extend the hotline services to include online chat to make services more accessible to victims.

It will only take several seconds to vote but you may be helping to change a person's life.

To VOTE RIGHT NOW: Please go to

Center for the Pacific Asian Family

Watch the Videos on CPAF’s YouTube Channel:

From a heartfelt place, THANK YOU.


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