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Sundance 2010
Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The premiere of Homewrecker at Sundance 2010 was great. I was
reunited with the cast and crew. Directing brothers Todd and Brad
Barnes were present and well received. They are a complete mixture of
talented, intelligent and nice. What a rarity. Really. (In fact I
was at the Queer Brunch and someone else mentioned the same exact
description of them.) So the great news is that you can download
Homewrecker on Youtube as part of Sundance's Select Five of Sundance
partnership with youtube. For a flat fee you can download the film
and watch it for the duration of the festival. So check it out. I
was able to party with the cast after the premiere at the Yarrow
theater and if you check out Wireimage, you'll get some nice pics of
the cast, crew and yours truly. I'd like to thank Bob Moon for
providing me with great jewelry for Sundance. Bob gave me the perfect
set of earrings and necklace. Sundance fashion is something that
stays casual but chic yet practical for winter so thanks Bob - your
set worked great.

Click here for The Hollywood Reporter Review for Homewrecker.

Photo credits: GettyImages.com and WireImage.com

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