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Los Angeles Pacific Film Festival
Friday, April 30, 2010

I just sat down and read the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
program guide. I have to say that I'm excited to see a lot of
familiar faces as well as new ones, and I'm planning to basically
spend the next week camped out at the festival. I will be attending
the opening night film "Au Revoir Taipei" as well as (hopefully)
"People I've Slept With," "The Mikado Project," and "Strangers." It's
just a beginning so I'm trying to get to as many things as possible.

On a personal note:

What I have always loved about this film festival in particular is
that the people who run this are really interested in supporting the
Artists and seem to have been able to maintain a long running
conversation with many of their filmmakers for as long as this
festival has been in operation. I know that even prior to the
premiere of "Saving Face," I always felt welcomed and supported by
this festival. Genuine support is hard to come by and when it is
offered, I am humbled and grateful. In an industry that likes to
become your champion only when it's equally obvious to everyone else
and when courageous risks come too rarely, I'm grateful LAPFF has
become an oasis for inspiration and community. So I urge all of you
to attend the festival and bear witness to a community that needs
support, especially in an essential developmental stage that allows
Artists to be fostered and provides a forum for you, as an audience
member, to also be heard.

Films are more about us than we realize and the experience each one
provides for us is unique to who we are in that dark theater.
Whenever I sit down to watch a film, I am always surprised that no
matter what I may expect, feel, suppose, or know, I will always be
greeted with a new experience individual to that movie. It is the
magic of films. The not knowing and the surprise. Sometimes, the
bonds we make with films are short, sometimes they can last us a
lifetime. I cherish these the most, but greatest of all, I am willing
to be surprised.

Come and support the Los Angeles Pacific Film Festival http://asianfilmfestla.org/2010/. April 29-May 08

Although, FYI I hear popcorn can destroy your teeth!

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Posted by Michelle @ 4/30/2010 12:58:00 AM


At 2/5/10 06:24, Blogger Cindy said...

What a perfectly eloquent way of describing the film watching experience!

At 29/6/10 13:14, Blogger tiffany said...

U are the best actress!;-)


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