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Monday, April 25, 2011

Since the world celebrated Easter whether they believed in bunnies laying eggs or not, I thought this would be as good of a day as any to announce that I'm actually reviving my limpity blog with my newly found vigor for the ongoing life of the modern day actor. Welcome - back - Krusiec.

So what's happening in my world? I'm currently adapting Made in Taiwan into a half hour sitcom which has been shaping up quite nicely. Yes, I said SITCOM, eat your food. I finally came to the realization that NO ONE was going to be able to write my point of view, so I had to get in the hot seat as it were and write the damn thing. Although, I don't sit when I write, I stand and take a lot of showers as it turns out. Something about the hot water on my skin...I digress. In conjunction with the TV pilot, I will most likely be bringing MIT out to the west coast later this year with a few college performances sprinkled here and there. The college scene makes a lot of sense since I wrote the piece when I was in college sleep deprived and eating ramen every night. So it kinda speaks to the college years of emotional numbness, drive, liberation and occasional pelvic gyrations. I just heard that Prince needs 2 hip replacements by the way. I guess these things sadly happen.

I just made a very fun debut on Community and thought the only problem was that there just wasn't enough of me.

So, I'll have to put the SECRET in my DVD player and follow the instructions for talking to the universe. But the real truth is that I actually liked my interview for the episode more than anything else (aside from my true love of Ken Jeong who makes me pee my pants) because it's so rare for me to actually see a press interview where I don't look like I'm answering questions from an encyclopedia. My dear friend Ollie Stone once told me when I auditioned for him to be a street girl that I was just "too smart." Too smart! I was so hurt. Anyhow, watch this interview because I'm actually having fun.

Now watch an old Saving Face interview and you'll see the great gulf between someone having fun and someone trying to get answers right. I should stress that the cast and crew of Community truly made that set an environment where you can go in and be funny. Being funny in a comedy is some difficult birdie turd. I often associate it with like, Dirty Harry holding a gun up my nostrils and grunting out, "Are ya feelin' funny punk?"

Ok. So this brings me to final point. The RED BALL. It's time to play.

I've been channeling a 21 year old Chilean Surfer in my dreams. Apparently, he's my animus. Look it up. He's like an embodiment of my masculine soul, errrr somethin' like that. You know you can tell a lot from your dreams, especially if you pay someone a rear-end-load of money. You could also read the book, Inner Work, and try and piece the messages of your subconscious together for a lot cheaper than a Jungian psychologist. Well, anyway, I was given a red ball in one of my dreams and I'm starting to see all the messages now. The interview on NBC for Community had me in a RED top. I just came back from a speaking engagement at a huge college conference where I was reminded of what it's like to be 21 again --- are you following me? Ollie Stone who I met when I was in COLLEGE said, I was too smart! PRINCE NEEDS NEW HIPS!

I'm being reborn like JC! Resurrected from the ashes and now I need to bounce them balls! Well, ok, what this means is that I'm gonna try and revivify this blog...stay tuned I've got stuff to say.


Whoever made this - has some strange fixation for girls with biceps!


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Posted by Michelle @ 4/25/2011 12:18:00 AM


At 25/4/11 10:53, Blogger Cindy said...

Well it's about TIME! :)

At 25/4/11 17:58, Blogger Michelle Krusiec said...

Oh Cindy -- how did I know this was you? I love it!

At 27/4/11 11:05, Blogger Cindy said...


At 27/4/11 11:31, Blogger lginn24020 said...

Glad you posted this. I forgot to set my DVR. Always great to see you on TV and film. WE NEED MORE MICHELLE KRUSIEC!!

At 27/4/11 11:32, Blogger lginn24020 said...

BTW, ever consider being on Hawaii Five-O?

At 2/5/11 20:37, Anonymous Michelle Krusiec said...

Hi Iginn, I've only glimpsed the show but sure thing. Have a particular role in mind?


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